10 Quick Tips To Attract A Girl Over Text

attract her over text

How do you attract a girl over text?

To attract means to draw someone or something together, with the intent to resist separation.

Texting is a form of communication. While it will be easier to for you to text your family and your friends. It’s a whole different ball game when you’re texting a girl you like. Now for this attraction to work you only have to go about it right for her to be strongly attracted to you.

10 Incredible texts to attract a girl over text

1. Keep it short

When I say keep it short, I don’t mean you should abbreviate your text. But keep your text short and straight to the point. I remember you intend to attract this beautiful girl not scare her away with your several texts.

Wait for her response before you spew those thoughts that have clouded your mind waiting to be written. Make those thoughts wait. Because when you don’t apply this, you’re going to have to end up overwhelming her and I need not tell you how that will end.

2. Funnybone.

It’s cliche to say that girls often fall for funny guys easily. But is that true?

Everyone likes to hear whatever gets their cheeks grinning. There are ways you can achieve that if you don’t naturally have a funny bone in you.

Send her memes:

I know of someone who said she’s strongly attracted to a guy, and when asked how that had happened so quickly because she had started talking to him not quite long. She replied that he often send her memes. 

Who would have thought that what had her chuckling, laughing out loud, and holding her stomach was a meme? We had thought he said something in a text, not knowing he had the funniest collection of awesome memes.


I like Gifs. I think it’s amusing when some respond to a text with it. The soundless video loops can serve as a reaction, action, and ridiculous response which represents your feeling or action.

Do you know there’s something called “flat jokes” Don’t do too much, this was the end of a beginning friendship with a certain boy I thought I liked? You don’t necessarily have to force yourself to be funny. You can still be a sweetheart, but please don’t just force it.

3. Text intelligently.

I certainly think it’s attractive when you send texts like an intelligent person. When I say that a single text you send says a lot about you trust me on that.

Check out these texts below.

“I wnt 2 c u dis wknd”

“K, Kmp”

“I know and IS” 

The correct text of a sane person

-I want to see you this weekend.

-Ok, keep me posted.

I know and I’m sorry”

That wasn’t so hard to write right? Weren’t those abbreviations just ridiculous and make you sound dumb? Now that the keyboards have made it easier for us, assisting in typing your words and completing it just mid-way into typing.

Most at times, people like this end up texting ones that prompt the receiver to ask, “what does this mean”.

Did that not irk you?

4. Timing.

It’s a new day, and we go on with our various daily activities and routines. To work, school, functions, music classes, dance class, maybe even out to spend some time with friends, name it all.

And when we are done with it all, we go home and retire to bed. Often even when we are too tired. We grab our phones and tap and scroll through Instagram pages, reply to a few texts, and then sleep comes knocking.

The evening is the best time to get fully engaged on one’s phone. This is the right time for you to drop that text and not have to wait till eternity to get a reply. Probably you’ve tested earlier and her response came off as busy or a one-word reply.

Texting in the evening has its benefits because here you can ask about her day and she will have something to say. And lucky for you, you may be the last person she interacted with before she slept off.

It can earn you a plus point in achieving your goal.

5. Text often.

Imagine haven gotten that beautiful girl’s number or you slide into her Dm and get a reply. Then you get so busy only to return a reply after two days.

Reverse the case now to where you send those texts and get a reply from her after two to three days. You will indeed lose interest and feel she doesn’t want to talk to you or maybe she doesn’t like you.

It’s important to try to maintain a steady conversation.

6. Find an interest of hers.

I will go ahead to brief in a little story of mine in this line.

I was talking to this really cute guy a few years back. I loved talking to him so much, that most times I text first.

Sadly our contact bridged which was partly my fault. Fast forward to earlier this year, he contacted me and I was so elated to speak with him again after so long.

We began texting, talking about the things we’ve both missed in each other’s life. Well, there was a little problem. 

It seemed like the connection was no longer there. I didn’t want to chat with him as I did in the past years.

Then one day he sent me an image with a pinned comment below it. We have always had this obsession with two celebrities. I won’t mention the names.

I love the female and him the male. It happened that these two dated in the past. And we were cool, not arguing about why mine is right to have done what she did and him why mine will never find another like his fav.

Which was a good idea though.

Now back to this faithful day, I complimented him on the picture he sent, that was before I saw the comment he pinned on it.

Someone had said ” He looked so much like his fav”

Which was outrageous to say, I frowned at him, and then he laughed and asked me if the comment was true. I was irritated and told him that if he looked anything like that man, I wouldn’t be talking to him. (Although this man isn’t bad looking except that I don’t like him anymore) Which he went ahead to say maybe they did look alike, which would be my reason to have disappeared on him for years. I hurriedly jumped to my defense and so the constant banter continued.

What I didn’t know was that he had set me up to interact with him. Extensively.

Because the harmless funny argument went from long texts to facetime. That was the longest I have ever spoken to him since we got back.

Moving forward.

7. Be playful.

Loosen up, mister. If you are going to text her sounding like her Dad, prepare to get ignored.

There are ways you can do that, it may be flirty, sending memes, getting into a playful conversation, or debate.

You: I will choose dogs to cats anytime. What about you?
She: Cats to the rescue

You: A Cat? Hell no! why would you even want a Cat? *insert crying emoji

Find a ridiculous image or a scene from a movie, then send it to her saying…

“This reminds of you”

“You are this character”

“I am Sam and you are Lily”

8. Choose an interesting topic.

I will advise you to come up with an interesting topic. The one you two would both enjoy talking about. Something unique, and not tiresome to converse on.

You can ask her what she thinks about the new Beyonce album and her favorite song in it.

And then try to switch from that to another. If you do it right she will be the first to text you because she enjoys your conversation.

9. Compliment her.

While I will advise you not to be overly flirty, I will advise that you flirt with her a little but not too much since too much is irritating

One of the ways to attract a woman through texting is to compliment her. Especially when needed. It could be a picture she posted and you had something nice to say about her hair or her dress.

Compliments like that put a smile on their faces, and they feel appreciated.

It can also be the girl from school and she had just presented a speech, throw in a little genuine compliment, it could be her smiles, her accent, or her confidence.

Just make sure you are being truthful and not lying through your teeth. Not that you’re meant to lie through anything.

10. Stay positive.

I had to slide this one into the last. None of the above-listed tips would work if you’re locked in a negative box.

Let me explain that. If you’re not In a good mood and you text her at that minute. Are you sending her texts like these?

“Today sucks, I had it terrible. I just want to talk to you, maybe I do feel better”

“Hey, what time did you get home last night?”

In the first text, he is coming out true to how he feels at the moment.

The second text is someone acting like nothing had happened but the tone of his text is dead.

For the first text, when he gets a reply. It’s definite that at the end, his mood will be able to shift to better. But then again it depends on the level of friendship or closeness you’ve created with this person.

For the second, his tone is dead like I said. He went ahead to text this girl acting like nothing had happened. It could turn worst because she wouldn’t know you were in a bad mood, and then make it awful by giving you a reply which you will find salty because at that minute you’re still locked in that bad mood box and can even misunderstand an innocent text.

So try to be in a positive mood before you try texting a girl. Remember the law of attraction suggests that positive thoughts bring positive results and negative thoughts bring negative outcomes

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