Finding the right vintage-style engagement rings to buy will be stressful. After all, you have likely never tried one before. Plus, this can be the most significant purchase ever. So the pressure is on.

Shopping for vintage and antique jewelry might seem like a whole new language to decode. Not to mention, you can’t say no to a good old fashion surprise crowned by vintage and antique jewelry.

No matter your position, style, budget, and timeline, here are seven tips to help you find the vintage and antique jewelry of your lover’s dreams.

1. Research to find what you like

My apologies to begin with a boring one, but it has to be said. The use of the word ‘research’ here is intentional because most women had gone down this path when they were five.

It might seem obvious, but do your homework to get the rings with the aesthetic you have in mind. First things first, now that you choose a vintage engagement ring over others, find additional reasons why your fiancée would love it.

Besides, women love a good story to a special day. Vintage and antique jewelry are perfect candidates for the bride’s hunt for ‘something old, new, borrowed, and blue.’ After all, they carry a lot of stories from the past.

Imagine walking around the engagement party sporting an antique engagement ring from the 60s or even before the First World War. Then, research to find something with an interesting backstory.

2. Buy what you Love

Are you keen on buying something with an interesting backstory? Good. Plenty of couples are heading away from new engagement and wedding rings and giving this marriage thing a good nudge with something from the past.

Indeed, antiques will always be seen as priceless, but be sure to find something of greater value to your fiancée. Lucky for you, most vintage and antique jewelry have two things to boast about: charm and romance.

Vintage rings can give a woman a sense of royalty. After all, the trend finds a major boost from royal engagements and weddings, with royal princes giving invaluable heirlooms to thief future wives.

There is no shortage of touching ideas or style to gift your special someone. So now is the time to dig up hard-to-find clues of the kind of vintage style engagement rings your fiancée fancies.

3. Ask Questions

Yes, before buying vintage or antique jewelry, ask questions about the kind of antique and vintage jewelry available for sale. Then, the jewelry store owners or attendants are much more familiar with the attributes of each item.

Vintage jewelry is easy to spot, but finding the right piece is something else altogether. However, if you know what your significant other wants in terms of ring design, this information helps focus the engagement ring hunt immensely.

Traditionally, yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum are the go-to metals for bands. However, a specialist can also point you to upcoming choices like rose gold, which adds a fresh and modern perspective to vintage and antique jewelry.

If you know the kind of vintage and antique ring or jewelry to buy but are struggling to find it, ask the vendors for help. Just as there is meaning to kisses on different parts of the body, there is meaning to every kind and part of old jewelry, and the vendors are experts in this.

4. Think about how you plan to wear your Vintage Style Jewelry

As a bride and groom-to-be, there are fewer and fewer style rules to follow. That’s because engagements and weddings have become more progressive. Before you whip out vintage-style jewelry and call it a day, think about how you plan to put it on.

This should be a no-brainer, but it still bears saying. Brides are ditching traditional gowns in favor of elegant pants, while grooms are passing up a typical black tux for pastel suits. So what worked before might not work today.

Read the feel of the engagement party and wedding ahead of time. Keep in mind that the bride cares about this thing dress-code-wise. So use your knowledge of her to narrow down your vintage-style engagement ring options.

5. Shop true to your size

Most brides, or bride-to-be, will not take off their engagement and wedding rings. They will wear them through summer, meet-ups with friends, work, exercise, and everything else. All times the fingers swell and contract with the temperature of the day.

Whatever you choose, remember that your vintage-style engagement ring will be a constant sparkly symbol your partner will never live without. Get a vintage ring vendor to find the perfect ring size to put together a ring size guide.

Nothing will be more disheartening than losing precious jewelry to the streets or the depths of the kitchen sink. Finding the ring fit is something you can do at home with simple hacks like using a string and ruler.

If you are on a secret mission, you can send some of your partner’s jewelry that fits the vendor for size measurements. There is a lot you can do here.

6. Take Extra Care with your Vintage

Your jewelry has enemies. Dirt, dust, moisture, and shocks are common and dangerous. Furthermore, extreme temperatures and UV radiation can damage your vintage and antique jewelry.

No fine vintage jewelry will sparkle better if it is maltreated, even inadvertently. They are intricate mechanisms that need extra care.

Even in relationships, men need extra care and attention. That’s why married men go to strip clubs after all. The problems with vintage jewelry are few, and most are easily fixable.

7. Find a great jewelry Vendor

Quality control applies to everything – not just your sneaker collection, but vintage and antique jewelry, too. It is your duty to ensure the ring is of the best quality.

Don’t fret if you would like a particular vendor, yet your partner likes another. No rule says you have to like the same things. The key is to find something that will complete the dress code of the day, and that comes from great vendors.

Find the best jewelry vendor around or online. Fine vintage jewelry should be purchased like the precious goods they are, so do your homework right.

Final words

There are rings and jewelry, and then there are vintage-style engagement rings and antique jewelry. The former are things to accessorize your hand, while the latter tells the world the kind of partner you have, one who cares about craftsmanship, tradition, and most importantly, you.