75 Sexy Goodnight Text Messages To Make Your Spouse Hot

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Goodnight texts are valuable in a relationship and it helps love grow and make the partners grow fond of each other.

Our sexy goodnight texts for him, will get his interest. Surprise him by sending a goodnight text, it would make him feel so proud and glad he has you. Men like to be complimented but they tend to hide it. When you send him goodnight messages he will smile over and over again. 

You love getting love texts from him right? So does he. He wants to also feel loved and cherished, he craves it but would not tell you. You have to do this to get him to love you more.

Possibilities are he will be thinking about you non-stop until you see each other again! He would always want you close to him, because your presence means the world to him.

Hot goodnight messages for my boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, and wife.

We have lots of options that you could choose from. These texts here are top-notch and would make him happy.

1. Goodnight Love of My Life, My love, and My all. Have a great night’s rest.

2. Goodnight to the man of my dreams, the most productive one, the one that triggers my heart, the most handsome. I love you so very much.

 3. My sweetheart, My love, and My king. I am so pleased to have you close to me. You are so so dear to my heart. I can’t wait to see you in the morning. Sleep Well baby.

4. As the day goes and the night comes so my love for you keeps growing. I love you to the moon and back love. Stay well.

5.  I Wish I could fall asleep in your arms.

6. Thinking of you as I am off to sleep.

7. I hope you have sweet dreams.

8. Can’t go to sleep without hearing your voice.

9. I wish this pillow I’m lying closely against was you.

10. I love you with all my heart, my king, Goodnight hun.

11. Sweet dreams to my sweetheart

12. sweet dreams, my love.

13. Wishing you the sweetest dreams and the best rest.

14. I look forward to seeing you in my dreams.

 15. In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would find 

someone like you. I’m so lucky.

16. Whenever I want to be with you but I can’t, all I have to do is dream about you.

17. You’re what I dream of every night.

18. You are the man/woman of my dreams, I can’t believe that this love is now a reality.

19. Wishing you pleasant dreams this evening.

20. I hope I make an appearance in your dreams tonight. Dream big, my love. 

21. My dreams came true, ever since you came into my life. Dream a little dream tonight.

22. For all the things I have dreamed about, the best, by far, is you.

23. May all your dreams come true because you love me and I love you.

24. Sleep well and dream happy dreams, my love.

25. Talk to you when the sun rises, my love.

26. I’m already looking forward to your good morning text.

27. You’re my favorite notification in the morning.

28. From sundown to sun up, you are always on my mind.

29. Sleep now. Play tomorrow. 

30. Rest your beautiful soul, as we’ll be connected again tomorrow.

31. Tonight you are my moonlight, tomorrow you’ll be my sunshine.

32. from sunrise to sunset there is none like you

33. When dawn comes, I’ll be thinking of you once again.

34. I’m counting down the days until we go to bed together and wake up together. 

35. All of the days and all of the nights are so wonderful with you by my side.

36. When darkness falls, you are my light.

37. Wrap your arms around me and I’ll give you what you want tonight. All I want is just to be with you forever. Good night!

38. Sweetheart when you turn off the lights, I see stars in my eyes. I am crazy about you baby. Good night!

39. I wish I were there to make the bed for you. I wish I could have you in my arms right now. I wish I could just sleep next to you. Goodnight dear!

40. Grab me so tight, try to feel the warmth of my love and you’ll be able to sleep peacefully every night. Good night my love!

41. My nights become sweeter when you are with me, sweetheart. I miss you a lot on this beautiful night. I hope you have a sound sleep tonight!

42. Near or far wherever you are, my love and caring will always be with you. Think of me tonight and forevermore. I love you.

43. You are the person whom I love with all my heart. You are my heart and light. Good night. I love you!.

44. I’ll trade my entire week just to spend this beautiful night with you. I’m missing you so much. Good night, sweetheart.

45. My days are full of you and my nights are full of your thoughts. I wish we hold our hands tonight. Good night my dear love!

46. Hello baby, thank you for being the best boyfriend in the world! I will fall for you over and over again. Good night love!

47. Wish I could see how beautiful you look when you sleep. Good night, love.

48. Thinking about you keeps me awake. Nights are so lonely without you. Good night, baby. Sleep well.

49. It’s hard to sleep alone at night. I wish I could hold you close to my breath right now. Good night, love. Have a peaceful sleep.

50. May your night be as beautiful as you made my day. Have a great night’s rest so your body functions the best for you tomorrow. Good night, sweetheart.

51. My cold bed and pillows miss your presence so much, baby. I cannot wait to meet you tomorrow morning! Sweet dreams to you!

52. You rocked the world with your grace today, honey. Now have a good sleep and dream of me! Good night my sweet love!

53. Darling, I hope you had a good and enjoyable day at work today. Wishing for you to have a great night. Good night baby, I love you!

54. Now that I have you in my life, every day is bright, sunny, and full of happiness! I love you; good night sweetheart!

55. Whenever I think about how I’m yours and you’re mine, I get the sweetest shivers down my spine. Good night.

56. Your hugs make me feel at peace, your cuddles make my worries cease, your kisses give me satisfaction. I love you.

57. I love you to the moon and beyond, I can’t take my mind off your sleep, tight love.

58.  On a cold night such as tonight, I want something big, warm, and fuzzy. Don’t get any strange ideas. I just want a big hug from you. Good night, love. 

59. I close my eyes and feel the warmth of your embrace, although we are many miles apart. I wish I could touch you tonight.

60. I’m standing here with the hope of seeing you tomorrow, I just want your hands to run over my hair and you kissing me and telling me you love me Good night, my dear. 

61. Every handsome guy deserves a kiss from a beautiful girl, so promise me you would always kiss me and that you would stand by me forever. Good night. 

62. Every time I say good night, it hurts me a little because it means that I won’t be able to talk to you. I miss you Goodnight. 

63. As the day turns to night and our conversation starts, the night goes by without us even understanding it. So, as the clock turns into hours that prepare for the sun’s arrival, is it appropriate to say good night when our conversations end in the morning?  I love you so much.

64. If I close my eyes tight enough, I can feel your gentle touch all over me. You make me feel alive. Good night baby and sleep tight.

65.  I live for your hugs and kisses. Take care, my love. Sleep well, my dear.

66.  I wish I could be with you tonight. Pleasant dreams, my love. Dream of me. You are brave and strong in so many ways, and I am so lucky to have you. Sleep tight, my warrior. 

67. When I’m feeling blue like tonight, I think of all the happy times we’ve shared. You have been so good to me and you have been the best thing that had ever happened to me .I can’t wait to see you tomorrow. Good night.

68.  I wish I could fall asleep in your arms.

69. Sweet dreams, babe/darling/sweetheart/my love.

70. Goodnight. Dream beautiful dreams. tonight.

71. Just texting to say I love you before bed.

72. Dream sweet, my love/darling/sweetheart.

73. I just wanted to text to say goodnight and that I’m thinking of you.

74. Goodnight, my love, parting is such sweet sorrow That I shall say goodnight till it is tomorrow.

75. Goodnight. I love you!.

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