50 Best Valentine Messages For Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day provides a great opportunity for you to express your feelings and engage in lovely and romantic activities. It is a tradition that lovers go out on Valentine’s day, light up some candlesticks, exchange Valentine’s cards, share lovely moments together because it is the season of love. Most times such moment ends with the pulling of diamond rings, funny sayings and lots more.

Although, during this season a lot of Valentine’s card for boyfriend is seen, what will you write on it? Writing Valentine’s Day message for boyfriend can be hard to do thing but this is not something you have to worry about.

What should I write in my boyfriend’s Valentine’s Card? This is by far one of the most frequent questions ladies who want to show their men love asked us immediately we published the post “50 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes For Everyone“. This post is specially baked for you, after going through the list of messages, wishes and quotes contained on this post, you wouldn’t ask “how do I say Happy Valentine to my boyfriend?” again.

What’s in the box?

If you’re having difficulties finding the right Valentine’s Day sayings for him, trust me this post will give you great ideas on Valentine message for new boyfriend, funny Valentines day messages for him. If he’s far away and you want to send your love across to him, we have also included on this post a list of valentine messages for boyfriend in a long-distance relationship you can also download the valentine images for him and send your love in a unique way.

What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card for Your Boyfriend

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day to the best boyfriend ever!
  2. I can only share my heart with you, you’re one in a million. Happy Valentine’s day to my sweetheart
  3. Why are you so sweet? Happy Valentine’s Day to my sweet bf!
  4. You mean the absolute world to me and it is just another day to go out to the peak of the mountain and shout “I LOVE YOU!”, Happy Valentines Day dear!
  5. While we celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope you get lots of love and happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  6. Today is the best day to tell you how crazy I’m about you but unfortunately, words alone aren’t enough to say how lucky I’m to have you. Have a great Valentine.
  7. Your love is as deep as the ocean, I don’t mind getting drown in it. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  8. I love you beyond the rain, stars, and moon. You are completely second to none, my Valentine!
  9. I didn’t choose you, my heart did. Happy Valentine’s day my baby love!
  10. You mean the world to me, I will love you until the sun burns out of the planet. Have a great Valentine
  11. Valentine’s Day is for people like you, the best love, happiness, good health and joy is all I wish you this Valentine. Happy Valentine day boyfriend!
  12. People say love fades with time but ours grow with time. Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!
  13. Wow! I am the luckiest woman in the world! Happy Valentine’s Day to my man!
  14. To my sexy man, I want to let you know my heart belongs to you and words alone can’t express how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  15. I want you to be mine today, on Valentine’s Day, but also tomorrow and forever. Have a great Valentine’s Day celebration!
  16. Today is another sweet Valentine to celebrate, let’s go out to our lovely place where the leaves drop off the trees and birds whisper in sweet tones. Happy Valentine’s!
  17. Thank you for taking my heart and filling it with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  18. I’m happy today is St. Valentine’s day, it reminds me of how we met under the sunshade. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  19. I don’t need a dress for Valentine, all I want is you by my side. Happy Valentine’s day!
  20. The best Valentine’s Day gift I would love to have is you right beside me. The kissing and hugs are not in exception, have a lovely Valentine’s day!
  21. Happy Valentine’s day to my man, I’m home with you favourite wear can’t wait to have you here. Happy sexy Valentine’s Day Honey!
  22. You make me strong when I’m weak. When life turns out hard you inspire me to keep on moving, you’re such a great luck to me. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  23. Even if I’m not your first kiss, date, love or Valentine, I want to be your last and only from here on until the end of time.
  24. All I want this Valentine is to take sweet photos with you at the garden because our love is greener with day and picture they say contain thousands of words. You mean the world to me, happy Valentine’s Day my sexy man!
  25. I want to celebrate my soul mate and today is just a perfect start to let the world know you’re my honey pie! Happy Valentine’s Day!
  26. You complete me, Happy Valentine’s Day!
  27. I wanted to send you a short message this Valentine’s Day, unfortunately, I can’t help writing out my heart, the way you make me feel is superb. I will always love you till forever, for you have shown me reasons to love and remain firm in love. You’re my better half, have a sweet Valentine!
  28. You make me smile every day, I’m the luckiest woman to have a lovely boyfriend like you. My sole goal is to always make you smile too! Happy Valentine’s Day dearly.
  29. On this Valentine’s Day, I wish you upliftment in your workplace, good health, love and happiness. Happy Valentine!
  30. You rejuvenate my heart and soul every single day and I love you with my heart in every single way but fortunately this Valentine’s Day, I don’t have to worry about another “single” day because I have found my keeper.
  31. I thought I would never fall in love again but you made me a liar. Thank you for the love you have shown me hitherto, Happy Valentine to my world best man!
  32. I’m so happy for every single girl who could not see in you what I do, this is why I was able to meet you Mr. handsome. Happy Valentine’s Day my love!
  33.  When you asked where I wanted to go for Valentine’s Day, just know that I want to travel deeper into your heart for Valentine!
  34. Happy Valentine’s day to you my Prince Charming!
  35. I’m happy Valentine is here again, thank you for giving me the largest portion of your heart to live in. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  36. Never doubt the love that I have for you today on Valentine’s Day and forever.
  37. I’m lucky you chose to be my Valentine from the very first day and each passing day we’ve got a lot to be happy. Today is just another special day to spend the whole moment with you! Have a lovely Valentine’s day!
  38. Every Valentine’s day I’m reminded of my luck that we’re together. Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart
  39. My heart is secured that no one else can penetrate because you password protected my heart. I’m glad to have you, and will always love you forever and ever. Happy Valentine’s Day love!
  40. Today is the happiest Valentine’s day in history because I woke up this morning with the thoughts of you. Happy Valentines Day.
  41. When others discuss about Valentine’s gift ideas, what orbits my mind is the gift I have for myself which is you! Happy Valentine’s Day my gift!
  42. You’re every woman’s dream, thank goodness my dream is fulfilled for having you as my boyfriend, I hope you get lots of love and happiness this season. Happy Valentine’s day boyfriend!
  43. I wish I met you years ago, but I’m happy I met you at the perfect time. You’re my happiness I’m the luckiest woman on earth for having you my handsome guy! Best Valentine’s Day wishes to you!
  44.  It’s Valentine’s Day and I wish I was kissing you instead of missing you!
  45. The longer we’re together, the closer we get. So happy we found each other. Happy Valentine’s Day to you my love
  46. You’re the only thing I need to feel romantic this Valentine. Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!
  47. I love you my own Prince charming and Happy Valentine Day to you!
  48. When is the best time to say “I LOVE YOU” seven times? I chose today, you’re such a great mind. Thank you for the love and care, I hope you get all your heart desires this season. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  49. I have got your Favourite for Valentine’s night party, I can’t wait to show you how prepared I’m for you tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day to us!
  50. Happy Valentine’s Day to the biggest sweetheart on earth. You’re the true definition of love!

Bonus: Happy Valentine’s Day Images For Him

At this very point, I should be glad that those asking “what should I write in my boyfriends Valentines card” or “what should I text my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day” have seen handful of Valentine’s day messages for him that will wow him and make him feel loved by his woman.

What have you ever written on a Valentine’s Day card for him? and what are you all-time Valentine’s Day messages, wishes and quotes for him? Feel free to share with us on the comment section below and remember to share this 50 best valentine’s wishes for boyfriend with other ladies out there on the internet.

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