50+ Best Valentine's Day Messages

St. Valentine’s day is a season of love, friendship and admiration. During such season of love, a lot of people could be seen going to the store or in search of where to buy Valentine’s day message cards.

People who want to make more out of the annual festival celebration of St Valentine express their romantic love and friendship in several ways which crafting great Valentine’s day messages is a major part of it.

Sometimes, making an outstanding Valentine’s message could be daunting. It is possible that you already have ordered your Valentine’s cards and thinking of what to write on them for different persons who you would like to send your Valentine’s day wishes to. Worry no more, this post is specially baked for you as it contains handpicked Valentine’s day wishes for everyone, boy/girlfriend, Valentine’s day wishes for crush and many more. This post will inspire you on how to come up with your own custom sweet Valentine’s day messages as you can add some tweaks to the wishes.

Valentine day wishes for everyone

Valentine Wishes for everyone

If you want some valentine’s day messages from the heart that knows no gender, I will at this juncture, share with you some Valentine day wishes you can send to anyone.

  1. I’m happy to have you as my BFF, happy Valentine’s Day!
  2. A day without you in my life should never come and even if it does, let that be the last day of my life. Wishing you happy Valentine’s day!
  3. I’m honoured to hear from you this Valentine’s season, happy valentine’s day to you!
  4. Good morning, wishing you a blessed and happy Valentine’s day!
  5. My life with you is like an endless romantic movie “I LOVE YOU” with all my heart. Happy Valentine’s day!
  6. Today may be an official day, but every day is a special day when I’m with you. I love you forever, happy Valentine’s day!
  7. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the special people in my life.
  8. A good friend is like a wine, the older the age the stronger the taste. Here’s another round to make us stronger in love, happy Valentine’s day!
  9. Thank you for making every Valentine’s day I’m so blessed to have you as a friend. Happy Valentine’s festival.
  10. On this Valentine’s day celebration, my wishes are that you find peace of mind, love and happiness. Happy Valentine’s day!
  11. I hope that my Valentine wishes get to you in good health, I just wanted to tell you how crazy I’m about you. Happy Valentine’s day!
  12. I love you! Happy Valentine’s day!
  13. People say you only fall in love once but that’s not true because every time when I see you, I fall in love all over again. Happy sweetest Valentine’s day celebration!
  14. Happy Valentine’s day, you’re my today and all my tomorrow!

Best 50 Valentine’s Day Messages For Everyone

Valentine Messages for boyfriend

Valentine Wishes for boyfriend

If you’re in dare need of Valentine messages for your new boyfriend or want to send a thank you message to him on Valentine’s day, you will find this section helpful.

  1. Happy Valentine’s day sweetheart, I can’t wait to see you by night.
  2. May our love grow stronger and last forever, happy Valentine’s day dearie!
  3. I’m the luckiest girl on earth for having you as my boyfriend. Happy Valentine’s day to you!
  4. Loving you alone, is the sweetness I want. I can’t love you less.
  5. I have been waiting for a day like this, to tell you how crazy I feel about you!
  6. I want you to know you’re the best boyfriend in the world. I adore you!
  7. …and today, the award of the best boyfriend in the world goes to you my darling. Happy Valentine’s day honey!
  8. You’ve always been my Valentine, I can’t exchange you for anything in the world. Happy Valentine!
  9. I’m here for you with all my heart, we’re inseparable. Happy Val day to you my heart!
  10. Happy Valentine’s day to the man I love.

50 Best Valentine Messages For Boyfriend

Valentine Wishes for girlfriend

Valentine Wishes for girlfriend

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the relationship, you could wake up one day “on a valentine’s day morning” and find out that composing a sweet Valentine message is really a hard to do task. What comes first to your mind, “what should I say to my girlfriend on Valentine’s day?” I guess. Search no more, here are special Valentine’s message for your partner.

  1. I just want to spend the whole of today with you. Happy Valentine’s day my sweetheart.
  2. I’m the luckiest guy with the best girlfriend in the world. Happy Valentine’s day dearest!
  3. You’re the queen of my heart, and this Valentine day, I’ll treat you like the royalty you’re. Happy Valentine’s day!
  4. You’re my light in the tunnel, I will always love and cherish you. Happy best Valentine’s day ever.
  5. Remember how we met on Valentine’s day? It’s here again and our love is all getting stronger and sweeter. Happy Valentine’s day my love.
  6. You’re just more than gold to me, I can’t exchange you for the whole world. Happiest Valentine’s day my better half.
  7. You can’t imagine what I will do to you by night when we’re together. Happy Valentine’s day biggest sweetheart!
  8. Your pretty smile melts my heart
  9. Your eyes speak to me about love
  10. Your presence in my life is like a flower blooming bright and pretty.
  11. My plan is staying next to you all the time, happy Valentine’s day

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Valentine messages for friends

Valentine messages for friends

What do you write in a Valentines card for a friend? I understand you have friends or at least a friend you would like to send a happy Valentine’s text this season. But you could also be faced with the challenges of knowing the Valentine sayings for a special frined card. Without further delay, let me exposes you to the best Valentine wishes for a friend this season.

  1. I keep thanking the day we met, you’re such a great valentine.
  2. Thanks for being my friend, happy Valentine to you!
  3. Every time I look around I see you both in a difficult time, you’re truly a great friend. Thank you for the support, have a great Valentine.
  4. You’re my best friend and best Valentine
  5. Thank you for the smile that drives me crazy.
  6. You’re my happiness, may you feel a warmth love this season!
  7. I am happy you’re a great friend to me, I wish you a happy Valentine’s day celebration may you have cherished love-filled moments on this special day.
  8. On this special day, let me be the first to tell you how great you’re. Enjoy Valentine’s day.
  9. You’re truly the good taste of Valentine
  10. I hope you feel loved and appreciated on Valentine’s day because you deserve even more!
  11. You brought happiness into my life, knowing you is a blessing. Happy Valentine’s day!

Valentine’s day wishes for crush

Valentine's day wishes for crush

So what should I write on a Valentines card for my crush? If you have got a crush on someone, Valentine’s day is just a perfect day to reach out to your crush with lovely messages and wish them well.

  1. To the crush of my life, happy Valentine’s day sweetheart
  2. There’s one thing left for my life to be complete and that’s you. Come into my life, happy Valentine’s day to my crush!
  3. Your smile alone gives me joy, you’re my everyday crush, sweetest Valentine’s day to you!
  4. I have always had my eye on you for a very long time, I admire you a lot, I just wish you could be more than a crush to me. Be my Valentine and make my day, happy Valentine’s day my sweet crush.
  5. The crush I have on you is about crushing me into pieces, thank God I picked myself up. I still love you though, give me a chance. Happy Valentine’s day my all-time crush.
  6. Have fun this Valentines day dear crush, my everyday wish is to be right beside you. Happy Valentine’s day my gorgeous crush.
  7. I just hope you will be more than a crush to me this Valentine, have a great Valentine dear crush!
  8. I tried to stop crushing on you but it proved abortive, I want you to know that I love you. I’m sending lots of love to you this season of love!
  9. The brutal truth is that I’m so crazy about you, and everyone else knows except you. Happy Valentine’s day!
  10. My heart has a lot to say about you, but all I can say now is Happy Valentine’s day to my crush of life!

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Let love lead, let’s make more out of the moment we spend together with each other, for even if we forget so many things it is much difficult to forget memories we had with people we love. So why don’t we spice it up with lovely messages to ensure people around us will always have good memories of us in them.

How do you say Happy Valentine to your loved one, family and friends? Feel free to share with us, remember Valentine is all about love, let’s show love to a great extent just as St. Valentine did several years ago.

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