Why You Should Consider Exiting Your Relationship


In every relationship, there are ups and downs, fights, etc. This means things are going right. But you need to understand when a relationship is going through a hard patch and when it needs to end.

This will help you keep things in perspective. So, knowing when to leave is crucial if nothing seems to be working in your relationship. That way, you’ll be able to maintain your happiness and peace.

Below are the major reasons why you should consider exiting your relationship;

Why You Should Consider Exiting Your Relationship

Below are reasons why you should exit your relationship:

  • Physical or emotional abuse
  • Cheating
  • Feeling less valued
  • Lack of commitment
  • Your needs aren’t being met
  • Lack of communication
  • The cons outweigh the pros
  • You don’t feel comfortable being you
  • The relationship hampers your growth
  • You miss your single days

1.    Physical Or Emotional Abuse

A partner that loves you will never abuse or hurt you. Although, usually, couples do say hurtful things to each other. Still, when it becomes an avenue for abuse, it’s a no for any relationship.

Physical abuse is a complete turnoff. Hitting a partner is wrong. If it happens once, there’s a likelihood that it might happen over and over again.

Also, emotional abuse may not show physically, leaving a lasting psychological scar. Instead, it could be verbal abuse, threats, humiliation, relentless criticism, not showing affection, not communicating, etc.

2.    Cheating

Cheating ruins a healthy relationship. It makes a partner lose their trust, security, and openness. It’s a warning that if given a chance, they might abandon you.

You find yourself in a difficult situation when your partner cheats, and it’s either you choose to leave the relationship or forgive if you can handle it.

But their action would have a permanent effect on the relationship. This will make their partner question every move. When cheating occurs frequently and without remorse, then it’s a sign you should end the relationship.

3.    Feeling Less Valued

Your partner should value you. But occasionally, you might be in a relationship that makes you feel undervalued and disrespected.

This results from being in a relationship with the wrong person, someone who values themselves more than you– who treats you inconsiderately.

You should not overlook someone acting this way, especially if they claim to love and care for you. If you are in this kind of relationship for a long time, you might lose all your confidence. It’s best to end things with your partner.

4.    Lack Of Commitment

Many people think they are in a relationship with their partner, not knowing they are alone. Unfortunately, a relationship that needs more commitment from both parties is hard to strive for.

Your relationship needs to be more committed if you devote time and effort to make the connection work or if you are the only one who consistently reaches out.

You and your partner must be eager to work hard for a relationship to succeed.

However, if only one person puts in all the work, they will get tired over time.

It’s better to quit if your partner feels reluctant to work on the relationship as you do.

5.    Your Needs Aren’t Being Met

Each individual has unique “requirements” to be fulfilled in a relationship. For example, it might be an emotional or practical requirement.

For instance, you like spending a nice time with your partner, or you expect them to be meticulous in spending. They should be able to meet up with those demands.

Also, talking is essential when you feel your partner needs to fulfill your demand. And it is best to end the relationship if they are unwilling to.

6.    Lack Of Communication

Communication is one ingredient that sustains a relationship, especially romantic ones. Conversely, a lack of communication is one of the top three issues that cause marriages to fail.

For instance, when you quarrel frequently, and there needs to be more communication, you won’t be able to resolve your issues. This can end the relationship.

In addition, the whole idea of committing to someone else is to have someone with whom you can share all your joys and worries. But you can’t communicate well with your partner or feel better talking to an outsider. In that case, you need to end the relationship.

7.    The Cons Outweigh The Pros

Every relationship has its positive and negative sides. Certain minor flaws are tolerable to an extent. However, there is a problem if your relationship has more drawbacks than advantages.

Below are some signs that the bad in your relationship outweighs the good:

  • Lack of trust for your partner, or they give you a reason always to doubt them.
  • You are always unhappy, emotionally drained, and feel empty.
  • They don’t give you equal energy or are not devoted to the relationship as you.

If you experience all this, it’s time to end the relationship.

8.    You Don’t Feel Comfortable Being You

It’s crucial to feel at ease in a relationship. It’s time to leave if you can’t feel at ease and be yourself. Relationships should feel warm, and your partner should be your best friend and accept who you are.

But suppose your partner makes you feel uncomfortable or horrible or judges who you are. In that case, this indicates that you should quit that relationship.

9.    The Relationship Hampers Your Growth

Relationships should bring out the best qualities in you. Your partner should also bring out the best in you by supporting and encouraging you to improve and be successful.

But suppose you are experiencing the opposite of this in your relationship. In that case, it’s about time to move on from that relationship and be the best you.

10.                    You Miss Your Single Days

If you still miss your single days when you spend late nights out, sleep around, and flirt with everyone, you should quit your relationship to avoid issues.

If you also prefer having the freedom to come and go as you please and the luxury of creating your life without interference from anyone else, consider exiting your relationship.

Courageous Steps That Will Help You Quit A Bad Relationship

It can be hard to take the bold step of ending things with someone you love, even after you have analyzed and seen enough reasons to leave the relationship.

But you have to make a decision and stand on it. It will make you harness your ability and leave that relationship for real.

Below are some steps that can help you exit a bad relationship.

●      Know What You Want

To know what you want, you need to recognize what’s stopping you from exiting the relationship.

As a person, you ought to prefer pleasure and avoid suffering. This principle will change your attitude and go for a healthier relationship.

●      Confronting Your Limiting Beliefs

Every human has that belief that limits their ideas or goals. Unfortunately, this can prevent you from ending the relationship because you feel it’s stressful to start all over again.

But it would be best if you asked yourself these questions;

  • Do you need to be more deserving of a fulfilling relationship?
  • Do you believe someone out there can love and adore you?

Answering these questions should enable you to fight your limiting beliefs and go for a better relationship.

●      Set Higher Standards

The first step in setting higher standards for yourself is defeating your limiting beliefs. Quit settling for less and your relationship will go from average to spectacular.

●      Be Confident In Yourself

You feel unstoppable when you are confident in yourself. Therefore, your talk should focus on optimism and self-love, changing your bad habits to good ones, eating right, exercising, and taking care of yourself.

This will make you feel more confident in yourself and your decision.


One of the most challenging things to do is to leave someone you love, but if doing so would help you achieve your goals, do it with dignity and the knowledge that you tried your best to keep things together.

Sometimes it takes its best to leave a bad situation than to stay in one and do so courageously.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Do You Need To End A Relationship?

When to leave a relationship depends on several factors. For instance, if you always quarrel without settling, when there is no communication, and so on. These are enough reasons to end a relationship.

What Is The Best Reason For Ending A Relationship?

There are many reasons to break up with your partner in a relationship. For example, you should end a relationship if your partner makes you feel unimportant or unworthy, if they disrespect you, etc.

How Can I End A Relationship Politely?

  • Tell your partner that you need to talk about something important.
  • Start by telling your partner how much you value and appreciate them.
  • Next, tell the other person your reason for breaking up with them.
  • Finally, if they feel hurt, tell them you are sorry.
  • Use nice words and tone.


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