70 Good Best Friend Tag Questions To Ask Your Best Friends

interesting best friend tag questions

Do you and your best friend know well about each other?

Your best friend is someone who is rarely afraid to be his/her self around you, a person you can trust and lean on. Honestly, having a best friend is the best feeling in the world.

You seem to know a lot about your best friend but playing these best friend tag questions will unveil a lot more about you and your best friend including the craziest part you never knew before.

What is a best friend tag?

Although I have given you insights on what best friend tag means in the previous paragraphs, let me do not assume you already know what this game is all about.

The best friend tag is a fun question game where close friends (best friends) come together to ask interesting questions and discover how much they know about each other and figure out who knows each other better. Sometimes, this game is called the best friend quiz or best friend challenge quiz.

How to play the best tag questions?

When a question is asked, both you and your friends will guess what the answer is for the other person, write it down and reveal it. If it matches, then you know your bestie and can move to the next question.

For example, what’s your favorite season? You and your best friend should write the other person’s favorite season then reveal it. Both you and your best friend will confirm if that’s true.

So how well do you know your BBF? Let’s leave it for this list of interesting best friend tag questions to determine how much you both really know about each other and who should be called a better friend.

List of best friend tags

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Am I a cat person or a dog person?

At what age did I stopped playing with toys?

How often do I surf the internet?

Who is your celebrity crush?

Do I talk more about the future or the past?

Do I get annoyed easily?

Do I have a birth mark?

Do I have allergies? What are there?

What television show is your guilty pleasure?

Do I have any weird talents or skills?

How do you like coffee served?

Do I like to hold conversations for long?

Do I love crowd?

Do I prefer rainy or snowy days?

Do you know my favorite kind of movies?

For how long have we been friends?

Have I ever been caught drunk?

Have I ever been chased by the police?

Have I ever been involved in car accident?

Have I ever failed at any subject in school?

Have I ever smoked?

How and when did we first meet?

How many kids do I want to have in future?

How much was my first job?

If I could do any crazy thing, what’s that one thing I will do?

If I win the lottery, what’s the first thing I would do?

If your best friend would travel, which destination would they like to go?

In gatherings, am I always punctual or late?

Is there any inside jokes we have?

What am I really good at?

What cologne do I like?

What do I like the most in school?

What does your best friend like to talk about often?

What food does your boyfriend hate?

What food will I pick from the menu without hesitation?

What is a funny story from my childhood?

What is my dream partner?

What is my favorite color?

What are my favorite Disney movies?

What is my favorite sport?

Who was my best friend in school?

What is one food I couldn’t live without?

What are the most embarrassing moments about me?

What job interview did I fail at?

What phrase or expression do I say very often?

What skill do you think I would do better in?

What was my first job?

What was my worst job experience?

What’s my favorite footwear brand?

What’s my favorite hair salon?

What’s my favorite number?

What’s my favorite T-shirt?

What’s my first pet’s name?

What’s my personality trait?

What’s my surname?

What’s the craziest job your best friend ever hard?

What’s the thing only you know about your best friend?

What’s your best friend’s astrological sign?

What’s your best friend’s description of a perfect partner?

What’s your favorite music on the billboard chart?

When is my birthday?

When is our next friendiversary?

When was my first kiss?

When was the last time I had a fight? And why?

Where am I most likely to seat at the subway, middle or at the extreme?

Where can you always find me in school?

Which sport team will I support with my last penny?

What are the things I enjoy doing at free time?

Who is your best friend’s super-hero?

Who’s my favorite artist?

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Best friend tag video questions

The series of questions both you and your best friend can ask each other is endless but you don’t have to make use of all the questions on the list. Make sure your bestie doesn’t get exhausted answering questions, but if it seems to be well going, you can even try the deep ones on the list, have more fun discovering how well you know each other.

Now that I have given you ideas on questions to ask your BFF in a best friend tag fun game, you can also get a little bit more creative with it, maybe record a video with your camera to publish on Youtube or Tiktok if that’s okay by the both of you.

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