55 Prayers For Immediate Financial Blessings 

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How do you fast and pray for a financial breakthrough?

Even a rich man may encounter a major setback that drains him of all he had acquired during the years, that’s why there is a need for prayers such as prayers against financial blockages or prayer for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough.

Prayer for immediate financial blessings is not specially made for the needy. You may be in a situation where you would want financial assistance. What better way to ask if not with prayer? 

Prayer is the key to unlocking the door to God’s abode, where you speak to him and make a request, and do not forget what the Lord said about prayers said with faith.

“Therefore whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours ” Say your prayers with your trust in God, he knows the desires of your heart before you even think to ask. 

Below I will pen down prayer points you can say and trust the Lord to come to your rescue. 

Prayer for financial blessings for the family.

When we pray for others It shows we love and care for them. 

Galatians 6: 2 says ” Carry each other’s burdens and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ ” 

You have decided to pray for your family for a financial blessing, rather than yourself, do not worry for the Lord will bless you for remembering others.

  1. Lord, please replenish our pockets, restore all that we’ve lost, and bless my family financially with your love.
  2. I pray today God that you provide for my family, may we not lack anything financially and stay in good health.
  3. Bless the works of our hands Jesus, may our hard works pay off, so we don’t go broke and distressed. 
  4. Lord may you bless my family financially every day, as the sun rises in the east every day. 
  5. Bless my family financially Lord, so that we may be able to feed our mouths and stay healthy. 
  6. For my family, I pray that you rain your financial blessings on us all in our various workplaces. 
  7. God, I pray that you will continue to be with us, promote us. Refurbish our pockets and bless us financially. I pray in Jesus’ name. 
  8. My family and I need you, Jesus. We need you to shower us with your abundant financial blessings Lord Jesus Christ. 
  9. In whatever we do that pleases your heart lord. May we gain financially in it. 
  10. I pray for divine assistance, oh lord, in our financial lives. Bless us and keep us fed. 
  11. In difficult times may I and my family who abide under your wings not lack anything financially and stay healthy and alive. 
  12. I pray for my family that as Jesus lives so shall we live and our lives blessed financially. 
  13. Praying for God’s financial blessings on my family. 
  14. For my family, the Lord’s financial blessings are our portion.
  15. May God provide for us financially. In Jesus’s name.

Prayer for immediate financial blessings for self. 

You may be in a difficult situation where you need financial help, say these heartfelt prayers below.

  1. Lord Jesus, please come to my aid and provide for me financially. 
  2. As I step into my office today, assist me oh lord, so that at the end, my efforts pay off with success and I stay financially blessed.
  3. For financial blessings, bless me oh lord as you blessed Jabez. 
  4. Enrich me Lord Jesus as I continue to serve you, bless me financially. 
  5. Enlarge my scope Lord Jesus and bless me financially. In Jesus’s name. 
  6. By your grace and love, bless me financially. 
  7. Exist me from the book of wretchedness, and bless me financially. 
  8. Lord, you said that it is easy to make a poor man suddenly rich. Bless me and enlarge my scope, so that I will be financially blessed. 
  9. God, I believe that everything belongs to you, so today I ask that you bless me with wealth, so that I will be financially blessed. 
  10. Lord, you said in your words that you will bless the works of our hands and cause them to prosper. God, please bless my work so that I will be enriched with your financial blessings. 
  11. Because you’re the one that blesses your people with wealth. Bless me your Daughter/Son financially. In Jesus’ name.
  12. I need your grace and mercy in my financial life.
  13. As my head is bowed down in grief and sorrow, clean my tears Lord Jesus, and bless me financially. 
  14. I cry to you oh lord as the psalmist did in psalm 102:13. Bless me financially oh Lord Jesus Christ. 
  15. I cancel every misfortune and introduce the Lord’s financial blessings into my life.  

Prayer for immediate financial blessings for work.

Financial blessings in your hard work.

  1. Your blessings are for a lifetime, bless the works of my hands, and bless me financially. 
  2. Lord Jesus, turn my hopeless situation around to provide for me financially and transform my life.  
  3. I shall have enough to provide for myself for others around me. 
  4. I discard all that wants to work against me financially and pray that you bless me.
  5. May I not come across anything that will yield profitless labor in my life. In Jesus’ name.
  6. I shall not waste my talent. May it yield successful purposes which will cause financial abundance. 
  7. May all that I do here and for my company continue to yield full profit in Jesus’s name.
  8. Bless me with your divine skills so that I may work harder and be blessed financially. 
  9. Lord do not let my profits run past me, may I gain an advantage where I’m ought to. 
  10. Do not let me sleep on my abilities. Instead, may it attract more of your financial blessings into my life.
  11. May God’s presence remain with me, and not depart from me. May it attract love, financial blessings, and favors. 
  12. I will not lack the ability and strength to finish the work given to me so that in the end it financially pays off. 

Prayer for immediate financial blessings for breaking out of poverty. 

For breaking out of poverty, God is the one who made everything, and never has it been told that one who asked him for bread received a stone. He will dress you and prepare a table for you to dine with the royals. 

  1. The Lord will break me out of the bondage that has held me and my success story and bless me abundantly. 
  2. I receive God’s financial blessings and prosperity into my life.
  3. Lord Jesus clothe me with your grace and favor me. Have mercy on me and bury my ugly situation.
  4. In Jesus’s name, I rebuke all plans of the enemies to make me swim in the sea of poverty and call on the name of my savior and he will save me from this distress. 
  5. I embrace my era of prosperity. In Jesus’s name, my financial story will change for good. 
  6. I rebuke the spirit of poverty in my life and speak into existence, God’s divine financial blessings into my life. 
  7. My years of suffering shall come to an end and my Thanksgiving story shall be heard by many.
  8. I believe in you and your miraculous power which will bring me good news and financial blessings. 
  9. Into my life, I pray and claim a financial breakthrough. Hear my prayers and cries, God and bless me.
  10. Jesus, I pray to you today for a Thanksgiving life-changing story. Now I receive and accept my financial blessings.
  11. I thank you, Lord, for what you are about to do in my financial life.
  12. Sooner I will let go of all that has made me weep in sorrow and embrace my financial blessings.
  13. You said that you wouldn’t give us a stone if we asked for bread. Therefore I ask that you bless me financially with your divine wealth and prosperity in Jesus’s name.

YouTube video on prayers for immediate financial help.

Do you have any prayer about a financial increase, immediate financial blessings/miracles that you would like to share with us/our readers? Feel free to say them in the comment section below and share this post with every one of your friends who needs prayers for a financial shift in their lives.

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