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  • get over someone you still love

    How To Get Over Someone You Still Love

    It can be really painful when a relationship ends. We all deal with failed relationships differently, with some people appearing to get over somebody quickly while others appear to take a very long time.  If you think you’re one of the many people who takes a long time to get over a separation, you’re not […] More

  • why does your ex hate you
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    Why Does My Ex-Boyfriend Hate Me?

    Do you have any idea why your ex despises you? Are you worried about it because you haven’t done anything wrong? Is this circumstance preventing you from progressing? If that’s the case, this article can assist you. It offers ten reasons why your ex may despise you, including a few you may not have considered. […] More

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    21 Tweets That Will Make Your Ex Jealous Like Crazy

    Making your ex jealous tends to be tied in with something that brings out desire, envy, and a great deal of interest. Something that makes them ponder on why you’re cheerful and who took their space in your life. Tweets that make your ex envious shouldn’t necessarily be about them. There is little question that […] More

  • heal from break up

    How To Improve Yourself After A Breakup

    What do you do after a break up? Should you sit in a dark room all alone by yourself and cry all day long, jump into a new relationship, go back to your toxic boyfriend/girlfriend, or focus on becoming better?  After a breakup comes much advice from friends, family, professionals and quarks centred around a […] More

  • how to know if your ex is over you for good

    15 Pure Signs Your Ex is Over You And Doesn’t Want You Back

    To know when your ex is truly done with you can be daunting probably because you’re unsure of signs your ex is pretending to be over you or is serious about getting over you. Most relationships with these subtle breakup signs end up breaking apart and this can be the most difficult time for the […] More

  • how to get over a breakup fast

    How To Get Over A Breakup Fast

    Breaking up with someone you love hurts, how long it takes for a breakup pain to ease can also be challenging. It is difficult to move on with life when you part away from someone you love and once cared for but most times it is not as difficult as you think. Breakup is something […] More

  • how to get over a breakup for guys

    How To Get Over A Breakup For Guys

    Honestly, a breakup can lead to unimaginable pains, especially for the first few weeks or months. The question is, will breakup pain go away, and how does one stop hurting after a breakup? It doesn’t really matter who first broke up with each other, the pain can often lead to situations where you see yourself […] More

  • how to get over a breakup

    How To Get Over A Breakup – Reddit Tips Worth Sharing

    What happens when soulmates breakup can be disturbing, but it is still possible to get over it and live a better life. Breakup is usually painful, when it happens, the next healthy thing to do after a breakup is to get over it. Even if it was a mutual breakup, you could still be pained […] More

  • how to break up with your girlfriend

    How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend – 7 Guaranteed Tips

    Breaking up with your girlfriend can be the hard to do thing especially when you’ve been together for some time and shared great memories. Honestly, it is not every relationship that leads to marriage but since breakup is something that can make someone cry, we might want to be more cautious in our actions not […] More

  • things to do before breaking up with someone

    6 Things To Try Before Breaking Up With Someone

    How do you prepare for a breakup?Most people in a relationship you see and admire today once thought about breaking up as they got stormed with relationship hiccups but a few things must have changed their minds and turned lemons to lemonades in their relationship. It is true that most times we could get hit […] More

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    Why Do Men Cheat? 7 Actual Reasons Why Men Cheat

    Is infidelity in men genetic? Research suggests that a hormone called oxytocin, which facilitates trust and allows people to form strong bonds, could be the key to whether or not a spouse strays. Aside from that, I have come across several women who complain their husbands are cheating on them, “why did he cheat on […] More

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