20 Unique Tips on How To Date Someone With Depression

Unique Tips on How To Date Someone With Depression

Unique Tips on How To Date Someone With Depression – The feeling of depression sucks the life of someone who finds him or herself in this kind of situation.

If you are depressed or you are currently dating someone who is suffering from depression, then consider yourself lucky to have come across this amazing article.

Here, we are going to tell you what depression is, symptoms to identify if you are dating someone with depression, and then tips on how to date someone with depression without any arising issues.

Let’s get started but first of all, let’s see what depression is all about.

What is depression?

According to a therapist, a person with depression feels hopeless, has low self-esteem, or shows signs of social isolation, which can make you feel like you did something wrong to him or her when in the right sense, you did not. 

Dating someone with depression can be frustrating and confusing sometimes, the fact is that, the person involved will likely experience lots of mood swings often.

He or she may stop to engage in the things that interest them before thereby making you and people around them keep wondering what is going on in their lives.

Hence if you didn’t keep an open eye you may never understand why they act the way they do.

So we are going to list out some of the signs and symptoms you will notice in your partner and know that you’re dating someone with depression.

10  top symptoms of depression

Although there are tons of symptoms of depression, in this article, we are going to list 10 top indications.

Here they are:

  1. Feeling hard to reach.
  2. Feeling hopeless.
  3. Disassociation.
  4. Lack of sleep.
  5. Overthinking and worrying.
  6. Self-blame.
  7. Anger.
  8. Forgetting things easily.
  9. Fear.
  10. Thinking about death.

When you understand that depression builds walls around people and between people and if someone you love has been taken inside those walls, you will know there can be a distance between you both that feels relentless. You miss them, whilst they’re right there beside you, except that they’re kind of not. Not in the way you crave it to be at first.

However, this can frustrate your relationship with the person if care is not taken.

Hence, you have to know what to do in a situation like this to help them through the demeaning hard times they are passing through by following the guidelines summarized below.

20 unique tips on how to date someone with depression.

Here are tips to follow:

1. Learn about depression.

Normally, depression sucks. When depression comes life starts to look difficult and hurt.

Understand that this is not the time to avoid your partner when you see his or her conditions, this is the right time to show them how much you care about them.

All you have to do is make sure you learn about what they are passing through and then know how to show care and support.

2. Associate with them often.

As earlier stated, one of the symptoms of depression is disassociated.

So when you had noticed that your partner no longer enjoys those moments you both spend together, or he or she is trying to avoid you.

Then, don’t get upset with them. Now, you should be able to keep in touch more often than not, and by so doing, it will help them to speak and feel important once again.

3. Make them trust you and speak up.

Some depressed persons don’t speak up their minds. They think everyone is against or may not believe what they have in mind, hence keeping it all to themselves.

So, to help such a partner out, you need to make them trust in you, by knowing you are on their side, it will enable them to speak up to you in time about how he or she feels.

And by so doing, you are closer to managing and solving the changes you will encounter in the long run.

4. Don’t take it personally.

When your depressed partner has taken the bold step to explain how they feel, don’t play a blame game or take it personally by acting or distancing yourself from them.

Understand that life does happen to someone. Right now, they need your words of encouragement to be strong.

5. Advice them positively.

You can help your depressed partner get on his or her feet back by spending quality time with them.

Now, your discussions with them should be centered on words that will help to revive their souls.

Here are some of the advice you could give someone with depression:

  • Make sure they avoid overthinking and worrying about every little thing.
  • They should learn to stop being too emotional about everything.
  • If possible, allow them to shade their tears out, crying will help restore their emotional balance.
  • Motivating your depressed partner to educate themselves on short-term leave and policies their employer may give is a good idea. If they can take a leave from work. You can assist your partner to be active in his or her therapy. He or she should read books, and stick to routines to maximize their leave.
  • Make your partner feel hopeful and strong once again by letting them know that life circumstances do happen to every individual, etc.

6. Learn to control your thoughts.

If you are depressed or you’re dating someone with depression, you need to find out a good way to control what comes to your mind because everything starts from your mindset.

A depressed person often gets super scared and some days have anxiety due to what he or she has accumulated In his inner mind.

Hence, taking control of the thoughts you allowed in your inner mind could help you fight depression in time before it gets worsen.

7. Be understanding.

One of the things to know about a person suffering from depression is that they will start to avoid everyone.

Of course, it can be confusing when someone who has been interested in lots of things just in a twinkle of an eye starts behaving strangely to you to the extent they might even forget you both have a date to hang out.

However, this is not the time to misunderstand them or push them out of your life. You should fit yourself in their shoes. Don’t leave them, you have to be there for them till they can pull through this ugly situation unless they asked for space then you can give them some time to fix themselves, though you have to be so close to them like a true lover.

8. Meet a psychologist.

When you have tried all your best to put things through with your depressed partner and it seems things are not working out the way they should be, then you have to involve a third party who could help talk things out between the both of you.

Even if your partner rejects the idea, don’t make it looks as if you are forcing them, just discuss with him or her needs for meeting and discussing the issues with a psychologist, and they will understand.

9. Advise them to go for treatment.

If you are dating someone with depression know when they need some treatment as feeling less concerned about your health can lead to order serious cases like thinking about committing suicide.

When you notice more complicated issues with him or her endeavor to recommend them for treatment and encourage them to take their medication seriously.

Try not to feel downcast if your depressed partner doesn’t immediately take an interest in your suggestions for treatment. He or she might just need a little time to evaluate things before making a decision. So grant them more time.

10. Pray to God.

Since there is God to pray to, I think there’s also an ear to listen to and then grant your wishes.

Know that there is no situation the Lord can’t handle – if you leave your problems in His care.

So, learn to pray, communicate and hand over your situations to God, believing and trusting that He has you and knows you by your name. He can do all things when you believe and put all your trust in him.

More tips to follow or things to avoid if you are dating someone with depression.

11. Avoid taking things too personally.

If you are dating someone with depression mind your actions when you’re with them.

Support them do whatever exercise, medical at-home treatments, or other self-care practices.

Nonetheless, make sure these things are still your partner’s duty to do. Both of you will feel good if you are supporting or working it out as a team, and not acting like you’re their parent or taking everything too personally. As you might be misunderstood If care Is not taken.

12. Maintain a good boundary.

When dating someone with depression, one of the most crucial things that you can do if you’re with a partner who struggles with depression is to have a healthy boundary with what is not yours to fix or handle. That’s to say, your partner’s depression is not directly yours to cure. Of course, you need to be of help, but still, you have to maintain some boundaries to avoid dangering your health.

However, you need to stay healthy and mentally well in all courses.

13. Only advice when you are permitted to.

If you’re dating someone struggling with depression don’t come and start sounding too authoritative to them.

if they decide to take a break from social events, disassociate from social groups, or don’t feel like going out one evening, don’t force them to.

Try to figure out what makes them happy and also what changes their mood at all times and then try fixing things from your findings.

Allow them to do things whenever they can or feel like it, but don’t predict them to always be full of energy and confidence.

14. Be patient and positive.

Mind the words you used when communicating with a depressed partner.

And remember not to force things or words out of their mouths.

Hence, learn to give a listening ear first before you start advising them on what to do or what ought not to do.

15. Don’t shout at them, rather be friends with them.

When dating someone who is either struggling or has been just diagnosed with depression, the need for patience and support is vital. Understand the full meaning of what your partner is dealing with.

16. Know how they feel.

This can be a diagnosis on its own. As you know, there is also still guilt connected with mental health, and the individual may suffer from the societal impacts of that guilt, and there is the trait of how the person thinks of those societal experiences.

Hence, there’s a need to monitor how they feel at any given moment to avoid more issues arising.

17. Encourage them.

As you can see, a lot is going on with your depressed partner. That being said, your assistance and encouragement can be a lifeline and support if you are dating someone suffering from depression.

18. Don’t judge them based on their physical appearance.

Depressed people hide things a lot, hence there is a need to stay close to them all the time.

Don’t mind what they portray outside, go deeper to know what they might be passing through.

Never allow your depressed partner to be alone for a very long time, this can make him or her start thinking about death.

19. Don’t blame them or cast them out.

Don’t blame their actions when they start acting strangely to you, all you should do is to be a motivation to them.

20. Take care of yourself too.

When dating someone with depression self-care becomes one of the most important to the success of the relationship.

As you know, dealing with someone with depression can be draining, therefore, it is essential to balance with activities that recharge both of you.

Final words.

Understand that no one is alone in the moment of pain, sadness, or torture. We all have a share of this moment when it seems like all hope is gone. 

If you are depressed or dating someone with depression know that there is no point pretending like everything is OK when it isn’t. You don’t always have to pretend to be strong, and there’s no need to constantly prove that everything is going well. 

However, you shouldn’t be concerned with what other people are thinking either – cry if you need to – it’s healthy to shed your tears. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be able to smile again. 
The worst pain is holding it all in, and suffering in silence.

Therefore, learn to feel free and strong to speak up in the face of challenges, stay hopeful and motivational at all times, and by so doing, depression with be a thing of the past.

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