Book face ideas are a fun and interesting way to read and discover new books to add to your collections.

Ever thought of ways to bring fun into reading? After analyzing over 1 million book face ideas by clever librarians, online bookstores, and book lovers who are bringing so much creativity into the library, we’ve put together the top 100 best book face ideas 2022 to take creative #bookfacefriday photography and make reading fun even if you’re not a book nerd who always have their nose stuck in a book.


Visual platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest encouraged book lovers to take their creativity to a whole new level by morphing their face or any body part into a book cover to have nice photography with their favorite books or a book cover that fits in properly for a fabulous shot. This is also a great way to help offline materials come into the trend of social media and get discovered by millions of people who are searching for new interesting books to read in 2022.

Every weekend, people tend to share their Friday book face with the following popular social media hashtags; #bookface, #bookstagram, #booknerd, or #bookfacefriday. The kids are not left behind in the book face lifestyle, parents can even discover a perfect book to use as a book face for kids. There’s an idea for everyone to create the best bookface photo for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other visual apps whenever you come across books with faces on the covers or any partial body part.

What is a book face?

Bookface is a photo game or challenge in which people keep a book cover on their face or a matching body part to join art and life in a photo. This is similar to sleeveface and moneyface photographs.

When you try to complete or continue the photo on a book cover with your body part, you’re merely bookfacing. You will learn more about book face definition when you take a look at our favorite samples below.

Best Book face ideas 2022 for booklovers.

We’ve put together the best Bookface ideas from a variety of sources that will inspire your next creative bookface photographs.

Once you have your favorite book cover for the shoot, simply face a huge standing mirror to position the cover well and then take a selfie or have someone help you out with that let’s see how it turns out to be. It will be incredibly amazing, we hope. Share your fun with a book photo with friends on social media and see what their thoughts are about your first-time book face post.

1. Weston Library book face with “The Queen’s Gambit

2. Book face with “Penguin & Classics” by Jane Austen

3. Book face with “Beautiful on the Outside

4. Book faces of “Michael Bublé and Mariah Carey singing a Christmas duet”

5. “Boel and Oscar” book face idea

6. “The Governess” book face

7. Book face inspired by Alex Trebek “The Answer Is…

8. Bookface: The Meaning of Mariah Carey

9. #bookfacefriday pose for “The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society”

10. “You Should See Me in a Crown” book face

11. Bookface with “Lessons from San Quentin

12. “Sometimes You Have to Lie” book face sample

13. Bookface with “The Lucy Vibrations”

14. “Mr Dickens And His Carol” Bookface

15. “No Better Mom for the Job” book face picture

16. Book face for “The Last Widow”

17. Tan poco Vida / A Little Life

18. Book face with “The Story of Snow”

19. Book face with “The Carpenter’s Gift

20. “The Reason You Walk” book face

21. Tripple Book Face idea for #bookfacefriday contest

22. “It Will Come to Me” Kids book face idea

23. “That’s not my Elf” book face picture

24. “One Life” book cover with partial elbow book face example

25. “Miss Graham’s Cold War Cookbook” by Celia Rees

26. Book face for “Silver Packages”

27. The Look-Alike book face sample

28. “The Coldest Girl in Coldtown” book face

29. Book face for “Tender is the Flesh”

30. “White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements)” book face

31. Book face with the “Dirty Red”

32. Book face for “If I Stay”

33. Book face for “Hopeless”

34. “Truth in Pieces” book face

35. “Talking as Fast as I Can” Book cover with partial face

36. “Letters to molly” book face

37. “Making Faces” book face

38. Book face with “Haunted Melody: A Ghost Story”

39. Book face for the “Stone Cold Touch

40. Book face photo of “Hell Hath No Fury”

41. “The Sin in the Steel” book face

42. Book face for “Mexican Gothic

43. Winter themed book face “Nefertiti”

44. “Untamed” book face

45. Book face for “Anatomica” French version

46. “My Name Is Not PeaseBlossom” book face picture

47. “Leonard” book face

48. Book face with “The Woman Warrior

49. “Look Me in the Eye” book face

50. “Le choix de Diane/Diane’s Choice

51. A tasty book face Friday with the “My Paris Kitchen” cookbook

52. “Woman of Color” book face

53. Book face with “Wonderland

54. “If I Knew Then by” book face

55. “Undercover Bromance” book face

56. “The Light in Hidden Places

57. “A Bad Day for Scandal: A Crime Novel

58. “The Woman Before Wallis” book face

59. Helen Humpherys book face for her novel “Afterimage”

60. Book face for “The Last Wife

61. “The Secret Hours” book face

62. Book face with “The Book Of Lost Names

63. The “Hannah’s War” book face lifestyle

64. Book face for “The Empress of Idaho

65. “A Daring Venture” book face

66. “Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks

67. “Storm Cursed” book face idea

68. Book face with “Boost

69. “The Mistletoe Matchmaker” book face

70. Book face with “Vice Dos & Don’ts Calendar

71. “What Light” book face example

72. “The Dark Divine” book face

73. Book face with “Sorry and Bliss”

74. “All Grown Up” book face example

75. “Stephen King” Book face

76. People Magazing En Español “Selena 25 Años Despues

77. “Eyes That Kiss in the Corners” book face

78. Book face with “Camellia

79. Partial faces book cover of “Big Little Lies

80. “The Sleepwalker” book face

81. “Dress Like A Woman” book face

82. Book face idea for “I Am Here Now

83. “The Feminist Agenda of Jemima Kincaid” book face

84. “The Downing Street Years” book face

85. Book face with the “Black Painted Fingernails

86. Book face picture with “What the Wind Knows

87. “The Transatlantic Book Club” book face

88. Book Face Friday with “Dead Until Dark

89. Book face with “Wilder Girls

90. “And We Stay” book face example

91. “Junk Boy” book face photography

92. Book face picture for “Lovely War

93. “Red Lotus” book face idea

94. “Ostwind/East Wind” book face photograph

95. “The Nutcracker” book face

96. Book face for “Getting Even

97. Book face image of “Thanku: Poems of Gratitude

98. “Mother Knows Best” A Tale of the Old Witch book face

99. Book face with “Qajar paintings

100. “The Collector’s Apprentice” book face

How to take a perfect book face photograph

Now that you have seen our collation of the best book face ideas, we think you may want to give it a try this weekend and have your own book face for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or any visual app of your choice using books with faces on the cover or any other body part you would have to complete in your shot.

Fortunately, you can capture book face photographs using your smartphones, so here are some tips to create your own book face with ease.

  • Find a book with a body part.
  • Think about the posture, hair, and dress type that will give the best match.
  • Stand before a mirror holding the book with one hand to check if it’s properly placed and make use of your selfie camera to capture it.
  • Try multiple shots and figure out the best photo to publish.
  • Add a little description or a caption inspired by the book title or select from our list of the best Instagram captions.

The above is the basic step-by-step guide for DIY book face, some book face photographs might require the efforts of more than one person. In that case, you and other librarians might have to work as a team to come up with the most fabulous picture that will bring out the beauty of a book and boost social media engagement when you finally post it online.

To increase visibility, do not forget to tag any online library you know, also consider adding any or all of the following popular book face hashtags; #bookfacefriday, #bookstagram, #booknerd, #booklover, #bookface, #librarylife.