If you’re my type that love foreign men, you will find this post helpful.

Over the years, I have had my fair share interacting with men in my locale. But I was wondering what it means to have a foreign boyfriend.

It has been one of the relationship experiences I always wished to have. I was so desperate to have a boyfriend then. We were on a holiday, and my parents don’t allow us to go around meeting friends.

I and my sisters could play around with the cat and watch funny cat videos to kill boredom. But I needed to at least get a white boyfriend online, someone I can always engage in effective communication with and build a long-lasting relationship online together that we could meet physically one day.

How worried I was, led me to ask questions such as “how can I get a boyfriend fast?” Although I’m in the US, sometimes I’m pushed to ask a country-specific question like “how can find an American boyfriend online?” I was just pretty interested in how to make boyfriend online.

After receiving 100+ recommendations from friends, and in online dating forums only a few of the methods worked for me. I will share the working/best ways to get a foreigner boy as a boyfriend.

Whether you’re shy talking to guys or you’re been doubtful getting a foreign boyfriend isn’t easy. Worry no more, you will learn how to have one without stress.

This is not a time killer guide such as; how to get a boyfriend in 3 weeks.

Foreign guys are cute. You must have heard a lot of people say that dating a foreign guy is cool, it exposes you to different cultures of the world.

Without hesitation, let’s dive in for the business of the day.

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How to get a foreign boyfriend fast

1. Join a dating site

how to get a foreign boyfriend online

Looking for a foreign boyfriend is easier online. With the internet connecting different people from different parts of the world, you can get a boyfriend without leaving your motherland.

Take advantage of the lovely features a dating site or social media platform has, and get yourself a white guy quickly.

Join a free dating site, this shouldn’t cost you money, its free. You can only pay when you need more advanced dating features on the website.

This is not rocket science, everyone can find a partner online. All you need to have is a smartphone or a personal computer with internet access. Then signup with a dating site where your potential foreign lover might be.

If you’re interested in getting a white guy online, make sure you at least understand their language and culture. This works for everyone, you don’t have to be proficient but it will be an added advantage. Even a Chinese girl can find a foreigner boyfriend if she understands his language or uses a translation tool for this.

Tools that will help you:

  • Learn their language – You can pay for the services of a language instructor.
  • Practice the language – Make out time to answer quizzes in their language and visit the website to see if you can find your way about.
  • Use Google translator – If you cannot afford the services of a foreign language instructor, you can make use of Google translator it is the best free translators available with a majority of all of the world’s popular languages available.

However, using text translators will affect your communication when your potential foreigner boyfriend would want to speak with you over a call voice or video call.

That’s why your ability to understand and speak their language will always be the best option so you can read, understand and write the foreign language.

2. Join Social media platform

get foreign boyfriend on social media

There are many social media platforms to join, ranging from the most popular ones to the less popular platforms.

Facebook dating, Instagram and Twitter is a very good place to start. While Looking for a guy in another country and for security purposes, you’re advised to send a friend/follow requests to only people you may know and be affable of things you share with them. If you’re searching for how to get a foreign boyfriend on Instagram, do not try to game the system.

Adding someone who’s not from the same country with you can sometimes lead to issues. The best way to get a foreign boyfriend is to join a group chat online.

You can join a Facebook group chat where such foreigners are, and begin to participate actively. Do not disobey the group’s rules and regulations.

Start by giving a simple introduction about yourself, this shows you’re new to the group and wants to make friends. A number of foreigners will want to help tell you how the group works through comments or directly to your inbox this is actually a good start we bet you don’t know!

3. Travel abroad

finding a foreign boyfriend abroad

How can I find a boyfriend in another country? This was actually one among the questions we received that triggered this post.

Would you travel abroad in search of a foreign boyfriend? To some people, this sounds weird, but to me, it happens and it is normal to travel in search of your soulmate.

Like it has always been the intention of some ladies to get an American boyfriend, they hopefully believe that getting one could someday lead to marriage. Or maybe they’re curious about what does it feel like to have a foreign boyfriend?

You can meet your foreign boyfriend in high school or on your trip to a holiday in a foreign country. You mustn’t leave your country in search of a boyfriend, you can do so alongside other normal or major activities you may have that is more likely to lead you to a foreign country.

4. Start online business

how to get a foreign boyfriend shopping

You can move your skills or business online. Whether you’re into bead making, footwear, or you’re good at making recipes or writing content, graphic design and a lot more… You can create your own blog and put a nice photo of you on your online store, maybe in the about section.

Start by adding your useful content and share them online, on a good number of social media platform. Don’t be surprised when you see a lot of foreign guys wanting to be your boyfriend. This works like the all-time best relationship charm

General rules on how to find a foreign boyfriend

If you’re here right now, I did believe you have seen reliable places to find a foreigner boyfriend online or even offline by relocating to a foreign country. And more importantly, the role of understanding their language plays and inconvenience that may arise due to the language barrier.

So if you did understand everything I said earlier, then let’s take a look at the general rules for getting a boyfriend fast online.

A. Know what you want

Seeking for a relationship with a foreign boyfriend can be tedious if you’re undecided about which country you’re interested in.

First of all, be sure that you already know a bit or more about the country and love their way of life.

This will help you with a better understanding if you will be able to cope with the lifestyle of its citizen and should ask if they have equal right for both male and female citizens of the community.

After your decisions to search for a foreign boyfriend in a specific country, then the work is halfway done.

You can set it up during profile creation as most dating apps or sites, provides you with the flexibility. You can choose the type of persons you’re interested in so they can make the right recommendations for you using the dating app algorithm.

B. Create an outstanding profile

One of the best online dating tips when you really want to find a boyfriend from another country is the creation of an outstanding dating profile. Let your profile say it all, be brief and detailed about the basic information you want public.

Add real photos of you so it doesn’t look like a dating fraud, remember to put a smile on your face and take decent photos of yourself with good brightness, hey voila! Start connecting with people and don’t make it spammy by sending too many requests at one time. Trust me you can attract a white guy even if you’re black, there’s no discrimination in love.

C. Comport yourself

Do not try to overdo anything it could send signals of how desperate you want the relationship.

Believe that you’re beautifully made and the right one will definitely come to you. You will have a good boyfriend that will make the relationship sweet and can lead to marriage if both of you want it so.

Even if you’re not interested in marriage in the meantime but just interested in having a boyfriend, always remember that being yourself has a great role in making your journey easier.

D. Be patient

Patience is a virtue, I trust you already know. Meeting singles online is not a hard thing. Falling in love with one is also not a hard thing. But staying in love with them is the hard thing here.

Most times when you’re in a hurry to meet foreign singles, the result might not be as fast as expected, do not get worried over this. So long as you’re doing what’s right, you will get a boyfriend online in no distance time.

Challenges of dating a foreigner boyfriend

There are several challenges in dating someone from another country, a few of the challenges are listed below:

  • The difference in culture and values.
  • Language barrier.
  • indecisiveness.
  • Inferiority complex.
  • Where to meet foreign singles

Questions most people ask about getting a foreign boyfriend.

Is it OK to date a foreigner?

There’s nothing wrong with searching for foreign singles or dating one. When you date a foreigner the only hiccups can be the difference in location (country) as one might be far away from home and not everyone is comfortable with a long-distance relationship.

Your partner would want to visit your country or invite you to their’s especially when the love is becoming stronger or threaten to break up.

If you’re serious about dating a foreigner, you probably must find a way to make it work.

Can you fall in love online without meeting?

Online platforms are very real in connecting people to decide if there are chances for the two to love one another and start up something new. It is difficult to fall in love with someone you have not met in person as there are a lot of things you will like to learn about them.

Regardless of how long you have been chatting or face-timing with them, you will still be like: I would want to meet him in person, look into his eyes, see what he’s putting on, spend quite some time with him to know if he’s really who he said he is.


Getting a boyfriend fast depends on how serious you’re about dating a foreigner, and methods followed in doing that. You have also seen strategic places to get a foreigner boyfriend and how to build an outstanding profile So you don’t end up complaining “why can’t I find a boyfriend?

How did you meet your foreign partner? Let us know through the comment box below.

I met mine 3 years ago at the workplace. He’s a foreigner from Germany living and working here in the US.