How To Start A Conversation With A Celebrity On Instagram

how to get a celebrity to notice your DM

Did any celebrity respond to you on Instagram? No, I guess, and that is why you are here.

If you are worried about what happens if you message a celebrity on Instagram, then worry no more. You are in the right place to get the best tips on how to send a DM to your favorite celebrity and get a reply.

Instagram is one of the top apps celebrities use in sharing lovely photos of their luxurious lifestyles and events. There are also known Instagram hoax lol! But Instagram isn’t only about sharing photos, it has a lot of engaging features such as; the Instagram reels, stories, and Direct message (DM).

Two days ago while making a post about Instagram live video, I stumble on Quora and noticed a lot of people complain about not getting a reply from celebrities regardless of the number of messages sent to them. You like the most followed man on Instagram and it has always been your dream to have a private conversation with him but no way! This can be incredibly frustrating.

Many people have also asked to know whether celebrities actually reply to DMs on Instagram sent from their fans or not and why don’t celebrities answer people on social media in general?

There were a whole lot of questions stemming from people who are diehard fans of different famous and most followed persons on Instagram because they really want to communicate with them but getting noticed by their favorite celebrities seemed impossible.

I understand how frustrating it can be when your favorite celebrity doesn’t notice your DM despite your numerous attempts. Knowing celebrities that respond to Instagram DM, or celebrities that follow back on Instagram is not the case here, but how do you get a celebrity to reply your DM? In this case, your favorite celebrity that is on Insta.

How to get a celebrity to notice your DM

The following tips will give you ideas on how to start a conversation properly, DM a celebrity, and get a response. Exactly the same methods I use for starting a conversation with my favorite celebrities on Instagram.

1. Set outstanding Instagram profile

I understand you are a real human and won’t like your account to appear as a fake Instagram profile to your favorite celebrity or anyone who looks at it.

So, have a presentable Instagram account, with real likes and followers. You necessarily do not need to grow your Instagram followers to thousands or millions to get a celebrity to notice you.

However, if you have a lot of Instagram followers, it would be an added advantage but that isn’t an easy one. Fortunately, the number of followers you have, it’s not a criterion for sending a Dm to celebrities online.

2. Get celebrities to follow you on Instagram

One of the best and hard things to do is to get a celebrity to follow back on IG. When they do, your messages won’t come to them as a request. It will go directly to their inbox on Instagram and they are more likely to see it and leave a reply.

If there’s any celebrity you would like to follow you back on Instagram, you first have to make them like you or fall in love with your smartness, respect, and passion by reposting their photos on your Instagram stories, or share a meme and tag them. You are more likely to get a follow back even from the most followed celebrity on Instagram when they finally see it. Although this is not as easy as it sounds, it is possible.

However, the main purpose of this post does not rely solely on how to make celebrities follow your Instagram account but to get them to notice your DM because I know a lot of celebrities with 0 following on Instagram, people like; Eminem, Dalai Lama, Adele, and co. but it is still possible to start a conversation with them.

3. Partake in their live video

Instagram live video is very interactive and most celebrities on Instagram use it more often to interact with their fans. If it is a question and answer moment to get feedback from their followers about an album release, product launch, or a brand, your creative comments can attract an invitation to go live with your favorite celebrity or you could also be asked to slide into the DM and drop a message.

4. Show your support

Getting noticed by a celebrity on Instagram isn’t an easy one but it is possible, you simply have to go out of the box this time around.

I know it sounds strange to see me mention show your support. You do not have to send them money to get noticed, make a short video clip of you using their product, dancing to their music, or crop an interesting part of their movie performance, and make it more engaging and then upload and tag them on Instagram. Do not also forget to use hashtags on your posts.

If your content gets noticed, they will repost it and tag you. Wow! This will be a dream come through, not only will it boost your Instagram followers, it can attract a celebrity to your DM to appreciate your wonderful talent for being so creative.

5. Ask a question

Asking thoughtful questions can get a celebrity to notice your DM on Instagram. Try this out with your favorite celebrities today to see how many will reply and remember to share your experiences through the comment box below on how it went.

Let me send a DM to Nickki Minaj (Mrs. PEtty) and my favorite celebrity crush Dwayne Johnson.

DM’ing Nikki for the first time on Instagram? Try this.

Hey, Nicky are you working on a new album?

Example #2, let’s get to know how many times the most followed man in America hits the gym per week.

Sup man, how many times in a week do you visit the gym?

Feel free to tweak my examples and send them to your favorite Instagram celebrity, you might get lucky and receive a response this time around.

Final words

Don’t just be the regular type of person who stalks celebrities online. Understand that when you send a message to someone who is not following you, it will come in as a request, and trust me, those celebrities have millions of people sending them messages, and fetching yours can be difficult if they are not following you and your message isn’t outstanding.

If you are yet to get a celebrity reply to your DMs, understand that you really need to follow my recommendations and give it time.

Let me know, who is that favorite celebrity that you would like to notice your DM? Leave it in the comment box below.

What do you think?


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    • My favourite is Mr Macaroni, funnyboyz comedy and Zic saloma

      I’ll love to gain their attention


  1. I want avi angel to notice my Dm on instagram but i know it’s impossible

    • My favourite celebrity is hoyeon jung please help me she is like the number one pls I have tried everything

  2. What will my second sentence be after getting replied by the celebrity. I would actually like to meet them professionally for business.

  3. I would love to message Travis Fimmel and have him respond back to me. Except he’s rarely active on IG and that’s his only verified account. So I’m wondering if IG is the best place to try and send him a message then?!

  4. I’m getting ♥️ by some of my messages every other week by a celebrity I keep sending and writing to, but does that really mean it’s them or someone doing this for them. Really confusing

  5. Thankfully I didn’t need to take any extra step to impress my targeted celebrity,comments that I have left so far received decent number of hearts on IG.And its an honour for me to be upclose that too at no cost.I follow celebrities from different parts of the world,those who were mindblown at my replies either hearted it or responded back ❤

  6. Great tips! I would like to do this to my idol and visit their IG profiles someday. You can also make a better IG profile and get lots of fans or you can order fans and followers from reliable social media providers, so if you will be asking something from them and he checks out your profiles, he will see that you have good number of followers and he will consider replying you.

  7. I loved it when you said that if you are worried about what happens if you message a celebrity on Instagram, then worry no more. My daughter is looking for a photo studio that shoots like those of celebrities. I will share this post for her to have information on where to find a celebrity photography service.

  8. I just read the article and found it really amazing for the readers like me. I really hope that I will get more in the future like this.

  9. I watch Rediculousness everyday and would love to be able to let Rob, Chanel, and Steelo know how much I enjoy watching them interact with eachother. I’ve hung out with them every day, in and out of jail, for years now and really consider them my best friends! I want them to know that they all have such lively smiles that are really special and even excite a manic depressive such as myself. Lol

  10. Bella Shurmda I’m a big fan of his, will really like him to reply..

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