How do you define love? Several persons who are so curious to learn what is the best definition of love will find this post helpful.

The concept of love has existed for centuries and almost everyone seems to have a basic understanding of what love is, ranging from the traditional teachings from parents, guidiance and the clergies.

But today we shall take a look at the deep meaning of love by buttressing into underlying facts. The different aspects of love and life including what is love in a relationship, religion and so on.

Honestly, you are not the only one who has asked to know what is love or received the I LOVE YOU text messages or chat. Several other persons have gone through this too or even experiencing it right now.

But the case has been to find out what is the true definition of love and how to determine when someone shows you love or learn how to show love to other people you are dealing with or likely to come in contact with as life goes on.

Whether you believe in falling in love at first sight or trying to find out the difference between love and lust, this is the most updated guide you need for the complete understanding of what love is all about.

The meaning of love:

Everybody hear or talk about love but it is only a few that embraces it. Because we are different and with variations in thoughts, love has taken different shapes and meaning.

Trying to get the actual meaning of love or the best definition of love, became a complex task because of the reasons above.

Love is the combination of characters, emotions, trust, belief and understanding with a strong bond, tolerance and respect for the other person.

Love involves finding your own happiness in the other person(s) when you understand others and derive joy from what they do, it will be right to say that you love such type of people.

When someone prioritises your needs or wants above every other thing, that’s also called love. Love is also when a father or anyone else, work day in day out to put a smile on his family’s faces.

The definition of love by different authors

As earlier said, the actual definition of love is hard to get, since there are variations in views, people have their various ways of defining love.

Let’s take a look at the meaning of love on Urban dictionary according to different authors and other relevant sources.

Love is a constant source of pleasure and pain. But we can’t predict which it will be from one moment ot the next. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossibble to live without.

Sayshainar – Urban Dictionary

Love is when all your concern is about their happiness, safety, and health. If they’re absent for a few minutes you miss and long for them to be beside you. You feel happy with their presence and their smile melts you.

Omgggitsnick – Urban Dictionary

Love is a word used by many , but understood by few.

Reback – Urban Dictionary

Making yourself vulnerable to someone, while fully knowing that they may betray you.

Sooz the great – Urban Dictionary

When their happiness is important to you, and you behave in a kind and caring manner towards them.

Collins Dictionary

All the above, are the real definition of love, in summary, we can deduce that the deep meaning of love is in connection to how great and happy we make others around us feel.

Probably with or without expecting something in return. This necessary do not have to involve intimacy.

Religions’ perception of love

Now let’s take a look at some of the religious approaches to what is love. There are several other religious meanings of love but we’re going to centre our focus on a majority of the popular religions in the world and what they have to say about love.

What is love in Christianity?

Christians believe that the purest definition of love is in the believe that “God is love” as clearly stated in John 3:16 on how God out of love sent his only son for the redemption of mankind.

In the same manner “The meaning of love in the Bible”, Christians are expected to love others just as God loves them.

Out of the several other Greek words for love, the New Testament states the following types of love:

  • Agape love: This is considered as the way God loves humanity, it means unconditional love, it is selfless and altruistic.
  • Philia: The “brotherly love” love for something that’s delightful.

Other types of love in the Bible that could be seen in the old testament are the; Eros, and Storge.

The meaning of love in Islam?

Let’s consider the Ahmadiyya’s view about love. Ahmadi Muslims believe that love is natural and a gift sent from God, just as the Qur’an is an apparatus for the teaching of love and it was sent by God.

What is love in the Jewish religion?

In Hebrew, this is considered as both the love for God and the love for family. It is most times referred to as steadfast love.

The meaning of love in Indian’s religions?

We know Indians for the following popular religion types:
Love in Buddhism takes the following shapes and meaning:

  • Kama – selfish love
  • Karuṇā – reducing the suffering of others, that’s being compassionate.
  • Advera and mettā – charitable love, giving without selfish interest.

Definition of love in Hindu?

kāma is the third end in life according to many Hindu schools and this means PLEASURABLE love.

This is actually otherwise of prem. Prem means elevated love, Hinduism also preaches love without expecting something in return.

To learn more about what is love in Abrahamic religion, and polytheist religions, see Wikipedia for religious views on love.

Types of love and their meaning

Let’s take a look at these 8 types of Greek words for love. The four types of love in the bible is also derived from the following Greek words.

Types of love Meaning
ErosSexual or passionate type of love.
PhiliaFriendly/brotherly love
StorgeInstinctual love, love of a parent to its offspring
AgapeUniversal love, love for strange, love for God or from God to humanity
LudusPlayful love
PragmaLove in favour of compatibilities, personal qualities, share interest or goals.
PhilautiaSelf-love – could be a healthy or unhealthy type of love
ManiaObsessive love, showing obsessiveness or madness over a partner.

Love vs Lust

The popular saying that love is blind, rings true for lust too. Most times we find it easier to detect for our friends whether their feeling for someone is lust or love but when it comes to ourselves, we happen not to see things clearly. That’s when we begin to ask “does he lust or love me?

Which is better, love or lust? Due to uncertainties and insecurities several persons sort to ask different questions to know if their significant other lust or loves them.

Although lust can grow into love, some refer to it as the first stage of love, but that’s not often the case.

Just as you can’t stop thinking about people you love, so does lust, but how then do you diff between love and lust? When you see yourself thinking a lot of daydreaming about someone’s physical features, then the relationship has lust feelings.

No matter what reasons that lead to lust feelings or mistaking love for lust, the truth is that love is emotional and stronger than lust. Love is not lust, love is selfless, lust is selfish, lust doesn’t last.

In light of the above, you will be able to know if someone loves or lusts you. Lust is not good in a relationship.

Any relationship built on lust fades quickly. If you become attracted to someone because of the shape of the nose, and if by tomorrow there’s an alteration, surgical alteration due to accident, and you’re beginning to dislike the person, it is obvious you never loved them it was lust in disguise.


After our engagements with people indifferent forums, question and answer platform, and a billion Google searches, we’re able to come up with the following frequently asked questions about what is love?

What is love in one word?

Can you define “love” in one word? Love is difficult to define in a word. It is vast, most people have their own way of defining love in one word.

We have analysed 1000+ answers attempting to explain love in one word and here’s what we have got below:

12 Ways to define love in one word are:

  • Reliability
  • Love is love
  • Priority
  • Love is understanding
  • Happiness
  • Love is bond
  • Family
  • Love is bond
  • Devotion
  • Love is unconditional
  • God
  • Love is blind
  • Affection

Despite several answers trying to prove the meaning of love in one word, some are with the opinion that to define love in one word, love is love for it is from it that other things you could think of such as; to adore, care, trust and happiness can be derived.

However, Some people totally agree that the one-word definition of love is UNDERSTANDING, that when you understand and respect people’s views about life you will love and know how to take care of them.

Is jealousy a sign of love?

Jealousy arises when there are insecurities, it is multi-dimensional emotion, housing anxiety and anger.

Jealousy should not be mistaken for love, it is a negative type of emotion often triggered by insecurity and desire, love does not bring out insecurity.

How to know if he truly loves you

Are you planning to start up a new relationship or already in one but not sure if your partner truly loves you?

It is normal to ask questions trying to find out the meaning of love in a relationship. Here’s a detailed guide that will help you find out if he truly loves you more than a friend so you won’t exceed your limits.

What is the difference between loving someone and falling in love?

People who ask whether love is a choice should at this point figure out that being in love is not a choice, loving someone is a choice.

You can decide to see the best qualities in people, appreciate them for who they’re and be a supportive partner to them.

But being in love is not a matter of choice, it can happen to anyone, to you and without consent. Loving someone is a rush, being in love is a constant or steady flow of emotions it is not temporal it is forever being in love.

What makes love last?

We have seen people fall in love and out of love since we were on the search to the true meaning of love we came across the question seeking solutions to make love last.

According to an American psychological researcher and clinician, John Gottman in his book “What makes love last?” he anchored the elements on TRUST and INTIMACY.

Funny meanings of love

While drafting this post, we did come across some funny comments about love on the Youtube video titled “what is love” by Thoughty2 which we will share in this section:

  • L = losing
  • O = our
  • V = virginity
  • E = easily
  • Baby don’t hurt me
  • Don’t hurt me
  • No more – this was a repeating type of comment we saw in different love forums, curled from What is Love Haddaway lyrics and used in a funny way buy people who are scared about love for they see love as making someone vulnerable.

The first time my mother told my dad she loves him, he said thanks… 🙂


Everyone talks about love but can you define love? At this very point, we sincerely believe you now have a piece of solid background knowledge about the actual meaning of love and its dependencies.

Truly, love is not a word, it is a meaning, love is dreaming out loud, love is something that is not perfect, it just needs to be true.

What type of love do you practice or like, and what is love in your own words? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below.