How To Tell If a Girl Doesn’t Love You

she doesn't love you anymore
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It’s difficult to love a girl who doesn’t love you, but it happens all the time. Much of the world’s great art has been fueled by this dynamic. You won’t be able to persuade someone to love you if they don’t already.

 Accepting the reality, severing your ties with her (at least temporarily), and focusing on healing are your only options. As much as love is a beautiful sensation that may transform even the most mundane life into a blossoming paradise is well treasured.

When love fades, however, it can feel as if you’re drooping like withered autumn leaves. If you’re in a bad relationship, you can be dealing with a lot of worries and unhappy emotions.

What did I do to cause her to act in this manner? Why is this relationship proving to be so difficult these days would become the most occurring question in your mind.

And, most importantly, has she lost interest in me, or is there still time to save the relationship? However, these questions here are a few tips to help you know if she doesn’t love you anymore and signs the relationship is headed no way fast.

Signs she doesn’t love you – she could be pretending to love you:

1. She’d rather spend time with her girls.

When your partner spends a lot of time with a group of new friends, the flip side is that she brushes you off at every chance to hang out with the “ladies.”. 

That’s OK. Of course, you’re delighted she has a life of her female friends with whom she can hang out and spend time. That’s perfectly OK.

The issue arises because a woman’s circle of friends isn’t always healthy, and they aren’t always going to impact her in a progressive direction, especially if drink and long outbursts about the wankers they’re stuck with becoming the topic of conversation.

There’s a strong chance your dirty secrets will be airing, and she’ll start treating time with her “girls” as a dream global influence of leaving you behind, especially if your female has close “girls” who are more on the nasty and strike side. 

So, are you going to restrict her from having a social life of her own? No way! Just be mindful that if she’s hanging out with a group of her girlfriends every other day and sulking at you when you’re around, it’s not a good indicator. 

You’ve transformed into a housebound ogre who keeps her occupied while she spends her time with her women. What does she mean when she says “liberty”? You’re that horrible, right? Not likely.

But if she’s acting like this and romantically dodging you like a professional jiu-jitsu champion, you’re probably not the man she’s in love with any longer.

2.  She does not want you to touch her

Let’s be clear: your girl or the lady you’re into has no “duty” to be physically personal with you, to touch you, to massage you, or to drape herself all over you in sensual delight as a chilly night breeze highlights her alluring raven-black hair but within relationship these intimacies are necessary.

If your wife constantly avoids your contact or touches you, it’s a sign she’s lost interest. Sure, it could be a one-time thing or she could be dealing with something unrelated.

However, in the vast majority of cases, you are to blame. She’s no longer interested in you, and it’s game over for you, even if she claims it’s not because of you and that she’s just feeling uncomfortable or guilty about other things.

Does she make it seem like a duty if you kiss her, caress her, or have sex with her?. When you’re too available and desiring her affection and she doesn’t reciprocate,

Such feeling can lead to a vicious cycle of hunt and detachment in which you become gradually less appealing to her until her top priority is to get away from you and work out a way to make you stop expecting to be with her.

Something must have made you too acquainted, too simple, too desperate, and while she may still speak to you or giggle at your witticisms when it’s time for the delicate hug of the night, 

she’s nowhere to be seen found, and you’re there, trying to fire up the pc to partake in your sexual addiction or beginning to wonder why your life is a never-ending series of heartbreaks (or both).

You’re on the wrong end of the love triangle if she treats you like a pal and lavishes her love and compassion on other men.

3.  Her new acquaintances begin to appear.

If you’re not a selfish person, having male pals for your girlfriend or wife isn’t a big concern. In fact, you may feel relieved that she exists, since it relieves some of the burden on you to be Mr. Chatty at times.

Still, the inescapable truth is that there’s a reason why a woman is becoming closer and closer to her male pals and enticing them like flies. And it’s not because she’s head over heels in love with you and wants to talk to her new mates.

Women crave male attention, whether casual or romantic since it feeds their positive self-image and enhances their ego and security.

Certainly, couples can be wonderful friends without needing to be part of some falsified personality club, but the point is that if your girl is disappearing and reappearing with a slew of older and newer discovered male friends, you should consider it a red sign.

Do you want to bet that after a pleasant walk on the beach, at least one of them wouldn’t mind kissing your partner and sharing some sweet loving? Let’s get this party started.

Even if she never comes close to cheating with her male pals, she’s plainly looking for emotional validation and connection that she lacks with you.

Especially during a moment when you’re feeling vulnerable or perplexed? Sure, there were those you didn’t care for romantically, but I’m sure you would have leaped at the chance for romance with at least a few.

Similarly, your other half is unlikely to regard all of her male pals as “like brothers”). There’s always that person you didn’t think she’d be interested in until you see her messaging him and then find them in bed together the first week.

I’m not suggesting that you act like a jealous control freak and question your relationship but be cautious.

4.  She’s uninterested.

Women becoming bored in a relationship happens far more frequently than you might believe. Would she rather re-watch Shawshank Redemption on the couch than go somewhere with you? Dinners are now becoming absolutely silent? Has she stopped reminiscing about her days with you? 

These are all symptoms that she is becoming dissatisfied with your relationship and has most likely lost interest in you. The truth is that love is psychological, and you’ll have to play the game a little if you want her to love you entirely. 

Adding a little mystery to your connection is a sly but incredibly powerful tactic. Girls enjoy drama, so appear (a little) chilly or distant at times, and message her (a bit) less than you do.

Why? It’s a proven fact that when we’re afraid of losing something, we desire it 10 times more. Humans despise losing their crap. Women, in particular, are no exception when it comes to love. This is the point when the “good men” go astray.

With a nice guy, women have no “fear of losing,” which is pretty repulsive to them. Hence create an atmosphere of longing in her heart with your distance.

5.  She makes fun of you in front of her friends.

Nobody is flawless, and she will occasionally mention something unfavorable about you to her friends. But it’s not a mistake if she makes it a habit.

She’s attempting to blow up the Love Connection between you both like a Second World War commando squad. The mission would be completed once you get mad at her for talking about your personal details to her friends

Still, how much does it bother you to know that the girl you love is dragging your reputation through the mud and portraying you like a pitiful sack of shit?

It’s not great, to be sure. This is a subset of her constantly hanging out with the girls, yet she’ll be more than happy to tell her besties and girl pals how much of a jerk you are especially after a few drinks.

Have her pals been giving you strange looks, and you can’t leave the house without an industrial-sized mirror? Are you getting a ton of shade thrown at you? It’s possible that some trash-talking took place. 

She could still be in love with you and venting, but it’s more likely that she thought you’d find out since she’s sending you a simple telegram from behind enemy lines saying, “I don’t love you anymore.”

6. When she’s around other men, she’s alluring.

You should be concerned if she’s Ms. Cold Ice with you but flirting with other males. Sure, it could just be a game to catch your attention or arouse your jealousy, but if that’s the case, why are you dating or interested in her in the first place, and what’s the limit? 

Unless you’re turned on by your girl swooning over another man and seducing him. Most guys would be outraged, horrified, and uncomfortable if they saw her texting, phoning, and talking to all kinds of men in attractive ways.

These are very natural responses. The trouble is that if you get heated up, she’ll interpret it as more proof that you’re unsuitable for her, so it’s a lose-lose situation. 

When a man flirts, it usually means nothing. Men are programmed to seek out new partners and sex (which isn’t to say that cheating is acceptable), but women cheat for a variety of reasons. 

She is dissatisfied with her relationship… She’s furious with you… Or, to put it another way, she’s no longer in love with you. Even if she isn’t cheating, the low-cut top she is wearing and the unique look she just gave the bank teller aren’t in vain. It’s a telepathic communication that my boyfriend is no longer doing for me.

You’re about to be left behind as she embarks on a path of hypergamy in order to trade up to the next greatest guy. You’re not going to persuade her otherwise, or become angry and force her to “see reason.” 

The only thing left to do now is to begin mourning the loss of the connection. If she’s reached this point – and until she completely changes her mind and returns to you – your time together is gone.

Be wary of her seeming to be apologetic as a tactic to see how obedient and simple you are to manipulate. What would she say if you were swooning over other women? Consider it in this light and proceed appropriately.

You should get out of there as soon as possible since she doesn’t love you anymore, and if she does, she needs to learn how to show it in a much better way.

7. She is self-reliance.

Isn’t this where I should throw in some politically correct nonsense about equality, independence, and rights, and other such things? You’re going to be disappointed, I’m afraid. 

It’s unlikely that your girl became Ms. Strong and Powerful Independence after watching the Feminist Channel on TV or reading Lily Singh’s How to Be a Baws.In fact, it’s far more likely that… you got it… she no longer loves you.

She’s using every opportunity to send you a message that she doesn’t need you and prefers to have her own life and space. She will want to let you help her even if she doesn’t truly need it if she loves you.

When she isn’t in love, she will abandon you as an afterthought. When you give her advice, she despises it. She begins to take every comment you make in a bad light. 

She wants you to know that you are no longer a part of her plans. You’ll see it in her entire demeanor, and believe me, it’ll sting a lot. Is she simply reorganizing her life and embracing her inner strength, or is she abandoning you? 

The evidence strongly suggests the latter. Sorry for the inconvenience, mate.

8.  She steers clear of discussing your future together.

When you talked about future plans, she used to light up like the sun on a cloudy day, but now she just looks away. She appears irritated, indifferent, and completely uninterested.

All of the things that used to make her laugh, get enthusiastic or be interested in her now appear to be faint echoes of their former selves. This chick isn’t having it, as you should have noticed by now. 

When she’s into you, chatting about the future – even in a lighthearted way – will pique her interest, make her pay attention, and encourage her to participate.

When she isn’t into you, talking about the future will just make her stomach clench and make her want to separate herself from you. Even a passing remark about your vacation plans can elicit a sarcastic nod and a question about where you left the keys.

This relationship is about to descend into a very dark dungeon, and not in a good way.

9. Everything revolves around her.

Egoism is the source of much suffering, and it can bring even the most committed partners to their knees in a relationship. You might not notice this shift at first if you’re with a girl who is naturally “me first,” or you might dismiss it as her having a bad week.

But if it’s all about her all the time, it can become much more than a one-time thing. She’s putting her foot down and stating unequivocally that you’re out of the picture. She has lost interest in who is correct and who is incorrect –or, for that matter, how you are feeling or thinking. 

She is only concerned with herself, and she will make it abundantly clear by using you as an emotional punching bag and the recipient of unjustified blame and toxic emotions.

That isn’t love, and you should probably consider leaving before you begin to believe it is.

10. She is unfaithful.

If she has been unfaithful, she may no longer love you. Although there’s no justification for cheating, most likely when guys cheat, it’s usually for physical intimacy or out of a struggle with self and being an immoral person; when ladies cheat, it’s usually for reasons other than intimacy.

When a woman is no longer in love, she will cheat. Not to mention the long-term consequences to your relationship and your capacity to respect and trust her.

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The fact that she is cheating on you can be viewed as a chance to end the relationship and loss her dignity. She’s made it apparent that she no longer cares for you.

Final words

There is a need to accept a new and healthier perspective if there is still an opportunity of turning things around and it is consistent with genuine personality.

Sometimes her affection level reaches zero and it’s necessary to leave on, but other times there may still be a way to improve things – if not now, then at least for the next time you have the chance to create a connection.

Whether or whether she likes you, the warning indications that she might have thrown you adrift are a glaring message that it’s time for you to step up to your maximum potential – to become more of a person who isn’t reliant on her approval or love during the first place.

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