Would You Rather Questions For Your Crush

would you rather questions for crush

Apart from me, who else has had a crush on someone? Would you rather questions are good in starting up a conversation with people we would want to be closer to or even start up a relationship with them.

If you have always wanted to outgrow the current status with your crush, try asking him/her any of these “would you rather do game questions” contained on this post and do not be surprised if it opens a better moment for your guys.

Most would you rather questions for crush, are arranged in a lovely fashion to bring in possible chemistry that will lead to several dates and a meaningful relationship.

would you rather questions for my crush

Let’s dive in…

50 best would you rather questions to ask your crush

  1. Would you rather be kicked out of the house by your landlord or by your lover?
  2. Would you rather be really thirsty or really hungry?
  3. Would you rather confess to your lover about cheating or catch your lover cheating?
  4. Would you rather have a best friend who drinks too much or a lover who drinks too much?
  5. Would you rather dance like a lunatic in front of your family or on the internet?
  6. Would you rather run around the compound naked or walk the street with awkward dressing?
  7. Would you rather have a strange name or a name that is so hard to pronounce?
  8. Would you rather have a terrible cough or terrible soar throat?
  9. Would you rather start afresh from kindergarten or lost everything in your memory?
  10. Would you rather share your bed with someone who is twice your size or share your bed with someone who rolls on the bed while sleeping?
  11. Would you rather wear dirty underwear or prefer to go without underwear?
  12. Would you rather ear busy eyebrow or lost your hair?
  13. Would you rather have your mum stalk your Facebook timeline or your Twitter timeline?
  14. Would you rather sit in between two huge men or two chubby women?
  15. Would you rather get a suspension or a demotion?
  16. Would you rather be part of a food fight or join in to clean a food fight?
  17. Would you rather be betrayed by your best friend or be betrayed by a lover?
  18. Would you rather have a third write or a third eye?
  19. Would you rather age from the neck up or the neck down?
  20. Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your partner cheating?
  21. Would you rather have your lover die or cheat to raise fund to have your lover saved?
  22. Would you rather be the first to start dancing in a gathering or be the first to start singing any song that’s played?
  23. Would you rather be loved more by the family of your crush or have your crush love you more than the family does?
  24. Would you rather have a partner that must insist you explain everything or have a partner who pretends they are not bothered about a thing?
  25. Would you rather be a well-known senator or a well-known business person?
  26. Would you rather engage in not legally accepted business and make a lot of money or engage in a legitimate business and earn little money?
  27. Would you rather be a performer at a stage or be someone who’s observing?
  28. Would you rather be famous but ridiculed or be just a normal person?
  29. Would you rather have a flying carpet or a submarine?
  30. Would you rather be amazing at driving dirt bikes or be fantastic at riding horses?
  31. Would you rather never be able to wear shorts or never be able to wear pant?
  32. Would you rather live on the beach or live in the forest?
  33. Would you rather have a horrible short term memory or a horrible long term memory?
  34. Would you rather be free from gossips or free from spam mails for the rest of your life?
  35. Would you rather have your best friends never visit you or have your best friends visit you often and never make new ones?
  36. Would you rather travel the world for a year all expenses paid or have $60,000 to spend on whatever you want?
  37. Would you rather have constantly dry eyes or constantly runny nose?
  38. Would you rather be unable to have kids or only be able to conceive quintuplets?
  39. Would you rather find your true love or a suitcase with ten million dollars inside?
  40. Would you rather appear smart before your crush or appear awkward to your best friends?
  41. Would you rather live alone or live with your best friend?
  42. Would you rather cook or eat fast food?
  43. Would you rather work independently or work as a team?
  44. Would you rather work in the bed or have a workspace at home?
  45. Would you rather live abroad or study abroad?
  46. Would you rather engage in a long-distance relationship or remain single?
  47. Would you rather have wealthy parents or have celebrity parents?
  48. Would you rather keep quiet for peace to reign or speak out your mind even if it’s going to be violent
  49. Would you rather date someone who’s very loud in nature or date someone who’s shy at everything?
  50. Would you rather eat a pack of cat meal or have a taste of spoilt milk?

Try any of these would you rather questions with your crush, starting from the funny, the good, to the hardest of all and remember to come here in the comment section to let us know how it went between the both of you.

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