Have you ever pondered on a text to send to your girlfriend to make her wild and crazy??? These texts are for you. These texts help you in making your girlfriend feel wild and very crazy. It is very important to make your girlfriend feel hot and wild. It makes her love you more and triggers her sexual organ. It also makes her have this connection with you and makes her very happy sexually, emotionally, and physically.

These Texts were meant for you. They are very effective and efficient. Your girlfriend would be turned on at the sight of these texts. They are sexual texts you could send to your girlfriend to trigger her sexual hormones and make her want you and you alone.

On several occasions, your girlfriend needs to feel that sensation of love. You have to make her feel like she’s the only one, the right one, the one you are sexually, physically, and emotionally attracted to. This could also happen through texting.

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It could also be called Sexting. Sexting is a perfect way of keeping your relationship spicy and hot, especially if you and your girlfriend live far away. A sexy text can be a reminder that you think of her while you are in class, at your workplace, or wherever you are. It can also get her incredibly turned on and wild.

Best naughty and dirty messages for her to turn her on:

Most times men could be seen asking questions like “what can I text my wife to turn her on?”, “How can I drive her crazy with words?”, and “what are some freaky texts to get her in the mood fast?”. If you’re looking for answers to any of the above, then search no further as the following text messages will help you make her go crazy real quick.

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Here are one hundred and twenty sexting messages for her that will surely make her wild: 

1.  I want to feel your lips on mine.

2. I want you to use me, baby.

3. I want to get into you so badly.

4. I want to be the only man in your life.

5 . You look so lovely, baby.

6. I want to bend you over and hit you from behind.

7. I want to know what you think of me.

8. I want your eyes on mine.

9. I want to feel those soft arms around me.

10. I want to fuck you.

11. I want to put you in Ten positions in 60 minutes, I want it, babe.

12. You taste so good, babe.

13. You sound like a queen that knows what she wants and what she is.

14. I feel weightless when I see your face.

15. I feel the king in me when I hear a speech from your lips.

16. You are more than a dream come true.

17. Talking to you is never a waste of time.

18. Opportunity comes but once, so my chance with you is one in a million.

19. I want to kiss you on your neck and make you feel special.

20. I want to feel your breath next to mine and your hands holding me.

21. I want to grab those hips.

22. I want to pound you so hard.

23. Sweetheart, I would like to spend time with you.

24. I love you riding me.

25. I would love to see you pleading for me to stop.

26. I want to kiss you down to your breast and then over your body.

27. I want to suck those juicy boobs so bad.

28. You are such a bad girl baby.

29. You are the only one for me.

30. I would love to see your lovely curved body.

31. I want you right now, here on my bed with me.

32. I want you to scream my name so badly.

33. I want to say sweet things to your ears while going deep in you.

34. You make me feel complete.

35. I feel like a man around you.

36. I can’t control myself around you.

37. I want to take you down.

38. I want to ease it up, lick it and slip it in.

39. I want your p_ssy so bad.

40. I want to see you go down on my ball gag.

41. I love how naughty you are.

42. Show me what you are wearing right now.

43. I want you to take off your dress.

44. I would like to see you in underwear.

45. You are such a gorgeous baby girl.

46. Your body is perfectly crafted.

47. I have always wanted you.

48. Whenever I touch your skin, I feel this sensation in my body.

49. You are such sweet girl honey.

50. You are driving me crazy.

51. Your smiles always blow me away.

52. You are hot.

53. I hope your day is as pretty as yours.

54. I can’t stop thinking about you.

55. I am intoxicated by you.

56. You are perfect.

57. I would love to date you.

58. You are very sexy.

59. I want your attention.

60. I want to touch you.

61. I want to see your nudes baby.

62. I want to taste those p_ssy.

63. I want to get you in the mood.

64. I want to take off those panties.

65. You are driving me crazy.

66. I want to go down on you.

67. Your tits are so perfect.

68. I want to smack your hot ass.

69. I want to enjoy your whole body.

70. Put that booty on me.

71. I would worship your throne till you scream.

72. I want to put my hands on your body.

73. I want to get you soaking wet.

74. Feeling those skin of yours makes me hard.

75. You are so beautiful.

76. I want to feel your hands down on my pants.

77. I always have you on my mind.

78. I am so attracted to your body.

79. I do love to make out with you.

80. Send me a picture of what you are wearing right now.

81. If I was right there with you I would have fucked you so badly.

82. I love those sounds you make when I am eating you out.

83. I can’t stop touching that body.

84. You get sexier every single day.

85. No woman is like you on this planet.

86. You are one in a million.

87. I want to get in bed with you.

88. I want to take you to heaven.

89. I can’t take my eyes off you.

90. I want you so bad.

91. I want you ready for me tonight.

92. I want to rock hard for you.

93. I want to make you c_m so hard.

94. I love the way you taste.

95. I am so lucky to have a girl like you in my life.

96. You make my day better.

97. I am glad to have you as my love.

98. I have thoughts of you here with me.

99. I can’t stop thinking of how wonderful you are.

100. You make me a fool for you.

101. I miss you so much, baby.

102. You are so dear to me.

103. My only love and baby.

104. I want my hands thrusting down you.

105. I want to rub your clit till you squirt on my face.

106. Can I taste you, baby?.

107. Spread your two legs widely so I can smile in between them.

108. I want you to call me daddy while stroking you.

109. Can I pull your hair while we go doggy?.

110. Let me massage your clits with my tongue

111. I want to treat you like the queen that you are.

112. Let me make you wet baby.

113. I would make you kneel before me and suck my d_ck.

114. Let’s go 69 babies.

115. I want you to lick My d_ck like a lollipop.

116. I want you to ride me like a horse.

117. You are the woman of my dreams.

118. I want to spank that ass.

119. I want to put a nut on your face.

120. I want to make you c_m on my d_ck.