150 Good Morning Prayers For My Wife

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Looking for good morning prayers for your wife? I have compiled a list of 100 prayer points you can say to her. What better way to start an early day if not with a heartfelt prayer from your lovely husband.

Watch your message or note brighten her day even more. Be the cause of her joy which will strengthen your bond even more. Whether you are looking for well-written good morning prayers for her, or need good morning prayers for her to regain strength, you will find the following good morning prayer point helpful.

Good morning prayers for my wife.

  1. Good morning to the love of my life, may God guide you and direct your paths as you step out today. 
  2. Today may you be favored and blessed.
  3. Good morning to my sunshine. The sun is brighter today because of your smile. May the Lord be with you.
  4. You are blessed my dearest wife
  5. May God bless your beautiful heart, protect and guide you and make your day none stressful for you.
  6. You are the reason I smile, may God sustain you in good health and keep you for me.
  7. Good morning baby. May God guide your every step.
  8. Peace and joy I ask that the Lord blesses you with as you begin a new day.
  9. Good morning my baby. I pray that you have a beautiful day.
  10. I love you, baby, may the Lord give you strength as you start your day.
  11. May God Almighty bless your Morning my beautiful wife.
  12. I pray the good Lord keeps protecting and blessing you, my dear wife. Good morning.
  13. May you continue to shine in the glory of the Lord. Good morning darling.
  14. May the Lord protect you from your enemies and be with you. Good morning baby.
  15. Praying that all that you do today is successful. Good morning angel.
  16. May the Lord favor you. Good morning my heart.
  17. Good morning to my beloved wife, may God bless you because you’re a blessing to me.
  18. May God give you good health and bless your beautiful heart. Good morning love.
  19. Good morning love, may you attract everything good for all the days of your life.
  20. Good morning my beautiful wife. May your day be full of good news. 

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  1. Good morning my baby, I pray that the good lord continues to bless you every day.
  2. May the Lord bless your day with peace and joy. Have a lovely day my wife.
  3. Good morning honey, I pray that the good lord lifts you and makes you a winner, and strengthens you as you go on with your daily activities. 
  4. May you prosper and shine in all that you do. Have a blissful morning my love.
  5. Good morning my lovely wife. I thank God endlessly for making our paths cross. May he continue to bless, guide, and support you.
  6. I pray that the Lord guide and support you and give you wisdom and the knowledge to carry out your duties and bless you effortlessly.
  7. Good morning baby. I pray God keeps you in good health, and have a beautiful day.
  8. Good morning love. May Jesus keep you safe and protect you from all dangers.
  9. Good morning my love, no harm no danger shall come near you in Jesus’s name.
  10. Good morning my dearest wife. Have a blessed day. May Almighty God be with you. 
  11. Good morning my darling, may you prosper in all your endeavors. 
  12. May the love, peace, and blessings of the Lord be with you forever. Good morning my angel
  13. I woke up this morning and smiled to heaven for gifting you to me. I pray that the Lord continually blesses you. Good morning my love.
  14. Good morning my angel. As the choir of angels sings praises to the Lord. May he shower you with happiness and lots of love.
  15. Good morning my treasure. May God almighty bless your heart and soul because you’re a joy giver. Have a wonderful day.
  16. Good morning my love. I thank God for making you my wife, for blessing us with our beautiful kids. I pray he continues to bless you and reward you graciously. 
  17. Good morning baby. I pray that the Almighty God continues to shower you with his unending favor and mercies.
  18. May the sunrise bring forth positivity into your life. Good morning my lovely wife.
  19. In everything you do, you will shine bright. You shall be the head and not the tail, your soul is blessed. Good morning my heart.
  20. Good morning my dearly beloved wife. I pray for a peaceful day.

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  1. May your day be filled with rays of goodwill. Good morning baby.
  2. Good morning sweetheart. I pray that sadness and chaos depart from anywhere near you.
  3. You will live a life full of happiness and joy evermore. Good morning my love.
  4. Good morning my queen, may the Lord protect you from deadly diseases and anoint you with good health.
  5. Good morning my lovely angel, today I pray that no weapon formed against you will prosper.
  6. Good morning my love. May the Lord send his angels to guide and protect you from all evil activities going on.
  7. May God remove all evil sent to your path and protect you. Good morning my baby.
  8. Goodness and mercy shall follow you for the days of your life. Good morning love.
  9. Good morning my wife. I pray that the Lord who gave you this job will strengthen you and support you.
  10. You will achieve greater heights, my Queen. Beautiful morning.
  11. May your day be filled with wonderful news and amazing offers. And may peace and love last in our home. Good morning my beautiful wife.
  12. Good morning dearest may the Lord’s choicest blessings locate you this morning and shower you with exceeding joy.
  13. Good morning my joy, I love you so much and I pray that the Lord shows you more love and bless your heart and perfect your day and life.
  14. May every footstep you take lead you to success. Good morning my love.
  15. Lord be her refuge and her defender in times of trouble. Good morning love.
  16. Lord may you protect my lovely wife from all hidden dangers. Good morning my baby.
  17. Good morning my beautiful wife. When you’re in trouble may the Lord be with you. 
  18. Lord, this morning I pray that you bless my wife and satisfy her with long life. 
  19. Good morning dear. I pray for you this morning, as you’re protected by the Lord, no disaster shall come near you.
  20. I pray that the angel covers you with its wings and takes you to your destination safely.

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  1. Good morning my Queen. Even if you go through the deepest darkness, do not be afraid for the Lord is with you.
  2. Lord this morning I pray for my lovely spouse, that you surround her with your peace in Jesus’s name. 
  3. Lord, you said you will surround those who love you with favor. I ask that you surround my wife with your favor in all her endeavors
  4. . Almighty God in your words you said, weeping may last for a whole night but joy comes in the morning. Wipe away the tears on my wife’s eyes, and fill her life with joy and laughter. Amen. Good morning my love.
  5. As Jesus lives, so shall my lovely wife live. Lord bless our union and be our supporter since we abide in you. Good morning baby.
  6. Good morning darling. May God bless your business and make it miraculously bigger.
  7. Lord, I pray for my wife, may she prosper in all that she does. 
  8. Good morning my love, may Christ Jesus fill your spirit with love and bless you.
  9. May the Lord protect you as you come and go. Good morning baby.
  10. Lord, I pray that you destroy all that plan to work against my wife, any difficulty she may face, and by your grace, I pray Victory will be hers. 
  11. Good morning my love, may the Lord’s protection be with you now and forever. 
  12. Lord may you rest your healing hands on my wife, as she rises this morning may she be healed, because you said by your stripes we are healed.
  13. Good morning love of my life. May the Lord commission his angels to assist you.
  14. Lord, empower your angels to guide and protect, my wife always. Good morning baby. 
  15. I pray for unlimited favor, joy, blessings, and happiness upon you my love. Good morning my dearest wife.
  16. As you begin today with your radiant smile, may all that you do be bright, and all that you attract radiate goodwill and goodness. Good morning my love.
  17. I pray that you succeed in everything that you do today. Good morning angel.
  18. Good morning honey as the sun rises every day, so shall the Lord remember you and bless you.
  19. Good morning my beautiful wife, go ahead and sour higher because the Lord is with you. 
  20. Good morning angel. The Lord has made success and victories your companion.

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  1. Good morning, beautiful. My prayer for you is that the Lord releases your blessings in lots of folds.
  2. Good morning, beautiful. I love your smile may the Lord keep you smiling all the time and no reason to shed a tear. 
  3. May every negative energy depart from you and may you be circled with positivity. Good morning love.
  4. As Heaven has gifted you to me, I have asked them to bless your steps with good news.
  5. Good morning love, it’s sunrise and the Lord’s light is shining upon you again. May it drive away all bad energies around you.
  6. For every day of your life, the Lord shall continue to bless you. Good morning love. 
  7. Good morning baby, may the Lord bless you, the mother of my children.
  8. May the good Lord give you a reason to rejoice evermore. Good morning love.
  9. Good morning my dear wife, this morning I pray that you have a wonderful day. 
  10. Good morning to the Queen of my heart. I pray and hope you have a smooth day.
  11. Good morning dear, may the angel of the Lord assist you to support you. 
  12. The heavens are rejoicing that you have woken. I am celebrating every day for having you in my life. May the Lord bless you. 
  13. Good morning angel, may this lovely day be one of your best.
  14. Good morning sweetheart. May the Lord bless the work of your hands and keep and guide you. 
  15. Good morning my sunshine, may you have reasons to smile brighter than the sun
  16. May the Lord answer your prayers and bless you with beautiful stories to tell. Good morning beauty.
  17. Good morning baby, I love you and I pray for the best for you. 
  18. May the peace of the Lord be with you and not depart from you. So that everything you do and everywhere you go peace will reign. 
  19.  May the Lord say yes to all your beautiful dreams. Good morning baby.
  20. May the Lord open doors of joy, favors, love, and blessings for you. Good morning baby.
  21. Good morning angel. The Lord has made success and victories your companion.
  22. Good morning, Love. From dark to dawn. From dawn to daylight. These are the stages that lead to this morning. My prayer for you is that your life will become brighter.
  23. Today, the Lord shall go before you, making every crooked way plain. Every mountain and valleys shall be leveled for your good. Have a great day. Good Morning.
  24. May your words be seasoned with grace and wisdom, and everyone who crosses your path will be grateful to God that they met you today. Good morning my wife
  25. I’m wishing you the best this day has for you. Enjoy God’s blessings and favor. Good morning.
  26. The morning time is the brightest of the day, not because it’s the beginning of the day, but because its beauty reminds me of my love. Good morning dear.
  27. The devil has nothing on you, honey, he has failed again. That is why the good lord woke you up this morning to fulfill his purpose on earth. So go and prosper darling.
  28. Good Morning queen of my heart, as you start your day may everything fall into place to bring positive results your way.
  29. Every minute without you is like an eternity. I can’t wait for the moment I can have you back in my arms, where you belong. In the meantime, I wish you a blissful day.
  30. Sugar, you deserve all the sweetness that life has to offer. As you step out today, may line fall in pleasant places for you.


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