How to Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You

How to Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You now

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Making our boyfriends start thinking about us more often is what every woman will ever want and will love to experience in dating or relationships.

When a woman is in love with a guy, she’ll do anything to make the man of her dream be obsessed with her as well.

She is willing to change her character, personality, manners, and even her appearance just to attract, keep and make her man have the thoughts of her always in his mind.

If your boyfriend truly loves you, and deeply cares about you, it will be easier for you to make him get overly obsessed with you.

Do you want to make your boyfriend start thinking about you right often?

Well, we all want to always answer that question with a big yes!

But, only a few of us know the right ways to go about it.

Yet how could I possibly make him obsessed with me? You asked.

Well, it’s so simple and easy to do.

If you’re still in doubt, about how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, then you need to read along with us to learn more.

There are few natural means to make your guy’s wandering mind often be about you even during his busiest or preoccupied times.

In this enlightening article, we’re going to show you the amazing tips on how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you.

Let’s get started, but first of all, let’s see if it’s possible to do that.

Is it possible to make a boyfriend obsessed?

Yes, making a guy or boyfriend get so obsessed with you to the extent that he’ll never have your thoughts on his mind even when he’s busy is possible and easy to do when you refer to the right tips.

Of course, making your guy get obsessed with you, are quite essential as it will strengthen your relationship with him.

So don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. 

Below is the list of what you should do if you want to make your guy have the thoughts you always have.

14 amazing top tips to make your boyfriend obsessed with you.

Just read along.

1. Value yourself first.
2. Appreciate and praise him.
3. Always dress in your best outfit.
4. Be fun while together with him.
5. Sending some sweet texts helps.
6. Recognize him as your hero.
7. Do unexpected things to make him wonder.
8. Wear nice perfume often.
9. Treat him with respect and love.
10. Flirt with him – make intense eye contact with him.
11. Don’t be too dependent on him.
12. Show a kind and soft nature.
13. Help him and be loyal. 
14. Allow things to progress naturally.

1. Value yourself first.

Make your boyfriend obsessed with you by having a value for yourself first.

Men value and think so much more about a woman that also places much dignity on herself than on a woman who doesn’t value herself.

So, you see, if you everly want to make your man be obsessed with you, you need to work on your self-worth and boost your self-esteem first, for him to be able to reciprocate to you positively.

2. Appreciate and praise him.

There is nothing that gives men joy and keeps them obsessed with you than knowing that his girl always appreciated him even for the little things he does for her.

Making this a routine to always praise and appreciate every effort your boyfriend makes in your relationship, will help to send signals to his brain, and keep him thinking about you all day even in his busy moments.

3. Always dress in your best outfit.

Men like it when their women dress and look presentable to both their friends and family members.

Looking nice or putting on a nice outfit always will not only make your guy obsessed with you, but he’ll always make a way to be around you more often than you expect.

However, if you yearn to make your guy obsessed with you, then work on your outfit as soon as possible.

Don’t let your dressing make you look too old when you’re still a young lady, and as well dress decently.

4. Be fun while together with him.

Being overly serious when around your boyfriend can scare him away and may make him think of ending the relationship with you.

How then do you make him feel relaxed or have your thoughts be clouding his memory in your relationship?

Well, that’s quite simple to do.

All you should do is be lively, act friendly, and be fun to be with each time you both are together.

Make him go crazy in love when around you by having a likable mood.

Men love women who are fun and sociable.

Be someone that your boyfriend can be comfortable with, Initiate or start fun conversations to keep him engaged with you.

This will make him continue thinking about you even when you have gone out of his presence. 

5. Sending some sweet texts helps.

If you want to make your boyfriend be obsessed with you, learn to make his heart melt with some sweet and romantic texts each day.

How do you succeed with that?

Well, this is what you should do, maybe in the morning or before bedtime send your guy fun and exciting messages like the one below:

  • ” I feel so lucky that I have you in my life”.
  • ” Being with you all day, gives me lots of joy and awoke the butterflies In my belly, wish to be special for you forever”. 
  • “Can you explain to me how you succeed in making me smile all day even when you’re not here?”

With this kind of sweet text or calling with a romantic tone before he goes to work each day, he’ll keep thinking about you for rest of the day.

6. Recognize him as your hero.

Men don’t like it or may see it as a challenge when the woman they love doesn’t see them as a valuable asset.

You shouldn’t let your boyfriend see you happily flirting with other men that come around you, it makes them insecure about whether you’re going to stay with them or leave them as time goes on.

Hence, show love and care to someone that you truly love and let him know that he’s your hero.

Don’t just treat your boyfriend like he’s nothing or isn’t recognized by you in your relationship.

Making your guy feel like he’s not important or not needed in your life can make him have false hope about you as well as break his mind whenever he thinks about you.

Therefore, to avoid this and make him be obsessed with you, treat him always like the king he’s and make him understand his first position in your life.

7. Do unexpected things to make him wonder.

It’s no secret that men love ladies who do surprising things.

Keeping a man suspicious of you will make him want to move closer to know more about this person which makes them curious.

You have to be open in your relationship with him to an extent, but then, you must indeed keep some things in your life to yourself to avoid him knowing everything about you even when he’s yet to be trusted.

So, make unexpected things that will keep him thinking about you, and hence, he will try to know more about you,

And do you know the best part of doing this?

Doing this will not only make your boyfriend obsessed with you but can also be used to attract him completely to yourself. 

8. Wear nice perfume often.

If you truly want to make your boyfriend go crazy to think about you more often, then you should be able to entice his entire memory and sense of reasoning with the nice smell of your perfume each time you both are together.

For that reason, after being with you, even when you’re away from him, the nice scent of your perfume will get registered in his brain to the extent of recognizing the smell elsewhere.

This will make him continue having your thoughts in his memory, and he will be sure of choosing you and won’t try to chase other women.

9. Treat him with respect and love.

To make your boyfriend obsessed with you, learn to be respectful and show him love too.

Giving your guy respect will make him go crazy in love with you and this can make him have you registered in his heart, especially if he is fond of you.

All men love it when their women show them care, pamper and respect them too, It makes them feel good as well.

However, if you crave to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, similarly respect him and shower him with lots of love even if it’s only for a short moment, He’ll never forget each time you spend with him.

10. Flirt with him – make intense eye contact with him.

Men will become more downcast to reach out to a lady who doesn’t appear to be friendly with them.

We all understand that men mostly like the game of chasing the girls they like, but then, some of them feel dejected by the time you don’t flirt back with them.

When your boyfriend seems to want to spend some time with you more often, try to let him, and even make some intense eye contact while with him to keep him feeling comfortable.

Don’t be too serious all the time or play hard to keep because this might hurt his feelings.

Therefore to be on the safer side, give him the impression of wanting the chance of building a lasting relationship with you.

11. Don’t be too dependent on him.

Know that a woman who is independent and has confidence in herself is always desirable and attractive to so many men out there.

When a man notices that you as a woman are the best version of yourself and that you can be able to do anything without depending on him, he will realize how important you’re and will never exchange you for anyone.

In addition, no man will ever get the thought of an independent and confident woman who believes in her ability out of his mind so easily.

Nonetheless, you can make your boyfriend obsessed with you once you’re confident with yourself.

12. Show a kind and soft nature.

Everyone has their distinct nature. That’s what makes us all different from each other.

Men are also interested in women who have and show off their kind and soft qualities, even though you may sometimes have your flaws, try to show him how gentle and vulnerable you can be often.

This will make him have a soft spot for you in his heart as well as make your importance to be unforgettable to him no matter how long you may be away from his presence.

13. Help him and be loyal. 

If you’re the kind of woman who can not help her guy or still be loyal to him, then it’s time to let that attitude go.

There is no way to let your thoughts into his life if you’re not willing to support him in any little way you can.

Men value this, and will always think of a woman who possesses this kind of trait.

Thus, think to be supportive of your boyfriend, and with that, he’ll be more excited to have you, and it will also make him focus on nothing else but you.

14. Allow things to progress naturally.

You have already created strong integrity in your boyfriend’s life by being that long in the relationship with him, now to make him obsessed with you.

Make sure your morality and precepts are not easily shaken up by little things.

Allow things to go naturally in your relationship with him – and by the time your boyfriend noticed that you don’t force yourself into his life, he’ll come running to you.

More tips to make your boyfriend obsessed the more with you.

To make your guy have you in his mind more often, then do these:

  • Be honest and open with him: Trust yourself to reveal the real you so that your boyfriend will like the real you and would ever think about this your unique virtues all day. Don’t be fake, instead be authentic.
  • Send him cute and crazy emotional stories to read in the early hours of the morning.
  • Be ready to seduce your boyfriend with lots of smiles on your face often if you want to make him obsessed with you.
  • Support and discuss his favorite things, like his sports clubs, though this is only if he’s a lover of sports. In short, to get yourself fixed on your boyfriend’s heart for a long time, join his sports club, watch football together and discuss it with him, believe me, he’ll surely enjoy this moment with you, and can yet make you be an endless remembrance in his heart forever.

Advice: Be lovable, forgiving, and be willing to render apologies to your guy when you’d offended him, though don’t overdo anything to avoid appearing too desperate to him, and then watch him need more of you in his mind.

Final words.

There are a lot of things that you can do to make any man you want keep thinking only but you alone in his mind all day.

Having read some of the ways how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, hopefully, you’re able to grab and have learned lots of tips to assist keep you fixed in your guy’s thoughts, now go and take satisfaction in your boyfriend’s heart the more.



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