How To Get A Guy To Love You Over Text: 10 Texting Tips To Get Any Guy Of Your Choice

how to get a guy over text

After publishing a post on what every man wants in a woman, we’ve also received several emails from women who want to know how to get a guy to fall in love with you over text. Search no further, this post is specially baked for you with the necessary tips to make him think about you all day long after reading your text. Sure, you will also get incredibly amazing replies from him so you don’t get worried about him not replying to your text messages.

Falling for a guy is one thing, the other thing is getting him interested and attracted to you simply by texting a few lines of text. Honestly, what to text a guy to make him want you is a thing every girl who wants to attract a man should learn the right way without coming off as creepy.

Long gone are the days where only calling is the bedrock of a relationship.
Now texting or chatting is becoming the fast trending means of communication especially among teens.

Whether you’re looking for sweet text messages to make him fall in love with you, or the perfect messages that will make a guy obsessed with you over text, we’ve got your back with the most reliable tips on the type of text guys love to receive that will make him fall in love and chase you simply with a few line of text.

10 Texting Tips To Get Any Guy Of Your Choice

1. Don’t just say “Hi” to him

I don’t understand the HI!!! Greetings among crushes, there are 101 creative and attractive ways of knowing if he wants to chat or text.

They include;

Hi, handsome how is your morning going?

Hey, cutie how was your night?

Here, these questions are attractive questions that get a reply even when he does not want to chat. Saying just “hi” to him every time will bring boredom and neglect to your message hence making him less attracted to you.

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2. Have boundaries while texting is involved.

While texting to attract a guy, it is important to avoid over texting because in building relationships it gives a sense of attachment. Healthy texting habits help in building self-respect and worth in the relationship because men avoid and hate ladies who are needy and clingy.

They love their privacy, with your constant texting they’re more likely to feel less attracted to you.

If by chance you find yourself in this group of people, then, it’s time to reduce the way you text him, if a bond has developed out of that friendship, get something done to engage your time.

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3. Have a life outside him even as you text

There is no better way to make a guy fall madly in love with you over text than being independent and sociable. Show him that you have a life outside sitting on your cell phone texting him. Consider him a second option to what your day is all about.

Honestly, not bombarding him with text messages will make him long for your attention especially when you are not so fast to reply to his text. It is great for the yearning and desire that will be built unintentionally until he becomes addicted to your presence, hence pulling the rope of attraction to you is more than he can or want to admit.

4. Be mysterious about your day to day details

Yeah, you heard me, nothing sparks the interest and attention of a guy like when he knows that you are giving him a seasoned detail of activity. It makes him want to know more, thereby lengthening the conversion.

Another reason why you need to be mysterious is that in the moment of curiosity he tends to become the one calling and texting more because he wants to know the juicy detail of everything and once he gets them he loses interest. So, keep him interested by keeping some secret, there are hunters, be wise, until his attention is fully on you.

5. Complain less especially when chatting with him

There is nothing that guys hate more than a complaining lady, they feel that she can’t hold her ground. If something is upsetting you try to trash it out before chatting with or if possible do not bring it up while discussing it with him.

It’s fine to take or talk out your anger but when he is busy or having a bad day can surely tell you that he wouldn’t want to be stuck in your drama.

To make him fall in love with you, he should be able to know through chat and messages that you are a strong woman that can hold her front and still not complain. This will make him fall madly in love because you gave him reasons to.

6. Be free and fun to be with

There are a lot of ladies that are so uptight that they forget that they are involved with some other person. Every man likes a woman with humor, it always gives him this sense of freedom and happiness.

In simple words, laughter and fun make the heart grow fond of the other, this helps build intimacy.

Every man feels much emotion and would want to narrow it down to the feeling of being happy. Therefore to make him fall in love with you make him happy through your text. Simply be the reason for his smile, nothing makes a guy want you than this.

7. Be romantic and sweet in your text

Guys would always want to learn from you how romantic you want them to be, and when you show him that side he can be able to reciprocate depending on the angle you are coming from. Most women are afraid to show interest, no guy wants to be with a boring and uninteresting lady, the answer is always none. Being sweet and romantic is rewarding, be that woman that he can be madly in love with.s

8. Be visualizing with your text.

Men are by nature visual beings therefore as you chat drop hints that will declare your intention and get him imagining things. Be diplomatic on how you drop it to keep him coming back for more. With this text, it can make him smile for an hour over you.

9. Be politely seductive with your text.

There are so many ways to give a green light to a prospective lover, be flirty and polite as you don’t have to be too involved in the text. Being flirty is how you keep him yearning over you because you have embedded yourself in his mind through texting.

10. Appreciate him as you can through texting.

Men are lovers of respect they want to be appreciated over everything, you get him chasing after due to how often you appreciate him. Every man feels respect starved and once you feed him of that, it makes him love you through text messages and calls.

Honestly, there is nothing that can stop a guy from loving you especially when you’ve followed these tips and able to make him fall for you through text messages. Nothing works better than knowing the right words to say to him to keep him yearning for you. So you have all you need to get him.

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