How do you do live video on Instagram with your partner?

When it comes to how to create engaging content for Instagram live, I know you might decide to leave it for the social media experts to handle. Probably because you think you have to undergo a course on how to do Instagram live video, how to join Instagram live or even think you need millions of Instagram followers to enjoy a live video which is one among the most amazing Instagram features.

What is Instagram live?

I don’t want to assume you already know what live streaming on Instagram means. Despite the popularity of this amazing Instagram feature, a lot of persons still don’t know what it means to go live on IG (Instagram) and how it works.

Instagram live video is a unique feature on the Instagram stories that enable users to stream video to their followers in real-time. Usually, Instagram will notify followers when you go live so they can view what’s going on. You can invite your followers to join and they can also request a call to bring them on the live video if they want.

If you can’t go live on Instagram or need help on how to go live with someone, here’s an official publication from Instagram on how to go live.

What do you talk on Instagram live? This is often a question most people ask especially when they’re expecting an Instagram live session invite from a friend or for official purposes, it can be an Interview or anything else that requires Instagramlive video. What’s your heart rate getting to know your favourite Instagram celebrity wants to go live with you? A lot I guess.  However, this post is tailored to help you know a list of fun things to do with a girl on Instagram live, your partner or friends.

These Instagram live tips are not just for the purpose of keeping a conversation with a girl on an Instagram live stream. I am glad to let you know that the tips contained can be used by both genders to create fun activities and even get more views on Instagram live because the content is engaging and your followers would probably want to hang around and even wish to join the Instagram live games you are playing with your partner or crush 🙂 Who doesn’t like to catch some fun?

The best time to go live on Instagram is actually the time your partner, friends or colleagues are online and available for an Instagram live session with you. It will be more fun especially if they’re already expecting to join you on Instagram live.

How to make Instagram Live interesting with your partner

Whether you are looking for Instagram live game ideas, fun and interesting things to do on a live stream, trust me the following Instagram live video ideas will leave you feeling like a social media star.

1. Pictionary

Pictionary game is fun, a classic party game of all time that you can play with your SO on Instagram live stream. It is a good icebreaker and can be played by 3 or more persons. Your partner, you and one of your Instagram followers or more, can join the game and spice up the moment online.

2. Truth OR Dare

Truth or dare is a verbal game two or more persons can play. The rules of truth or dare are very simple and engaging for partners that want to make the Instagram live video interesting.

3. Make your partner laugh

Are you still saying “hey Google make me laugh?” I am not against that but I know it will be more fun if you can make your partner laugh out loud on Instagram live stream or be the one who laughing out loud because your partner knows the funniest things to say.

4. Cup stacking competition

Sport stacking sometimes called cup stacking. Cup staking is good for IG live stream and is by far one of the most interesting and fun things to do on Instagram live video with your partner. You can set a timer and let your Instagram followers judge who is the fastest in stacking the cups.  You don’t need 10k Instagram followers to do this, you should start having fun whether with a few, thousands or millions of Instagram followers.

5. Pop culture trivia

Try pop culture trivia and you will discover how the most popular trivia questions can be engaging. It can be some trivia questions about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Angelina Jolie and many others.

6. Meme games

Print your favourite memes have the cards with you and give your partner hint and see if they can guess what meme it is. This is perhaps one of the challenges to do on live stream to get your partner to pause and ponder on what could be the right answer.

7. Draw something fun

This is the best thing to do on Instagram live video if you already know the list of things to draw for fun, you don’t need basic skills of drawing to do this, remember you are not doing this on Instagram live to receive an award. If you don’t know what to draw, make a quick sketch of your partner or pet and show it on-screen. I know not only your partner will laugh out loud this period, but your followers will also do. You can exchange turns, allow your partner to draw you.

8. Do a live Q&A on your topic of interest

A list of good Instagram live questions is all you need to make live streaming fun and intriguing. When you tap on the question mark, you will see questions people have asked.

9. Tell your followers what you’re up to with your partner

What are you planning for the weekend with your partner? Remember this is a social media platform, share only the information you would like to go public. If you plan to go to the beach by the weekend, you could be surprised to see your followers turn out massively at the beach to have some fun with alongside you and your partner.

10. Host instagram live giveaway

If you check thoroughly, there’s always something to offer to your followers for free. People who are more into Instagram marketing will agree with me that giveaway is highly essential to grow Instagram followers and live video viewers. You can give free marriage tips from your anniversary to your followers or give out a free course on digital skill. The list is endless.