60 Best Getting To Know You Questions For Kids

get to know you questions for kids

Just like the Would You Rather Questions, getting to know you questions for kids are good icebreaker questions parents, teachers or guardians can ask kids to get to know more about them. These great conversation starters can be in the form of writing prompts or asked by words of the mouth and children can easily understand and feel comfortable answering them with honesty.

Trust me, every child will fall in love with the list of open-ended questions contained in this post and they’re great ideas for anyone who wants to prepare kids’ interview questions worksheet.

Whether you want to know more about a kid’s future goal, first day at school, or need ideas for some funny questions to ask kids about their parents, we have got you covered with the best open-ended questions that won’t make conversing with a child difficult.

More than just 30 questions to ask your child to get to know their heart, we have prepared the list of 60 perfect get to know you questions for kids, the best list you would ever have that’s most suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids. Even the not too social kind of kid can get talking in a group answering these questions.

Get to know you questions for kids – questions to ask kids to get to know them better.

  1. What annoys you the most?
  2. What is your favorite cartoon?
  3. What is your favorite book?
  4. How much time do you spend with your parents?
  5. Who is your favorite Disney princess, and why?
  6. What is your favorite movie?
  7. What is your favorite season?
  8. What is your favorite DIY craft?
  9. What is your favorite video game?
  10. Which movie character would you like to meet and have a conversation with?
  11. If you have free plane tickets to travel the world, where would you go and why?
  12. Which animal would you prefer to be? Why?
  13. Who is your closest family member?
  14. What are your hobbies?
  15. What is your favorite dessert?
  16. What is one thing about yourself that you’re proud of?
  17. What is your favorite color?
  18. What is your favorite holiday?
  19. Who is your favorite school teacher?
  20. When was the last time you cried and why?
get to know you questions for children
  1. What do you feel grateful for today?
  2. What home chores do you like doing without been asked to do them?
  3. What troubles you the most?
  4. Who are you looking up to?
  5. What is something you really want to learn how to do?
  6. Would you like to fly a plane of control a train?
  7. Would you rather play outside with friends or stay inside watching your favorite movie?
  8. What kind of job would you like to do when you complete your education?
  9. What is your favorite sound?
  10. What is the most annoying sound?
  11. What motivates you?
  12. What is your go-to kids’ story?
  13. Do you like going to school without been dragged or convinced it’s important to do so?
  14. If you could sing all-time without getting tired, which song would you like to sing?
  15. What do you do first thing in the morning, after you wake up?
  16. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which would you like to trade for games?
  17. What do you do when you get bored in school?
  18. What is the best toy you like playing with?
  19. What is your favorite subject?
  20. What do you like to always dream about?
good get to know you questions for kids
  1. What would you like to be in the future and why?
  2. Do you like to eat before going to school?
  3. If you are to become a teacher, what subject would you like to teach?
  4. What do you do after school?
  5. What is your favorite reality TV show?
  6. What cartoon character do you wish was real?
  7. If you are to encourage other kids, what would you say in 3 sentences?
  8. What is something you’re most proud of?
  9. What was the last time you did something creative?
  10. What is your description of a good friend?
  11. Who is your favorite aunt?
  12. Who is your favorite nephew?
  13. How well do you communicate with your cousins?
  14. What is the worst gift you’ve ever received?
  15. How do you react to compliments?
  16. What is your biggest fear in life?
  17. What name are you popularly called in school and why?
  18. Would you rather help in the kitchen or offer to help in the garden?
  19. What is the best gift you would like to give your friends for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween?
  20. How was your holiday and what did you do that made everyone happy?

I hope you find these conversation starters for kids intriguing to engage more with children and get to know more about them.

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