You don’t expect people to read your mind and respond to it, you’ve to learn how to converse with anyone when you find yourself in the midst of new people without getting tongue-tied and nervous.

Do not worry if you find it difficult to come up with great conversation topics or have had several conversations die in awkward silence, we got your back.

So, how do you make a conversation interesting?

To start a conversation with someone for the first time can appear to be an uphill battle, even to engage in a meaningful conversation and kill awkward silence with someone you already know can sometimes be daunting especially when you don’t know some good things to talk about.

Most of us have once witnessed a moment our brain went blank and left us with nothing to talk about while seated with our partner, friends, or family. Unless it has happened to you, it would be hard to understand how boring and awkward such moments can be.

Honestly, it is possible to have an amazing conversation with anyone, at any time, and become less boring if only you’ve got the best conversation starters and great conversation topics that are memorable enough. If this is something you have to achieve, wave aside religious and political topics if you don’t want to land in messy arguments.

Whether you’re looking for what to say to not make a conversation boring, or you’re purely scared of being quiet and awkward, we have got helpful tips for everyone in the categories you would find interesting such as the;

Things To Talk About With Your Crush – Best List Of Conversation Topics For Your Crush

Trying to figure out what to talk about with your boy crush or a girl you’re crushing on, can be daunting because you don’t want to come off as an awkward and boring person. That’s why you’re here and we have got interesting conversation topics to make him glued to you even if you’re having late-night conversations with your crush for the first time.

What’s your biggest turn-off?

So long as you would like to impress your crush in a conversation and make him or her like you more, you would want to know what they cannot stand.

Do you normally need more time alone after staying in a crowd?

Your crush’s response to this question will make it clear to you if he or she is an introvert or an extrovert. That will help your personality compatibility test to determine if your crush is an outdoor or indoor person.

What current trend do you think is overrated?

Find out what trend your crush doesn’t think is what the hype and probably why they think so.

Talk about travel destinations

If your crush loves traveling, we’re sure they will have enough stories to share about their travel experiences. This is a fun topic you should try when next you meet your crush.

Make your crush the center of the discussion.

Ask your crush personal questions about what they want the most out of life but do not forget that this is a conversation and not an interrogation. Monitor their reactions and figure out when they’re becoming uncomfortable and then switch topics.

Talk about their goals.

Give your crush ample time to talk about their big dreams and what they’re doing to bring them into reality. People like to talk about themselves and this will incredibly give your crush a boost that will make the conversation flow with ease and not die off fast.

Figure out what they like doing when they’re less busy.

Hobbies are good topics to talk about which enables you to get to know your crush better and what they’re most interested and passionate about. You may also find some shared hobbies that you can discuss more together.

Ask your crush about his/her favorite movies

This is an indirect way to tell if your crush would like to stay indoors and have their face stuck on a TV screen or that kind of person who is not crazy about movies. If it happens that there’s a movie you both have seen, talking about it can make the conversation last even longer and interesting because everyone would have a story to tell about the most interesting movies they’ve seen.

What sports are they passionate about?

Get your crush talking when you ask “What’s your favorite sports?” it will make them open up and talk at length with you. Your crush will never get bored talking about their favorite football team, baseball, or any other sports they love so much.

Talk about family

This conversation will last for hours so long as your crush is a family person who would love to talk about his family hierarchy and how loving his/her siblings are.

What does your crush like reading about?

The types of books people read can be used to determine the kind of person they’re. Figure out what books your crush has read and what interests them the most, share yours equally with them and you may end up discovering new books to add to your collections or even try to have some book face photograph together.

What are you trying to change about yourself?

Each and every one of us is working to improve our lives and this topic will make your crush open up who they’re and who they’re trying to become.

Interesting Things To Talk About Over Text

Looking for how to keep a conversation going over text with anyone? This section is specially baked for you with the most amazing list of good conversation topics for texting.

Every relationship starts with a good and proper communication. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and have ample interesting topics to talk about with your partner, it will incredibly fill the gap created by geographical distance and make you grow deeper in love with him/her.

Distance is nothing when the hearts are close and that’s why you have to make use of the following topics to keep a text conversation going with a girl or a guy.

What’s your favorite type of song?

Whether you intend to figure out a number of their favorite songs and prepare an amazing playlist for them or you simply want to know their favorite lines from the songs they like to listen to. This is an interesting topic question over text for anyone you want to keep a conversation with.

What’s your favorite quote about life?

This will unveil to you someone’s perspective about life and the inspiration they derive from such quotes.

What’s a meme you would like to share?

Everyone likes to laugh and it’s amazing if that’s coming from your partner. Allow them the time to pick from the best Monday memes that are extremely hilarious or some other funny memes from across the internet and share them with you.

What app on your phone are you most likely to recommend?

Everyone has a number of apps they can’t live without, it could be an abs app to help you achieve your six-pack dreams or a diet app that will bring a total turn around in your nutrition.

What inspired your best 5 photos?

Everyone would like to see photos of their loved ones and more than this, some stories behind it too. When they share the photos alongside the inspiration for the pose, location, and what they were up to, it makes the whole conversation over text interesting.

What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Figure out if they’re fearful or fearless to try something new.

Who’s your favorite celebrity crush?

Did they say Adele or Jay Z? Their favorite celebrity crush can be used to determine who their role model is and the kind of music they love or personality they would like to be with.

What are your weekend plans?

Get to know if they’re busy or less busy by the weekend and figure out if you can plan something together?

Text me your day in emoji?

A fun way to know how their day went.

What are things you would like to talk about without getting tired?

Take note of their options and consider them as things to text when a conversation dies with them. If you text without getting a reply, remember the topics they told you they can discuss without getting tired and then text it to them.

Things To Talk About With A Girl – Most Interesting Topics To Discuss With Any Girl

Every day we keep coming across new people, at the workplace, in high school, and in a variety of places as we go about our daily activities. When you come across a girl, how do you start a conversation with her for the first time? Even if it’s someone you already know before, how do you intend to start a conversation and keep it going?

Most guys find it difficult to figure out things to talk about with a girl on the phone, in a face to face conversation, or over a chat without being boring. We gave put together in this section a list of random interesting topics to talk about with the girls in your life.

If you think the only conversation a girl will consider interesting should revolve around fake eyelashes, handbags, and dresses only, you need to have a rethink and discover a bunch of topic ideas that will make her stimulated and wanting to talk or hear more.

Ask a girl about her day.

“How are you?” isn’t enough to start and keep a conversation going with a girl as you’re most likely going to receive the “I’m fine” response.

Ask her how her day went and how she’s feeling about it.

What are your goals?

When you ask a girl about her goals, it indicates you care about her future and you’re not only concerned with the present.

What are your hobbies?

Get to know her better by asking her questions that will make her open up about her interests. This will not only make you get to know her more but will give you strategic ideas on what you should do in relation to her interests next time you meet.

What are you most proud of?

People naturally like talking about their achievements, giving them room to discuss it with you and showing how intrigued you’re, can give them an incredible amount of boost.

Talk about her family.

Asking about a girl’s family is a positive way to get deep into a conversation with her. It shows you don’t just care about her but also her loved ones.

Ask about her friends.

Get to know her preferences for a friend and people she keeps as friends. Her friends are just like family members away from home and the type of friends someone keeps can say a lot about the kind of person they’re.

Travel destination

Talk about places she has been to and would like to visit or would never visit even if she’s offered a free plane ticket and why?

Favorite movies and songs.

Find out her favorite movie collections on Netflix and the genre of music she likes the most. Media content people consume really says a lot about them and how much time they spend on it.

Politics and religion

We warned against this topic at the beginning as something you may consider to way aside if you’re not ready for a full-blown argument, but if you want to give it a try, make sure it’s on the surface value. At least you would get to know their opinions about religion and politics.

Topics about relationships and love life

Relationship and love topics are considered personal. Talk about it only when you have reached a deep level of conversation and when it deems you both are comfortable talking about it.

Things To Talk About With A Guy – Interesting Topics For A Guy

Do you have male friends but keep wondering easy things to talk about with a guy to keep the conversation going? Whether you’re bothered with how to keep a conversation going with a guy over text or in a face to face conversation, the following conversation starter ideas will help you land into a deep conversation with him even if he’s a stranger boy and get to know him better.

Ask him his name.

If you’re meeting a guy for the first time, a great way to start a conversation with him is to ask him his name. When he says it, you can proceed to ask for the meaning and then let him know yours.

Ask him what he does for a living.

Every guy has at least one or two things they do whether professional or personal, to keep their hands busy and probably earn a living. You will get to know how decent and legit his job is, and if it’s not.


Tell him about an event happening or an upcoming event you would like to attend with him. You could get lucky he joins you to the even so you guys can have even more time to get to know each other better. 

Ask him what he does with his free time.

Even the workaholic has some time off work and what happens within such moments is where his interests lie. Finding out what a guy is much interested in will determine if you both are compatible and help you figure out how to incorporate them in your interactions with him.

Childhood stories.

Don’t let maturity make the childhood in you die off. Share your interesting childhood stories with him and you would be surprised he will get talking for hours about his own childhood experiences.

Talk about his dreams.

Every guy out there at least have a big dream, get to know what those dreams are and what they’re doing to bring them into reality. You may have ideas to share with him on how you achieved yours or what factors could help him make his dreams come through.

Topics about food.

Talk about food, everyone eats and would like to talk about their favorites. Ask him his favorite type of cuisines and if he knows how to cook, you can also share your nutrition and kitchen experience with him.

Ask him if he’s single.

Asking about a guy’s relationship status can be sneaky but it is positive to know upfront if a guy is in a relationship or not, to know your limits.

If you don’t want to come off as creepy, you can ask indirectly to get the answer to the question in your mind. If you met the guy while you’re on a trip, you can ask “You came to CA with your girlfriend?” you would get a response that would be satisfactory.

What’s your plan for the weekend?

If he’s free by the weekend, you can invite him for lunch or a movie. If he’s interested in you, he won’t miss the invitation and that’s a great opportunity for you guys to get to know more about each other while having fun.

Ask him about his favorite places to travel.

Not only will you get to know places he has traveled to, but you will also hear his experiences, places he would like to revisit and places he would never visit. If he has an upcoming travel plan, he can share it with you or have some recommendations from you regarding his next vacation.

Things To Talk About With Your Best Friend

Have you ever seen yourself seated with your best friends and couldn’t figure out interesting topics to discuss with them? It happens oftentimes that’s why we have created a list of how well do you know me questions, to get you all talking about each other.

However, if you don’t want to bombard your friends with so many questions, there are things to talk about with your best friends over text or in a face to face conversation and get to know more about each other.

No matter how short or long you’ve been friends with each other, there’s always a new thing to learn about your BBFs whenever you hold a meaningful conversation with them.

Books they like reading.

Get your friends to discuss the books that changed their lives. If such books have impacted your friends positively, we’re sure you would also give it a try.

What friendship means to them.

Everyone has their definition of true friendship and things they can tolerate in their relationship with people. This conversation topic with friends can uncover a little secrete about what your friend wants the most in your friendship with him or her, it could be loyalty and honesty or anything else. You will get to find out…

Ask them about a current event.

If there’s a popular event in town or trend on social media, you can share your opinions with them and get to know what’s their take on it.

Discuss your school days.

Even if you didn’t go to the same school, talking about your school days, favorite and most dreaded high school subjects can keep the conversation going for hours without making anyone feel bored or awkward.

Their favorite movie/TV show.

You can find a new interest by getting to know what your friends do in their spare time, if they’ve got some favorite movies or TV shows, you can follow their recommendations and get on Netflix to figure out how interesting it is.

Who is your idol?

Everyone has someone they’re looking up to, getting to know your friend’s role model will uncover the kind of person they want to be in the future?

What is your biggest turn-off?

Did they say anything they couldn’t stand despite the level of friendship you have with them? Respect that if you value their friendship.

Play the would you rather game.

Would you rather question games for friends are great conversation starters that will kill awkward silence when you play them with your friends. It will teach you a lot of new things about your friend; you might be shocked by their responses and reasons.

Things To Talk About With Your Boyfriend

“How do I keep a conversation going with my boyfriend?” or “how can I entertain my boyfriend over text?” are common questions most ladies who are in a relationship ask, to bring fun and engagement into their love life.

When you know what to talk about with a guy, he won’t see you as a boring girlfriend and that’s a plus for you and will make you get to know more about each other. Try the following topics with him.

Talk about the s*x.

No matter how you decide to paint it, the truth is that physical intimacy plays a very important role in relationships and can make you both grow deeper in love. Talking about it is positive and will help you figure out where you need to improve and certain things you should get rid of to create a memorable bedroom experience with your partner. If not for any other thing, just to make sure you both are on the same page.

Talk about his future plans.

When you bring up the topics about his future plans, it will show how big or small his goals are and if you’re part of the plans. You both can make amends and present ideas on how to make the next 5 or 10 years from now even better. Whether it is your financial or relationship goals, improvement is highly possible especially when it’s worked on consistently.

What do you want the most out of life?

Since he’s your boyfriend, it’s okay to ask him this personal question to get to know his personal views about life.

Talk about their regrets.

In as much as it’s not everyone who would like to talk about the past especially a regrettable one, it’s advisable to be courteous about this very topic. A person’s regrets can reveal many things about them and this is best discussed when you both are in the right mood to share your biggest mistakes, regrets, opportunities missed and lessons learned.

Learn more about what inspires him.

Be it a role model, a quote, or positive words of affirmation, this is the right topic to discover what shaped his life and you stand a better chance to learn more about your partner’s values and priorities in life.

Bring jokes into your conversations with him.

You don’t have to be a world-class comedian before you can make your partner laugh out loud and roll on the floor. If you’re the type that finds it difficult telling funny stories, you can pick from the list of funniest jokes on Reddit or get some memes about his jobs or hobbies and share with him.

Play games together.

There will never be a boring moment whenever you’re with him if you have got some fun games to play with your boyfriend such as; Would You Rather Question Games, how well do you know me questions, this or that question games, and the most likely to question games.

Talk about his job.

Show that you care about him and what he does for a living. If his job is stressful, you can discuss ways to make his job less stressful and productive.

Ask about his day.

Asking to know how his day went is something you should get used to especially if both of you spent time apart. Making this a daily topic will make it easier for you to figure out when your boyfriend is having a bad day or not.

Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

What should you talk about with your girlfriend without getting her bored? Aside from the cute questions to ask your girlfriend, we have prepared in this section, the best topics to talk about with your girlfriend at night, in the day time, when you are bored, or over the text to deepen your connection with her.

Ask your girlfriend about her day.

Your sincere and genuine curiosity about her life will show her how much you care about her and this will leave her talking for hours explaining everything that happened today while she was at home, at work, or interacting with friends.

Talk about childhood experiences.

You can tell her about an interesting part of your early life and what you’ve always wanted to become when you were a kid and then ask her about hers. Pay attention to every detail, give her a listening ear, and get to discover a lot more about her upbringing.

Share some little secrets.

To boost the feeling of a deeper connection with your girlfriend, consider emotional and personal exchanges.

Travel locations.

Talks about travel with your girlfriend will always be more interesting and bonding than talks about Netflix and the best movie of the year which can land both of you into serious arguments.

Play thought-provoking games with her.

Kill the awkward silence with the following fun games, Truth or Dare games, and Would You Rather question game to light up the moment and not be tagged a boring boyfriend.

Ask her about her worst experience.

Sharing stories about things that have happened in the past we wish never happened is a common way to become more vulnerable to each other. You will get to know how your partner managed such awkward situations in the past and lessons they’ve learned so far.

Share interest.

Learn to talk about the things you have in common and your difference won’t be a problem as you would always see a variety of ways you’re the same.

Talk about what you love about her.

To make your girlfriend blush over text or in a face to face conversation, tell her about what made you like her in the first place and why you would always like her more with each passing day.

Who’s her role model?

To uncover a lot about your girlfriend, her dreams and hopes, ask her who she’s looking up to. We all at least have one or more people that inspire us.

Plan your future together.

When you’re connected to each other, you should be able to discuss your next move in life with your partner. This greatly shows you have them at heart and your girlfriend will stay glued to you for making her part of the big deal.