15 Signs Your Marriage Will End In Divorce

Signs Your Marriage Will End In Divorce

When two people decide to become one in marriage, the last thing on their minds is moving apart. A marriage is unquestionably in trouble if things get worse each passing day with excessive stress and hostility surrounding it.

Some couples can know when they realize their marriage is gone. Divorce is most likely to happen when problems like infidelity and domestic violence take place in the marriage.

Well, if you are still wondering and asking yourself– “Is my marriage over?” Or are there signs my marriage will end in divorce? Then it would help if you read on to know the 15 signs your marriage will end in divorce.

15 Signs Your Marriage Will End In Divorce

Marriage doesn’t break in a day; it takes time, and it is best if the partner pays attention to these signs to know if their marriage will end in divorce;

  • Lack of trust
  • Domestic violence
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of respect
  • Lack of emotional/physical intimacy
  • Unaligned expectations
  • Infidelity
  • You are happier being alone
  • Nobody is compromising
  • No more love
  • You fight about everything
  • You don’t make decisions together
  • Keeping secrets
  • Your marriage constantly leaves you drained
  • Lies about money

1.    Lack Of Trust

A lack of trust between you and your spouse is the first clue that a divorce is imminent. Without trust in each other, there won’t be a healthy relationship.

A lack of trust in your spouse will make you want to carefully scrutinize everything they say and do and question everything they do. This is because you don’t trust each other’s ability to make wise decisions.

Because you don’t believe your partner can make a wise decision, you won’t seek them for help, this is one major reason that can lead to a divorce.

2.    Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is, without a doubt, one of the 15 signs that your marriage may end in divorce. Also, remember that abuse does not only refer to physical violence but also an emotional one.

The likelihood of divorce increases if emotional abuse is present. Yes, that also applies to verbal abuse and sexual abuse. If you experience all of this in your marriage, it’s time to look for the best divorce attorney. Your partner must respect your boundaries because it’s your body.

3.    Lack Of Communication

With communication, a marriage or relationship would blossom naturally. It is one of the pillars of a successful relationship. When a couple stops communicating, that is one sign that the marriage is headed for divorce.

Although you may still converse, but not communicate. Both spouses are mute and don’t pay attention to each other. This mentality will further impede understanding and cause a breach. The chance to dispute and fight also increases as the communication gap develops.

Finally, as the distance grows, you view your partner negatively, which isn’t a good sign for any marriage.

4.    Lack Of Respect

Losing respect for your spouse is one of the warning indications that your marriage cannot be saved. Mutual disrespect might cause the marriage institution itself to deteriorate irreparably. Once this occurs, marriage is not worth saving.

Some basic actions and gestures have the potential of making you lose respect. But you can easily work on them to regain your respect. However, if it doesn’t work, it only means your marriage is at the endpoint.

5.    Lack Of Emotional/Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy suffers when there is a lack of emotional connection between you and your spouse. Physical and emotional intimacy are related. Your physical relationship will inevitably suffer if you lack emotional intimacy.

One indication that your marriage is headed for divorce may be the feeling that you and your spouse no longer connect. For instance, you might share fewer interests, you might not speak to or feel for each other the way you used to, or you ignore each other.

Unfortunately, when marriage gets to this point, many couples start to consider divorce due to a lack of sexual intimacy.

6.    Unaligned Expectations

If you and your husband had different expectations when you married, it might lead to a catastrophe. For instance, one of you might love being alone, while the other wants you to do everything together. As little as this is, it can lead to divorce when your partner can’t take it anymore.

  • Infidelity

The marriage suffers if you or your spouse is cheating or is found to be cheating. This can lead to a lack of trust, which is one of the reasons for suspicion in your marriage.

Your spouse will find it hard to trust your words again. Therefore, before you think of cheating on your spouse, you must put your marriage first. Adultery is a serious ground for divorce.

8.    You Are Happier Being Alone

Being married doesn’t mean you can’t spend your time alone or with other people apart from your spouse. But a happy marriage requires you and your partner to spend quality time together, not just sit together to watch a movie.

You should spend time talking about meaningful things in your marriage and lives, how you can make each other better etc. However, if you and your partner prefer spending time apart, then it’s obvious you don’t get along or you despise each other which is a clear sign of a divorce.

9.    Nobody Is Compromising

One of the divorce warning signs is when you and your spouse give up on trying to make your marriage work. You realize that neither you nor your partner any longer make compromises.

Nobody is interested in the other person and doesn’t care to find out why they said or did what they did. The only thing both partners are interested in is what will benefit them. A divorce is imminent if you and your partner discover you can no longer agree.

10. No More Love

Many people in marriages eventually stop feeling the butterflies in their stomachs, which is common. After years of dating, no one expects their marriage to be an emotional rollercoaster. But don’t mistake this for the absence of any love.

The fact is that a successful marriage cannot exist based on love alone. It is nevertheless still important as nothing else matters if there is no love between you two. Many couples assume accepting a loveless marriage is acceptable, but it’s not. One of you will eventually get tired, and your marriage will end.

11. You Fight About Everything

Couples start fighting about everything when they start drifting apart due to a lack of tolerance for each other’s flaws. Your marriage is heading for divorce if you start fighting over every issue or the same issues over and over again without end.

12.You Don’t Make Decisions Together

A Marriage is a partnership. This is where two people come together to be one to make important decisions about your lives and your marriage. For instance financial decisions, parenting, romantic decisions, etc.

However, if you and your spouse can’t come together in making decisions regarding your family, then it’s a clear indication that your marriage is about to break.

13.Keeping Secrets

Your marriage isn’t going to last if you’re always keeping secrets from your spouse. For instance, seeing your ex and keeping it a secret from your spouse, getting into financial debt and keeping it from your spouse, or making a plan and keeping it a secret.

14. Your Marriage Constantly Leaves You Drained

If your marriage always makes you feel tired, it’s a sign it’s coming to an end. It doesn’t mean you have to argue every time. If your spouse’s actions make you feel emotionally or physically exhausted after a discussion, then this is an indication that your marriage is finished.

15. Lies About Money

Money problems are one of the main causes of marriage failure. In lots of marriages, one spouse is in charge of handling finances, including paying bills, handling investments, budgeting, and so on.

However, the other spouse should also have full access to this information because some spouses may become addicted to spending too much, go into gambling, or hide money. This may quickly get out of hand and cause a lot of issues in the marriage which can lead to divorce.


Marriage is a holy institution, but knowing when to dissolve a marriage is crucial. It is best to move on politely if you no longer believe there’s nothing to save in your marriage.

However, even if you notice any of these 15 signs, that doesn’t mean you can’t save your marriage. It might be challenging, but you have to try all the possible solutions to revitalize it. But if nothing seems to work, then you can decide to move on peacefully knowing you have tried everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The One Reason For Divorce?

Divorce is most commonly caused by;

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of trust
  • Domestic violence
  • Incompatibility and others.

Why Are More Marriages Ending In Divorce?

Since every marriage is different, it is challenging to identify a single cause of divorce. But some causes of marriages ending in divorce are those listed above.

What Are Red Flags In A Marriage?

Some of the most significant red flags to watch out for in a marriage are

  • Lies
  • Infidelity
  • Lack of communication
  • Disrespect
  • Lack of trust, etc.

You shouldn’t disregard any of the above red flags in your marriage.


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