The 21 questions game is a good conversation starter if you want to know someone better.

Whether you’re new to playing the 21 questions game or not, the truth remains that you can most times go short of ideas on what to ask. It happens even to the very best of us, you really don’t have to worry as I have prepared a list of the best 21 questions games suitable to play with; boyfriend, girlfriend, crush and people who want to play interrogation games with friends.

Before I continue with the list that will lead to a deep conversation with someone you play it with, let’s take a look at the meaning of 21 questions game.

What is 21 questions game?

The 21 questions game serves more like an icebreaker for two persons who’re just meeting for the first time. It reveals a lot about who you’re and the other person too, just like other fun games; the would you rather games, Truth or Dare, and the “Never Have I Ever“.

21 questions game is easy to play and can be played anywhere, be it at a date night party or while walking the road down the street. The most important thing is knowing how comfortable the players are and what they learn while they play the 21 questions game.

How to play the 21 questions game

Finding out the basic rules for playing 21 questions game will make it a more interesting and fun activity worth the time and will kill boredom as you both can easily get excited.

While playing 21 questions game, you’re not expected to drag, give answers to questions as fast as possible and be truthful in your answers.

After asking the other person, it will then be your turn to answer your own question.

There’s no limitation to the number of questions that can be asked and answered. You keep playing the questions game hence it is becoming more interesting.

The figure 21 as seen on the title “21 questions game” does not limit the number of questions to ask to 21 questions, it can go way beyond that or even less than 21, the choice is always yours to make.

How many people can play the 21 questions game? There’s no limitation to the number of persons who can engage in the game but I wouldn’t recommend a large number of persons as this can become boring due to persons not answering or asking questions.

Hint: To get to know someone better, ask more of personal questions and take note of their answers, it speaks a lot about them if they’re being honest with you while playing 21 questions game.

Best 21 Questions Game To Play And Get To Know Someone Better

What should I ask in 21 questions?

Hey! What’s up?” isn’t enough to get to know someone and keep the conversation flowing. It is a known bad conversation starter, get rid of it and start improving your conversation with people by playing the 21 questions games below.

While playing the game, if it leads to a full conversation, then there are no problems at all because that is what the game is built for. If you’re looking for images of 21 Questions game, you can download it for free at the bottom of the post.

1. If you had a time machine, would you go back in time or visit the future?

21 questions game

This is purely a question that will tell if a person has a better past or not. If they say they will like to travel back in time, it probably means they hold better memories of the past and wish things are as it was before. If they say no, they might have had a horrible past.

2. What inscription do you want on your gravestone?

21 questions games

This is not a question for knowing about someone’s past but the future. It will reveal a lot more about what they have achieved in life, yet to accomplish and what are the likely things on their bucket list.

3. What was your favourite food as a child?

21 questions games

You can learn about their diet from childhood and if anything has changed, or developed an interest for other dishes or still like their childhood favourite food. It will make you know what to order for them when next you both are hanging out at a nearby restaurant.

4. How much do you know about the world outside your country?

21 questions games

This is a straightforward question to know if they only have a national interest or both national and international and why it is so.

5. What are the things that don’t really matter in life?

21 questions games

This is a deep 21 question game that will unveil a lot of things regarding what they have much or less interest on.

6. If you could visit one place on Earth where would you go?

21 questions games

It is good to learn about someone’s dream destination especially if it is someone close to you. This is a simple question that will tell more of the places they would love to visit in the world.

7. What would your dream house be like?

21 questions games

This is a perfect question for someone you would like to know more about, the type of structure they would like to have as a house. You could be surprised to learn they would like to have their dream house built in the middle of the sea or some other places outside your imagination that can be mind-blowing.

8. What are the lessons life has taught you?

21 questions games

This is another deep question that will make you discover what they have been through in life. Whether or not life has been fair or unfair to them, the answer will leave a lesson for the both of you to learn ranging from the mistakes, the experience, the puzzles and how they’re able to overcome the life huddles on their part hitherto.

9. Who is your idol?

21 questions games

Almost everyone you know has a hero. You might not know the kind of friends they keep but trust me knowing who their mentor is, unveils a lot about them or the kind of person they would like to be in the future.

10. What are two things you know you should know how to do but don’t?

21 questions games

This can be a funny 21 questions game as you can discover at least two things they know they ought to know how to do but don’t which could be due to not paying attention or not having ample time to learn them.

11. What is something you’ve seen that you wish you could unseen?

21 questions games

It is not all moments that are pleasant and amazing, sometimes we could bump into something irritating; it could be in the media or a real-life scenario. Find out that one thing they have seen but wished they didn’t.

12. What did you learn late in life?

21 questions games

We all have regrets in life, but it is important not to live on them as they’re capable of making us drag. This is a straightforward question that will make you learn more about what they wish they have learned earlier before now.

13. What is something that can’t be taught and can only be learned with age?

21 questions games

This question will tell if they believe that age really matters or it is just a number and also how well they have learned so far and acknowledged the things they’re yet to learn.

14. What makes you think you have wasted a lot of time in the past?

21 questions games

Most times people grow older to find out how much time and strength they have given on things that don’t really worth it. This particular question game will make you realize their experiences so far and changes they’re bringing into their life currently.

15. Is it better to be rich and infamous or be famous but poor?

21 questions games

This is a fun question to ask someone to know if they prefer to be the hidden wealthy kind of person or someone who’s as popular as a celebrity but not wealthy.

16. What is your description of an ideal partner?

21 questions games

If you want a relationship that will lead to a deeper connection with some, this is probably a good question to ask and learn more about what their demands are but you don’t necessarily have to change in entirety to fit in. If you do, chances are you get bored because you stopped being yourself.

17. If you could choose one celebrity to be the father/mother of your child who would it be?

21 questions games

This is another fun question that can get him/her rolling on the floor. It’s just another way of knowing who their favourite celebrity is and the type of media they enjoy watching.

18. If you could be trained up in any profession of your choice by top professionals, what profession would you choose?

21 questions games

This is a good question to ask someone you really don’t know much about, maybe a first date kind of question that will tell what their dream profession is.

19. If you could be an animal for a week, what could you be?

21 questions games

This is a fun question with no real meaning but can tell what their favourite animal is and what that animal is known for. It could probably be an animal they would like to have as a pet or animal connected to their zodiac sign.

20. You need to spend $1000 in 24 hours, what do you do?

21 questions games

This is a perfect question to ask someone to get to know what interest them the most and things they are likely to spend more money on.

21. What are some things that are overrated?

21 questions games

A nice question to know their perceptions about trending things in the city and why they think it doesn’t what the trend.


When you’re done playing the 21 questions game above and still want more, you can continue to spark the moment with the following questions.

If you could change the way kids are parented these days, what would you do?

This is a subtle way to know how someone is parented and what they wish to change if they become parents in the future.

What makes you the angriest?

A deep but straightforward question to know what they don’t like and how it makes them angry.

What makes you the happiest?

Just like the previous question, it is pertinent to figure out their likes, a list of things that makes them happy will help you know their type of personality and how you can adjust to improve the relationship with them.

What is your favourite game to play?

A nice question to ask someone and know what they do with their spare time. You can end up knowing they enjoy playing video games like you.

Would you rather know the Truth or Happiness?

This question will tell if they’re people that care to know the truth deep down, and still be happy or prefer to be happy by limiting the amount of information they have about a thing not to dive into findings that will hurt their feelings.

Will you like to decide for your kids which courses to study in high school?

This is a good questions game for couples to determine the interest of your spouse to influence a child to take a course for its lucrative nature or encourage them to follow their passion.

Image for 21 questions game

21 questions game

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I hope you agree with me at this point that the questions contained on this post, are suitable for persons who want the 21 questions games for girls or 21 questions game for guys.

It doesn’t really matter where and what means you’re using, you can play the 21 questions game online, via text, video call, phone call or while you both are seated looking at each other and smile as you play.

Feel free to share and play this 21 questions game with your partner or friends and always remember to let us know how it went with you. We will be more than glad to hear from you through comments.

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