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  • Am I A Bad Friend
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    [QUIZ] Am I A Bad Friend ?

    Being a bad friend is bad but do you know that most people are actually the bad friends and not their partner? I understand that this might sound weird and that’s the reason we created this short quiz questions to help you make the right decision. In this quiz, we have organized some important questions […] More

  • Seeking Silence

    Why Are More People Seeking Silence?

    You want to know why are more people seeking silence and not noise or a noisy environment. Okay, let me share with you this secret which I am sure you have been hearing a lot from people that love silence. Silence helps one to relax, it helps your nerve to calm down when you need […] More

  • Why Does Hot Weather Give Me Anxiety

    Why Does Hot Weather Give Me Anxiety?

    I have been wondering why does hot weather give me anxiety and in the process, I have done a lot of research trying to discover why and what I can do to help me this and in process of that research I discover a lot of ways so that is why, in this article, I […] More

  • Why is Self-Knowledge Important

    Why is Self-Knowledge Important?

    Have you been wondering why is self-knowledge important? If yes, then let me ask you this, have you ever decided in your life before and sat back to reflex on that which you did if it is a good decision or not? Then that is self-knowledge at work. Keep reading. You can only rethink your […] More

  • Caffeine anxiety

    Is Caffeine Making Me Have Anxiety?

    Most times, when I take caffeine, I discover that I am very active in anything I want to do, I can stay up all night to get something does, I am so alert and anxious at the same time without any reason and when this happens, I do ask myself “is caffeine making me have […] More

  • QUIZ: Are you Being Gaslighted?

    QUIZ: Are you Being Gaslighted?

    Gaslighting is a way of manipulating people to make them question their sanity. Although this might sound new, but it has been around for a long time now. Most people are currently being gaslighted by someone, whether their friend, family or partner and they are not aware. In this quiz, we will be helping you […] More

  • How Do I Become Mentally Strong

    How Do I Become Mentally Strong?

    How do I become mentally strong is a question that everyone is supposed to be asking because they are nothing that we can do in this competitive world nowadays and succeed without being mentally strong. Yes, you heard me right. Being mentally strong is very important in our lives that is why in this article, […] More

  • How Do I Grow As a Person

    How Do I Grow As a Person?

    Life is never a bed of roses, everyone has to rise and fight for what they believe in. you want to make it in life so that people can respect you just the same way they respect others, you will have to sit up and work for it no matter where we come from. But […] More

  • What Does a Narcissist Look Like

    What Does a Narcissist Look Like?

    A narcissist is someone self-centered. Someone who everything is always about them. They are cocky, arrogant, etc. they are people who love power, attention, praises, etc. we can also classify them as bullies. Are you still wondering what does a narcissist looks like using examples? Then we got you. In this article, we are going […] More

  • What Is the Definition of a Psychopath

    What Is the Definition of a Psychopath?

    After looking at your dictionary for the definition of a psychopath, are you still looking for more enlightenment on what is the definition of a psychopath? Okay, you are at the right place because right here, we will break it down more and also tell you all that you need to know about a psychopath. […] More

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