50 Getting To Know You Questions For Students

get to know you questions for students

What are good questions to ask students?

In our today’s edition of icebreaker getting to know you questions, we will share the perfect questions to spark a deep and meaningful convo with anyone in the school system.

High school, middle school, and elementary students will find these questions intriguing, whether in-class or during distance learning (virtual classrooms). Teachers can also make use of these ideas to prepare a getting to know you worksheet or questionnaire, to conduct a survey on their students as they return back to school. To-get-to-know more about their family, what they have been doing at home, their challenges, and areas they’re much interested in.

Even if it’s your first day at school and you’re looking for the perfect conversation starter to get to know someone and make new friends, you will discover a fun way to do so effortlessly if you follow the ideas contained in this special guide to getting to know you questions for students.

Best get to know you questions for students

Whether you’re a teacher who’s bothered with the question “what questions should I ask my students and get to know them better” or a student who wants the perfect icebreaker to start a conversation and make new friends in school, we have done the work so you don’t have to! Simply pick some random questions and see the magic in getting to know someone in your school.

  1. Has anyone tried twisting your name in school?
  2. Were you close with your family growing up?
  3. If you had to change your name, what would you change it to?
  4. If you were a famous person, what would you be famous for?
  5. Would you prefer to pass in all your school exams but fail at almost everything in life or fail in all your school exams and succeed at almost everything in life?
  6. Which would you like to do first; give a speech when all students are gathered or be the first to start a role play in your school drama?
  7. Do you prefer to have no books to read during the holidays or have no food to eat?
  8. Would you rather always have the nicest school uniform or the nicest skating board?
  9. Do you like every holiday to be Christmas or every holiday to be Halloween?
  10. Who is your favorite teacher? Why?
  11. What subject are you most likely to perform well in, without any preparations?
  12. If you are to write a letter about your first day in school feeling, what would be the title of the letter?
  13. Did anyone influence your choice of study?
  14. Would you like to be a teacher after school? Why?
  15. What can you do to become a better student?
  16. Do you believe in karma?
  17. What’s your most dreaded subject?
  18. Who’s your best friend?
  19. What can your classmates say about you?
  20. What would you like to be known for?
  21. Who’s your school crush?
  22. What’s one thing you would always like to do together with friends in school?
  23. Would you rather easily understand all subjects or be able to read your teacher’s mind?
  24. Is an indoor or outdoor sport your favorite sport in school?
  25. Do you like your school, and what do you think should be changed about this school?
  1. What is your biggest fear about distance learning using modern convenience?
  2. What book or movie interests you the most?
  3. Who’s your favorite author?
  4. If you were to write a book about your school, what would the title be and why?
  5. Have you ever bullied anyone or feel bullied in school?
  6. Where do you get inspiration from?
  7. How easily do you remember all that you’ve read?
  8. Do you believe education can happen to you anywhere outside the four walls of the classroom?
  9. Do you enjoy playing with friends or like to stay on your own most time?
  10. What award have you won as a student?
  11. Have you been to a school debate before?
  12. What are you popularly known for at school?
  13. What would be your teacher’s description of who you’re?
  14. Which of your teachers would you like to be family with? Why?
  15. Would you prefer to live on campus or off-campus?
  16. Which subject do you wish was scrapped out of your curriculum?
  17. Would you rather be a teacher for kindergarten or a teacher in high school?
  18. Do you consider teaching a risky job?
  19. What is your biggest academic fear?
  20. What are your challenges studying from home?
  21. Which of your teachers, friends, or guardian would you like to give an award?
  22. What should the school do for you, to facilitate learning?
  23. Who are your heroes?
  24. How do you cheer up when you are feeling down?
  25. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Get to know you questions for students pdf version

Download the conversation questions for students by clicking the button below, it’s 100% free but we recommend you always visit this online version in case we update our list of getting to know you questions for students, so you will always have fresh questions to ask and get to know someone better.

Getting To Know You Questions For Students

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