Would You Rather Questions For Couples

would you rather question games for couples

It is true that you must have asked your partner some first date questions the time you both first met and you can swear you know a lot about him/her but trust me, would you rather questions for couples, will make you know even better about your spouse.

In an unprecedented time like this, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, partners can always spice up the moment and kill boredom with dirty, cute or serious would you rather questions at home.

When you feel like throwing the hardest would you rather questions for couples at your partner, know that there’s no perfect answer to those would you rather questions. However, the answers depend on the individual concerned and your expectations for asking.

would you rather questions for couples

No matter how hard, simple, interesting or awkward it appears to be, would you rather questions are great conversation starters for couples because they unveil a lot of things we didn’t know about our partner.

50 would you rather questions for couples

  1. Would you rather have no one for the rest of your life or be in a toxic relationship for the rest f your life?
  2. Would you rather order trending clothes or comfortable clothes?
  3. Would you rather sleep for the whole day or wake up and assist your partner get ready for work?
  4. Would you rather allow your husband to go to a strip club or let him hang around with your friends?
    Would you rather save up for tomorrow or spend the money on charity?
  5. Would you rather be calm and hope things get better in the marriage or speak out immediately you become uncomfortable?
  6. Would you rather do a monkey business that makes a lot of money or engage in a job that’s beneficial to society but doesn’t make a lot of money?
  7. Would you rather say that “this is my partner’s role” and wait or play the role when your partner isn’t around?
  8. Would you rather go to jail for 3 years by exposing a secret you know or live your whole life with the fear you could be caught someday?
  9. Would you rather acquire a lot of wealth before 25 years of age or spend the entirety of your life living in poverty?
  10. Would you rather die at the early 20s without regrets or die at 80s with many regrets?
  11. Would you rather have a tattoo on your body or have it drawn on your kid’s body?
  12. Would you rather be unable to brew a coffee or unable to make pasta?
  13. Would you rather give up bathing for a month or talking with your partner?
  14. Would you rather accept Tinder match or spend the whole of your life being single?
  15. Would you rather stay off social media or stay off search engine?
  16. Would you rather follow your heart or follow your mind?
  17. Would you rather fight for your true love or fight for a suitcase with ten million dollars inside?
  18. Would you rather be a top politician or a CEO of a globally recognized company?
  19. Would you rather live in the fears of failed attempts or even engage in more attempts that could be risky?
  20. Would you ever rather never be able to eat meat or never be able to eat vegetables?
  21. Would you rather search for how to open the door on YouTube or try finding out how to open the door yourself?
  22. Would you rather like to study a course that has less mathematics or like to study a course that has a lot of mathematical activities?
  23.   Would you rather spend your whole life with people you’ve already known or spend the whole of your life living with no one?
  24. Would you rather still be in good communication with your ex or better stay without talking to anyone else?
  25. Would you rather lose the ability to see or lose the ability to hear?
  26. Would you rather be happy but nor achieve a lot in life or never be happy but achieve a lot?
  27. Would you rather stay at home or spend more time travelling the world scariest locations?
  28. Would you rather be cute but stupid or be intelligent but ugly?
  29. Would you rather be the performer of a joke or be the audience listening to the joke?
  30. Would you rather have free Wi-Fi all the time or have endless free coffee at your favourite coffee shop?
  31. Would you rather have your browser history made public to anyone who’s online or never use a Smartphone again?
  32. Would you rather be an infamous genius or a popular idiot?
  33. Would you rather stay on the beach for a month or share the same workspace with an ex?
  34. Would you rather know what time it is without a clock or always know where you are without Google map?
  35. Would you rather live in a noisy urban area or a remote area with less noise and complete privacy?
  36. Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who complains a lot or with someone who doesn’t care even if you’re away from home for days?
  37. Would you rather live in the past decades or fear to invest in the future?
  38. Would you rather appear as a bad person to the members of the public and a good person to your family or appear as a bad person to your family and a good person to the society?
  39. Would you rather live in the cave for 2 years or spend the rest of your life without using the internet?
  40. Would you rather be reincarnated as a butterfly or cease to exist when you die?
  41. Would you rather walk around the street naked or appear on P*nhub?
  42. Would you rather have sex on the first date or act according to the third date?
  43. Would you rather write a love paragraph or get a love paragraph?
  44. Would you rather go out or stay indoor and spend your time streaming videos on Netflix
  45. Would you rather learn how to cook or accept anything cooked for you?
  46. Would you rather have one partner or multiple partners?
  47. Would you rather have it with lights on or lights turned off?
  48. Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your spouse cheating on you?
  49. Would you rather be able to read people’s mind or to be invisible?
  50. Would you rather wear dirty underwear or no underwear?

I hope you enjoyed the compilation of both best, fun, dirty, easy and hard would you rather questions for couples on this post?

However, I believe you have known your spouse for some time now and can tell which “would you rather questions” will be a good conversation starter. Feel free to try the most suitable would you rather questions for you and your partner next time you’re on a date night or at any other preferable time.

Always remember to come back and tell us how it went with you and your partner, using the comment box below.

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