There are several reasons and events that inspire people from different parts of the world, to give their little one a unique name. Events like; war, chaos, anger, greed, or misfortune in life, and the death of someone, can land a child with a name people might be startled with only until they’re able to find the amazing meaning behind the name.

Naming a baby is a crucial moment in parenting that requires carefulness so as to ensure that the name given to a child is a name that’s outstanding and the child can live by it forever.

In the light of the above, many parents while considering a name for their newly born baby, sort to search for baby names and meanings. Most importantly, many would want to know what girl name means death or what male name means death. This could be to figure out the best fit for their newly born, to separate them from the popular John and Ann, or to avoid it entirely as several other cultures of the world, detest death-related names.

Trying to figure out names that mean death or darkness can be challenging, and giving your little one such a name does not signify you hate or wish them bad luck and destruction. Honestly, evil baby names, names meaning death or dark names, all have their unique meanings.

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In some traditions, newly born babies are named following the event that took place immediately before they were born, while they were been given birth to or after the death of someone. The name does not in any way mean that the child will turn out to be evil or experience darkness in life, it is a name that can make a child stand out in the crowd and serve as a sparkling light in the darkness.

Names with death or dark meanings

1AchlysIn Greek, it means darknessM or F
2ThanUnisex name meaning death, it’s from Greek originM
3MabuzName from Scottish origin meaning the leader of death castle,M
5KeketA name from Egypt origin, which means Goddess of darknessF
6SephtisPersian name meaning eternal deathF
7KekEgyptian name meaning God of darknessF
8AzmavethIsraelite name that means strong deathM
9BaciaAfrican name meaning “House ruined by family deaths”M
10KritantaGod of death, India originM
11MeremothBitterness myrrh of deathM
12MethusaelIsrealite name meaning “who demands his death”M
13AchmethaBoy name that means brother of death, Isreal originM
14BashmathGirl name meaning confusion of death, Isreal originF
15ThanatosMale name meaning death, Greece originM
16Khaalida or KhalidaFemale name meaning deathless or immortal, African originF
17AhimothIsrealite name meaning brother of deathM
18AnpuGod of death, Egyptian originM
19MarkandeyaIndian name for a which means one who conquered deathM
20Ah PuchMayan god of deathM
21Persephone / persefoniThe bringer of death, Greek baby nameF
22ShivaniIndian baby name that means life and deathF
23LibitinaRoman baby girl name that means Roman goddess of deathF
24LoralieShe who lure men to death by singingF
25AeronUnisex name from Welsh that means the goddess of war and deathM or F
26MortyDead seaM
27LabitinaRoman name for a girl child that means funeral goddessF
28AzrailThe angel of deathM or F
29FrejaFeminine name meaning love, beauty and deathF
30JavarayaPopular baby name in Karnataka that means the God of death.M
31ErnalineStruggle to the death, old Norse and old German originF

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What other names mean death or have dark meaning in your language, culture, and tradition? Feel free to share such baby names with us using the comment box below.