101 Sweetest Birthday Wishes For Dad

birthday wishes for dad

Birthday wishes for dad from daughter or son, that are heart touching could be all that your dad needs on his birthday. Going a little more out of the box to get nice birthday gifts for your dad and wrapping any of the funny birthday wishes for dad on the gift, on a birthday card if he’s the type that likes jokes, or touching birthday messages for him that are inspirational, will give him goosebumps. We have put them all together in the list below, to help you reach out to your dad today in a special way.

Although it’s underrated, a father’s love can’t be measured, and a good time of the year to tell him how much you love him is on his birthday.

Your dad’s birthday is fast approaching and you probably may have planned a lot of things on how you want to surprise him, make him feel happy, loved, and cherished.

Inspirational birthday wishes for dad.

Honestly, it is possible to find yourself searching for the right words to use, to express how you feel right inside your heart for your dad’s special day, to wish him a super and fun birthday because you’re so emotional. If that’s the case, I have got you covered.

1. On your special day dad, I want to say thank you for being my dad, I love you so much and I appreciate everything you’ve done for me.

2. May the universe bless you and keep you for me, my hero, you’ve sacrificed so much to make sure I’m here today, I love you papa

3. Hey dad, happy birthday, I have an advice for you, Just keep on smiling while you still have teeth. Happy Birthday, Dad!

4. Your birthday is an event to celebrate togetherness, cheers!. I love you and I want you to know I feel lucky to have you, Happy Birthday Dad!

5. There’s no father in the world as my father, I’m super proud of you, happy birthday dad.

6. It just baffles me that after all these years you’re still focusing on your goals, it’s your consistency that I want to emulate, happy birthday daddy.

7. I had so much fun growing up because of your dad, you made sure I lacked nothing, thank you dad, and happy birthday.

8. Yaaay! It’s my superman’s birthday, and I’m so excited, happy birthday superman, I love you so much.

9. Happy birthday Daddy, I wish you grow old until your teeth fall off because I can’t get enough of you.

10. Happy birthday buddy, I love you so much and I wish you the very best because you’re the best daddy and you deserve only the best.

11. It’s such a wonderful day today because today is my father’s birthday, happy birthday dad, have a blast!

12. To the best man in the world, who protected me from every harm, and always made me feel secure, I love you dad, happy birthday!

13. On a day such as today, I’ll celebrate like never before, because it’s my father’s birthday, I wish him every good thing life has to offer because he deserves it.

14. I just wish to be as successful as you are dad, you inspire me a lot and I thought today is your birthday is a nice day to tell you how much I look up to you. Happy birthday, dad.

15. The way you spread happiness to others, is the same way I wish you happiness in all you do today and the rest of your days, happy birthday.

16. Guess who’s birthday it is today, it’s my dad’s, and today I would like to remind him of how special he is, and how much I love him. Happy birthday, daddy.

17. May the universe brings all the happiness your heart can take to you today dad, I wish you a splendid birthday.

18. Happy birthday dad, you’re officially old, but I love you still, have fun today.

19. Today I celebrate the best dad in the whole world, thanks for all your sacrifices, happy birthday.

20. I raise a toast to many more years, you’ll grow old and toothless, happy birthday dad.

21. I’m so lucky and blessed to have a father like you. This comes with many loving thoughts and warm wishes that I send to wish you a very happy birthday.

22. Today I celebrate a very special person who brings happiness to everyone who comes in contact with him, someone who gives more than he receives, Happy Birthday to my father.

23. I have a wish for you today, I wish you make it to a hundred and two because I can’t imagine what life would be like without you dad, happy birthday!

24. May your day be filled with laughter, as this is a special day, and may the finest things happen to you, happy birthday dear dad.

25. This is a reminder that today is your day and it’s an opportunity for you to know that only special things will happen to you today. I wish you all the best, happy birthday dad.

26. for the world it’s just another day but for me, it’s the best day of the month!, happy birthday dad, I love you.

27. I know I wasn’t the best child but I can say you’re the best dad, and I want to wish you a very happy birthday and many happy returns.

28. you’re simply the best, never spend a moment doubting it, keep shining dad, I wish you a very beautiful birthday.

29. I just want to say thank you for being a great dad and thank God for giving you to me, Happy Birthday dad.

30. I could never forget your birthday, it’s one of the things I cherish, I love you papa, happy birthday.

31. you’re such a fabulous and amazing father, happy birthday dad, many more years to come.

32. I wish that the rest of the year will be better for you, I wish you a long life dad, I love you dad.

33. Life should not only be lived rather it should be celebrated, and your life is worth celebrating, happy birthday daddy.

34. It has been only loving from your side dad, you make me feel so special, thank you for the happiest years of my life, happy birthday to you.

35. somethings are left undone, some words are left unsaid, some feelings are left unexpressed, but someone as good as you dad could never be left unwished. Happy Birthday, Dad.

36. You were crying when you were born, while everyone else was happy and laughing. As you live to blow a thousand candles, live your life humbly so that you would be the one laughing when you die while everybody else would be crying, happy birthday dad.

37. Thanks for loving me the way you do Dad, thanks for teaching me to always love myself, Happy birthday, I wish you the same joy you bring to me.

38. Happy birthday Dad, I want to tell you that I might not be where you want to be, but I am where I am because of your love and support.

39. You’ve done so much for me and my siblings, you took up multiple jobs to make sure we got the best life, I love and celebrate you dad, have the best birthday celebration today.

40. you’re getting old dad but you still have the goofiness of a child, you’re so funny but I love you and I wish you a happy birthday.

41. It’s yet another year and your birthday is here again daddy, and you’re growing old, but you still act as though you’re young, just own up to your age already, Happy birthday buddy!

42. you’ve been like a magical Genie for me always fulfilling all my wishes, well today I want to fulfill one of my wishes for you and that is to make sure you’re very happy today, happy birthday dad.

43.  May each hour, minute, and second of today be filled with so much happiness, and love, happy birthday my lovely father.

44. how do you manage to look so handsome at your age dad, I’d like to know, happy birthday to my dad with much swag.

45. For being the very best, I’m going all out to make sure you have the best birthday today, happy birthday daddy.

46. I’m so proud to be called your child, you’re so amazing and you made being your child seem as though it’s an achievement, happy birthday dad.

47. I wish you heavens blessings today dad, you deserve the very best, happy birthday!

48. My entire life you’ve showered me with nothing but love and I appreciate it, thanks so much, and happy birthday.

49. I’m thankful for the years we spent together, I’m thankful for all you’ve taught me, and still teaching me, keep living for me dad.

50. you’re so special to me and the whole family, you’ve been the best father to me and I don’t take your love for granted, happy birthday!

51. dear dad, thanks for choosing to be my bestie, I can easily tell you anything without getting judged, happy birthday dad, I’ll make sure today is fun for you.

52.  happy birthday dad, I hope the universe keeps bringing you smiles as you’ve always done for me.

53. happy birthday to my star, I love you to the moon and back, have fun dad.

54. There’s no one that’ll take your place, happy birthday dad, you’re the best.

55. I just wanted to remind because I know you might have forgotten, Today is your birthday and you and I always have fun today, so get ready today is going to be fun, happy birthday dad.

56. I wish you grow old in strength and health dad, happy birthday dad.

57. Happy birthday dad, we’ll dance and have fun till the end of the day or until it’s your bedtime!

58. Alot of memories surface each time it’s your birthday, I have gotten nothing but love from you, happy birthday papa.

59. I cannot trade you and your love for anything in the world, thanks for accepting the responsibility of being my father, happy birthday.

60. I would choose you over and over to be my dad because you’re simply the best, happy birthday!

61. It’s another year and it’s your birthday today, may this year make your dreams come true, happy birthday dad.

62. I remember when I used to make you get me a lot of things for my birthday and you never for once complained, today it’s your turn, whatever you want is what I’ll get you dad. Just to wish you a happy birthday.

63. I write this with so much love and gratitude, you showed me the meaning of unconditional love, and I will like to reciprocate it, I’ll love you forever dad, Happy Birthday dad.

64. Happy birthday dad, I wish you loads of happiness, fun, have a nice birthday.

65. you’ve blessed my whole life, you make so happy dad, and I wish you so much happiness on your birthday today.

66. I would have gotten you a very expensive birthday gift, but I remembered you have me so what more could you want?

67. No birthday wishes, gifts, cards can express how good I feel today dad “it’s your birthday” just know I love you.

68. I don’t know how to write an epistle, but you mean the world to me, happy birthday dad.

69. You’ve done so much for me, you made sure I never lack anything, you still manage to spend time with me not minding your tight schedules, thank you dad and happy birthday.

70. You are only permitted to be happy today because today is your birthday dad, have fun!

71. Happy birthday to the man who gave me life, to the man my mother loves with her whole heart, a man who did a lot to make sure I had a comfortable life while growing up, happy birthday dad.

72. Happy birthday dad, I never really knew how to write deep and touching quotes but there’s one thing I would like you to know and that is I love you so much.

73. I just wish to be the same man you are to my children, you’re so family-oriented and I’m super proud of you, happy birthday pop!

74. You already know how much I love you, but I want the whole world to know that there’s no one who’ll take your place in my life, happy birthday daddy.

75. I wish that God blesses you with strength and good health as for love you already have me as your child and I love you, happy birthday pops.

76. Thanks for all you do even up until now, I celebrate you, dad, you’re one of a kind, happy birthday dad!

77. You’re such a blessing to everyone especially me, I’m so happy you’re my father, have a very happy birthday!

78. You made growing up so much fun and even now you never cease to make sure that I’m fine, thanks dad, and happy birthday.

79. I love you with my truth, you’re so good I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve half of what you’ve achieved but I’ll try, happy birthday king, I love you dad.

80. A nice message for the best father, I love you and have the best birthday!

81. It’s a nice feeling to know that someone has your back in everything and you made me feel so loved dad, it’s your birthday today and I would like you to know that I have your back.

82. May all your dreams come true, keep on shining and bringing light in people’s lives, have a happy birthday dad!

83. A smile is a curve that sets your face straight and gets rid of your wrinkles. I hope you share a lot and receive a lot, happy birthday daddy!

84. Have a great day today dad, have fun, have all the happiness your heart can take, because you deserve it, happy birthday dad.

85. Although I wasn’t your biological child, you still took me as one, thanks for being there for me, happy birthday dad.

86. The last time we spoke, you told me that if I wanted anything, I should just let you know, so today, I want to tell you that I want you to have the most fun, have a great day dad, happy birthday.

87. Let the joy of your birthday fill up your heart today and forever dad, happy birthday.

88. The budding trees, the birds whisper to me that it’s your birthday today, I wish you peace, have the best birthday.

89. May the angels protect you, may sadness forget you, may goodness surround you, and may God always bless you, happy birthday dad.

90. Hello dad, how are you today? May God bless you today and forever, and keep you safe forever, happy birthday.

91. May God bless you today on your birthday and may it be a new beginning, of greater heights, success, and happiness, ha hay birthday dad.

92. This birthday feeling never

ends, it’s a signal for a new beginning, have fun dad, happy birthday!

93. God thought that he couldn’t be everywhere he created a father, thanks for being my God on earth, happy birthday dad.

94. A sweeter smile, a brighter day, hope everything turns out better for you today, happy birthday dad.

95. May God be with you today and give you a peaceful and loving mind and may he shower his love on you, happy birthday daddy!

96. Just like the rain can’t be stopped from falling, God’s love and mercy won’t stop pouring on you forever, happy birthday papa.

97. As the sky shows us a beautiful sunrise, may God shower you with lots of love and happiness on your birthday dad, have fun today.

98. I hope and pray you to wake up renewed and refreshed and comforted by God’s company. Happy Birthday pops!

99. I’m sending this message of love to you on your birthday to wish you nothing but the best, I love you dad.

100. Freshness, dreams, truth, happiness, love is all I wish you on your birthday have fun dad, I love you.

101. May the joy and peace of your birthday be with you for the rest of the year, keep soaring high, happy birthday dad!

A father is your first support, friend, and love, make sure you tell him how much he means to you on his birthday.

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