What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone You Don’t Know?

On average every one of us dreams 7 times per night. We might not even realize it, but this does not in any way contradict the fact that it happens. Most times people claim they don’t dream but it is very unlikely to be possible.

However, there are a number of persons who wish to dream and know what it feels like dreaming about someone they don’t know.

Not long after we published a post on what does it mean to dream about someone, several persons have asked us some dream-specific interpretations regarding; “what if you dream about someone you don’t know in real life?” “Why did I dream about someone I don’t know?” this is just to mention a few of the questions we got in our email.

Whether you found yourself dreaming of being in love with someone you’ve never met or even dreaming about someone you don’t talk to anymore, the truth remains that they have their meanings as you will see in this post.

When you hear people talk about dreaming about a stranger, don’t be filled with the “can you dream of someone you never met” doubts. Most dreams can appear to us with unknown faces.

Most times people we dream of are people we have met some time ago in the past or have seen on the television. It might be that we did not notice them but their images are formed in our memories. Despite the fact that we could have difficulties in tracing where we saw them, it is possible these strangers keep appearing in our dreams.

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Even in a real-life situation, it is still possible to see someone you don’t know and keep wondering where you know them from because the face looks familiar (i.e the image already printed in your memory).

What it means to dream about someone you don’t know

1. You’re going to experience something new

dreaming about a guy you don't know

Dreaming of being in love with someone you’ve never met or dreaming about a guy you don’t know, isn’t what you think it is, there’s more to it.

When you see an unknown person in your dream, it could be that you’re about to have a new experience which could be negative or positive. It could be that you’re about having a new relationship and enjoying your life or an indication of strange happenings.

Previously, I indicated that strange people you see in your dream are people you might have seen unaware in the past.

Dreaming about someone you don’t know personally and feeling it is happening in real life is as a result of previous random images formed in your memories.

Even if you have a dream about someone you don’t know and you like her, it doesn’t mean you will definitely meet her in real life.

If you dream about an unknown person being your lover, it is likely that the image (person) does not even exist but that’s what your subconscious mind uses in the representation of messages in your dream.

When you dream about someone you don’t know and it is a romantic dream, this can also be called a dream about falling in love with someone you’ve never met. It simply indicates that you want a romance, a deep commitment, or a casual relationship especially if this dream happens when you’re single.

2. The loss of confidence

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone You Don’t Know

Dreams about strangers are most likely to be the representation of our inner self.

When you begin to feel inhibiting, or learning new habits that you’re physically unaware of in your real life, it can end up appearing in your dreams as someone who’s a stranger.

However, dreams about talking to a stranger or falling in love with a stranger can be hard to explain. There are usually no straightforward interpretations to it.

But hence you can remember exactly how you feel while and after dreaming about an unknown person, it also has a lot of contributions in making the dream interpretation better.

3. Your wishes

dreaming about wealth

If wishes were horses, beggars will ride…

When you dream about someone you don’t know, it could be that it is a reflection of an aspect of your life you’re yet to discover or achieve.

The type of lifestyle you want to live and even more of the things you frequently think about in the daytime can be used subconsciously to mold characters that will play the role in your dreams.

If you’re having financial challenges, or let’s say you engage in menial jobs that make your hands hurt and end up not making enough money that can settle your bills, your thoughts will be filled with wishes on the possibility to quickly become rich and live a life of luxury.

Since you don’t have all the attributes of what your thoughts are filled with, a strange person appears in your dream “someone with the whole attribute” to play the role.

Over to you

Since there are several possible things a strange person could do or say in your dreams, it becomes paramount for you to note those things.

The best way to interpret a dream is by analyzing everything regarding you; your activities, wishes, habits, and state of mind. This is a sure way to help you determine what it means to dream about someone you don’t know.

Let’s hear from you…

Have you ever seen someone you don’t know in your dream?

When you see someone you’ve never met in your dream, what does it mean to you?

What do you think?

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  1. Hi at the first i have to say i remeber all of my dreams cuz i write them with full detailes and my qustion is i had a dream few days ago in a part of it i seen a girl that she was in the place that only boys was there and she was diffrent i never had feelings like that when i seen someone i felt like when ever she was luagh like the whole world are luaghing i can write about it the whole day i cant get it out of my head and i cant move on i know the dream had somthing important on it i need answers
    Cuz evrything i do im just see her evrey where in the smoke of ciggaret on the white wall when i trying to clear my mind i can even hear her while im in the very quiet place i need help so much
    Please answer my qustion
    P.s sorry fo bad grammer

    • If I understand what you said, it could be a sign of being different. You should check the kind of people around you in real life and see if what they’re doing fits in properly with your kind of person and what you plan for the future.

      • I met someone in my dream. He was in a house that was pretty but had struggles inside. I went to his house snuck out of mine where my boyfriend was. I called from his bed and told him I was there and I’m staying the night. I looked out this guy’s br window and I could see my boyfriend outside of our house waiting for me. Apparently his house was my neighbor? Some girl died in this random guy’s house and I left his to come home. I knew someone had died and so I fled. Cops arrived and the guy i saw and some other guy he was living with were being questioned.. im pretty sure the girl died by something falling on her. When I left I remember being in the grocery store parking lot in my car with my boyfriend and saw my ex pull in in his nice truck and parked right in front of me. I hid my face so he couldn’t see me and my boyfriend said thats it im gonna do something and followed him in and I don’t know why but when I went in it turns into my childhood house and now my whole family is together and fighting with some strangers at dinner, which one of them were notably one of the officers who arrived at the scence earlier. There were some making fun of me so I stick my dad onto them good. I can’t form the good comeback that was in my head as if i was stuttering or couldn’t find a fast enough comeback and the mean guest said “how’s it feel to be looked at like you’re stupid?” I told him “I don’t know find out yourself”, then I went upstairs to find the guy that I was in his bedroom earlier on. I held him close and kissed him and cried begging for him not to go. He cried and kissed me then vanishes. I sat on the stairwell and cried and look in the reflection of the window to see my ex truck gone and see my boyfriend sitting in my computer room on the side of my stairwell waiting for me patiently.. But I was so sad I just stayed on the stairs crying. Then I woke up. Also another notable thing is the guy I met was not my ex. Didn’t even look like him. Also, in my dream my ex looked like my ex. But my feeling was sad for that guy to leave me when I finally found the one. For my boyfriend because in waking life I feel like I love him and would never do that but I do wish there was more of a soul connection with him. Then my last feeling is confusion. Why is my ex continually showing in my dreams like this. And confusion as to why I was so sure about this random guy and why was I being so malicious to my boyfriend who I would never hurt?

        • Seeing your ex in the dream could mean you miss him in real life especially when you think more about the good times you both had. Those thoughts are capable to form images and scenes while you are asleep, your boyfriend who is always patiently waiting for you should inspire you to begin to appreciate what you have already.

          • Hello, what does it mean if in real life I see a guy that I think is cute once and then like 3ish weeks later I dream about the same guy?

      • I dreamed of a stranger who I knew in my dream….he was a young guy who I had gone on a date with once but something had happened to his brain and he couldn’t remember me. I tried to tell him of the situations we had been in and he started to remember some. Then his Mother interfered and he shut down….and told me to ‘f..k off’….much to his Mother’s pleasure. Then I had to get home but I didn’t know how I’d travelled there and had to sneak on a train….

      • Well I saw in my dream that I was hanging out with my friends and having fun then suddenly a person shows up whom I don’t know personally but my friends somehow know him well and then that person came forward and was talking with me and after sometime he confessed that he loved me and he was chasing me so that I will love him back day after day he would chase before me to show his love than suddenly one day he come up and cancel the registration of my college and drop an leaving certificate in the college. To my shock he came all the way home to show that in front of my family. My dad and mom was present at that time I saw my brother and few friends stopping him from getting close to me and I was still in shock that why would he cancel my college in middle of semester and give an lc after that he somehow came close to me and was trying to explain that why he did that but here the dream ends and I woke up and was still thinking what have I dreamed. Naturally any other dream I forget after 5 minutes but this dream is still in my mind and I can’t get what to make out of it, please help me to figure it out.

        • I had a dream of a boy. My dream started when I was in a abandond factory. I was trying to escape from some people from my school. I kept getting caught and they always put me in a cage but i always escaped. I kept exploring the factory trying to escape the students. Then when I was getting caught a boy with a neon orange cap came and saved my life. I told him who was he and then he laughed and said “Who am I?” and I started laughing with him. I felt a connection with him. His smile gave me a feeling inside. Both of us were exploring and helping each other and my dream ended. Now I cant get him out of my head. Ever since then I try to find someone with a neon orange who looks like the boy in my dreams.

    • It could be someone trying to tell you something. Especially if the dream is reaccurring. I often have physic dreams like that and I can’t get it out of my head sometimes, Like it has a deep meaning. I doubt your going to get real answers on here. Follow the signs and trust yourself

    • Hi my dream was about falling in love with some one i don’t know . At the start we were competing against we other then when it was half time he got my favorite flower , then he took me to away fro my friend and told me he loves me and intstantly i fell in love with him.
      My question is : will I every see him again

      • You may have such a dream again about the same guy or a different person. Dreams are capable to form images while you’re asleep, there’s no guarantee you will see him again since he’s just a stranger in your dream.

    • I dreamed about someone today and I don’t know who the person is , it’s someone I never met in the dream I was at a party and he was taking me home on this motorcycle and I got home safely I never had feelings for so much for that person in the dreams and I cants get this dream out my head to be honest but when I got him we was texting and he says “ don’t worry about being skinny because I love your personality “ I don’t know I forgot it’s hard to explain but he said something really nice & in the message I told him I was ugly and skinny then he said that

    • Hi so i had a dream that was kind of like the move quiet place and there was me and this boy who I have never seen before and I guess we liked each other in the dream and we were hiding from people (which replaces the monsters in the move) but we were like on the ground and I guess we were cuddling but we didn’t mean to and the boy who was with me said, “ I like cuddling with you.” And in my dream that is when I fell in love with him, right after that I woke up and I like him even though I don’t really remember his face and I don’t know him?

    • Hello,
      seeing you replied to some peoples dreams about strangers I would like to hear your take on my situation as well…
      I have a recurring stranger in my dreams. For decades. I see him like once per 5 years, but its so bizarre. He does not have a face though I know “I should know him”. He always shows up in my dreams when I am in helpless situation and helps me out (from being chased in the corner by zombies or just tripping and falling on walkway). But the most odd thing is that he is always obviously heartbroken whenever I ask who he is. His answers are always something like “so you still dont remember me/dont know” and he is always reassuring me in ways like “I will always help you, always be there for you”. No matter how much I scream and cry and beg to tell me who he is, he never does. Although faceless and without defined body (he is like a mist in a shape of person, normally all other people in my dreams are realistic and well defined) I have this uneasy feeling I should know him, like a long lost best friend or twin or something like that… yet I have no clue.
      our last encounter was during my unniversity studies about 8 years ago when a masked man fought with me (swordfight, kinda cool) and once he defeated me, he pulled up the mask and I realized it is “him” and so asked why the hell is he fighting me if he always swore to help me. To that his reply was “I m doing this to help you…” and in somewhat dissapointed manner left. Havent seen him in my dreams since then and it haunts me

      • I had these same dreams but I was the one helping and I do sword fight idk if that’s relevant. I had a crush that was with another man and I always wanted the best for her and all the little things. I helped her and showed no emotion because I was afraid that my best friend (her boyfriend) would stop being my friend. I just loved seeing her happy and comfort even if it didn’t come from him. This is the probable reason for my dreams in the past and I suggest that it may be you had a causing factor too.

    • Hi I had this dream few nights ago about this guy that I’ve never met in real life but his a social influencer and I don’t follow him I have seen him few times on YouTube videos and on Instagram posts and in the dream it seemed like I was back in school even though I look different than I look now and how I used to look I have lost weight and grown taller and this guy was driving a motor and I was sitting behind him hugging him from the back and I had the feeling like I’m falling deeply in love with him and somehow we were in this place that I have never seen before and the next second I was in my old house with him and he went inside like he lives there and I was waiting outside then I saw some writings that I don’t remember what it was saying. And then another second I was crying and he was comforting me and hugging me and telling me that he loves me and then we were back on the motor driving around a city idk where it was and then we were running away from some one or something idk then I woke up and ever since I can’t forget about it and I have strong feelings that idk ever since.
      I extremely confused please answer me if you know what it means.
      Just a reminder I don’t have a crush on this guy and I don’t follow him.

  2. I literally woke up from a dream and wish I hadn’t. It was meeting the love of my life after years apart. I’m dating someone and I told the love of my life it’s over with the guy I’m dating to be with the love of my life. It felt as if I was there, feelings, the tears, the joy. I rarely recall my dreams so when this happens I pay attention. It was amazing, I wish I could have that feeling in real life. I felt complete. As if everything I was missing came back to me. It tears me up to know he was just in my dreams. Those feelings were so real & I felt complete happiness.

    • Most dreams can happen to us that we would probably feel it is happening in the real-life only to wake and find out it was just a dream. 🙂

  3. Hey, so I had this dream when I was once terribly depressed until I rly wanted to kill myself until a man in my dream showed up and for some weird reason, I just can’t forget abt him and he’s the reason why I’m still here and yah, you can say I rly want to see him as I seem to “fall in love” with him (I couldn’t see his face because it was too bright in my dream) and I only dream abt him once, so what does this dream actually mean?

    • Pay attention to your love life. There’s something you’re not doing or maybe you’re shy to talk to your crush that you couldn’t look at his face.

  4. mine i don’t know the girl but she was showing soo much care and love that she even had an accident in the dream just so she can see me and also said (she can’t stand a second without seeing me) that’s the last words she said to me
    of which i didn’t even know her name or where she is from and even brought me a gift with her straigth dress inside(red colour) of which i smelled a perfume from it. and it seemed she has known me for a while and i don’t understand. i still remember her face of which i didn’t fall for her in the dream
    so please i need explanation

    • I dream about a guy I don’t know and I like him. In my dream, it’s like a school, all of the student (i think) sitting in the hall hearing some talk. I came in late and walk to the front seat cuz i think there’s someone I need to talk to in the front. But there’s no sit for me and the girl sitting in the middle with a few of guy around her. I’m a bit scared to ask the guy to move ans focus my attention to the talk. The person who talk on the stage start asking questions and mumbling the answer and turns out it was right. The person next to me look at me. I felt that i need to talk to the girl asap and i ask the person sitting beside me to change sit with her. The guy look at me with happiness shows in his face ask to make a deal “i’ll give you this seat if you’ll answer the next question for me”. I said “deal” and he change with her. I talk to the girl about something (I don’t remember) but it kind of like q&a question related to a case (i kind of settling on some problem in the school). Then, another question from the talk is been asked and this time, i got it wrong and the guy a bit speechless but i ady get out from the hall.

      Next, there’s like discussion outside of class (garden) with my teacher (i guess). I think people in the class doesn’t like me or something because i befriend with the girl in the hall. All table is full ady and i don’t have a place to sit (again). Everyone looking at me like I’m doing something wrong and the teacher ignoring me. Then i walk till i found one table that act have seat and sit there. Lil’ did i know it’s the table of the guy i talk to in the hall. My heart’s beating and i realized i like him.

  5. i had a dream last night where i dreamt about people that i don’t even know and it was a romance dream. the only person that i could rmb was the guy who confessed to me. i can’t rmb much but it seems like he was my guy best friend and he has a gf. we hung out a lot but then they broke up. the guy then came to me and confessed. it felt like he broke up with her because he genuinely likes me. ive never met this guy before. but why do i keep having this gut feeling that he might appear in my life in future, as my partner. i can’t stop thinking about it and really need an explanation. because i don’t want to get my hopes high thinking that he would really appear in my life.

    • and yes i think im slowing falling in love with the guy in the dream so i guess i really need an explanation so that i don’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t even exist. his face was still vivid in the dream but i can’t rmb it as soon as i woke up.

    • so yes i just woke up and because of i really wanted an answer about my dream so here i my dream, there’s a boy and we have a love relationship.i don’t know why but i really wanted to to meet him in real life sand in my dream what all can i say is i went to him.after ive a big fight with erm my actual crazy psycho who is in love with me in real life in a mall and that time i was running from someone who is a man too and after i managed to run from both of them, they’re a boy and he came to me and hold my head like he wanted to kill me so i hold his head to and his dad come but he didn’t seem like he is shock with his son behavior.theyre some people who saw this but stay still and that boy left eye is actually a button,a black button.then idk why but im lingering around that mall with knife in my hand because im so scared with that psycho in love men but I didn’t kill that kid using the knife but somehow i managed to go away from him.then i go back to the school/college to meet my man in the dream but then he chooseto drive away with his rich ass car but his friend told me he wanted to meet me at the beach.somehow in my dream,i have a power and we actually at school/college who trained all the powerful kids and i fly to him and when i close to the beach,down there is actually a big grave beside the beach.when i came to him,he is with his aunty which is I SWEAR THAT’S MY LOCAL GIRL CHEF but i didn’t know her name he calmed me up but he is very matured so yeah.he give me something to eat.he feed me and we talked about i want to meet him in real life.our first meet is where i betrayed my own team which is fighting with his team ( using our power smhw) and he is the captain of his team,after i win over both of his team member,i want to run with my team but i meet him on the door and he stopped me.he pull me and we fall down together.i fall up on his body,i can feel his abs and he whispering at me its my turn and i begging to him i want to die but without pain.somehow we still in that position and his hand on my laps.i smile and look out of the door saying i love this calm vibee because we transferred to somewhere to fight and nobody there except our team.he smiled too and he is chewing a chocolate.his mouth is so attractive and he make a face like eat this chocolate so i kiss him,his tongue lingering with mine but he didn’t give the choc so i look at him and said that’s not fair and he kiss me back and give it to me and say to me “who say its not fair?” and wooho we couple in my dream uhuk

  6. Hello! So, i experince traumatising dreams. (When i sleep at night)
    And i experince Rather Unexplainable Dreams when i sleep at day, i got abused in my past and my Dreams remind me of that, Of course when i sleep at night. So i changed my Sleeping Schedule, i suffer from mayor Anxiety, Depression and schizophrenia. When i sleep at day, i usually (90%) Dream about an girl. Out of nowhere i started calling her “Dangel”. Where i life, in the dream is now an Facility. (More like a prison) but the rest, when i go outside and explore the city is 1×1. I then entered the Facility and explored inside. Out of nowhere i feel something grabbing my Ankle. It was the girl. She seemed about 4,5′ Out of reflex, i grabbed for my pistol. (I have no idea since when i had an pistol holstered on me) And Aimed, i released one round into the floor, then i hear heavy footsteps, the girl starts to breathe heavily as if shed have an breakdown. I grabbed the girl and jumped out of the window with her in my arms, we then leave into the town of the city, and then i woke up. Is there any cause o this? (I gave so many details because i talked with my Doctor about this, and he said every detail could count.)

    • Do you feel nervous or insecure about the place you’re currently staying? This could mean fear for the loss of something or someone you cherish a lot. However, your health conditions might be responsible for this kind of dream.

  7. I had a dream about me being on holiday with a boy who i didn’t know. In the dream i thought his name began with j but then in the dream i realized his name was Nick. I have never known a Nick. But he did something that made my family not like him and he was really upset about it. so we ran away together we took a boat and sailed away. I had a really vivid image of what he looked like but now i cant remember. i woke up and i could remember the dream so vividly that i thought it might mean something. Also yesterday I had another dream but the only thing I could remember was the name Daisy.

  8. This is so weird I was dreaming this morning and I had a dream another this guy he’s features were spot on and so we’re his parents features I found it weird about his featured they way he talked and laughed smiled I can’t get it out of my head but other times when I dream of somebody i dont know there faces are blank and they don’t talk…. what’s the meaning of this?

    • We are unable to understand your comment clearly so that we can give a better interpretation, but most dreams are as a result of what was in our thoughts before bedtime.

  9. Well I had a dream about a black figure we were dating but as eating breakfast in the dream they left me for someone else

  10. In my dream a guy kept flirting with me. He was very attractive and I was extremely receptive to his advances. I had three changes of scenery, a campsite, a class room and a train station. This guy (I have never met him in real life ) was so into me and I was so into him. We texted each other all the time and even kissed In class lol. I never had a boyfriend In real life so when I woke up I was like not sad but I guess I enjoyed the emotions of being in a relationship, even though it was just in a dream. One odd detail I do want to mention is that a girl I used to be friends with in high school was in this dream! She was in the classroom setting. She didn’t directly say anything to me. We just looked at each other and she was watching me with my “boyfriend” idk it was weird to see her in my dream since our friendship ended almost 5 years ago and on bad terms.

  11. I dreamt about someone that I know, I mean I have already seen him in pictures, and I even saw him by myself, briefly when I was passing by. I heard his name already. And in fact, we’re neighbors. We don’t talk to each other ’cause we’re not close. We don’t technically know each other, personally. In my dream, we dated, we broke up, and why does it hurt so bad when I was in my dream? It feels so real…

  12. The past one week i keep dreaming about a little girl who i didnt know !! She said to me like im there for you and She is trying to keep me away from my husband ! When he left she laugh loudly. She supports me well nd care for me .Actually I can feel her love and i love her too because she is very cute little girl.
    Why this happens?? What my dream trying to say ??

    • i dreamed of liking a guy that i don’t know i felt comfort or love?? but im in a relationship in real life. What does it mean?

  13. I dreamed of a guy I am not sure I know of. But, I felt the love during the dream. He loved me but he was engaged to another. He marries her. I was a bit sad but, it turns out they were arguing after the marriage and I was giving them some sort of advice. Then, I felt happy for them in the end. Could you please help me to interpret this dream? I would really appreciate a reply. Thank you.

    • This could mean a change that’s underway. You may not like it at first but will begin to show appreciation in the long run for what happened.

  14. Hi,

    I am in a Long Distance Relationship right now for three consecutive years and I met this woman overseas two years ago for the very first time. After returning to the country that I currently lived in, we have then relied on social media to communicate on a daily basis.

    We had ups and downs throughout our relationship and we’re still together as of today. Lately, we couldn’t keep up to date with one another since we have a 12-hour difference and both of us work in our opposing times. It would be night time in my timezone and she would begin work in her timezone, and vice versa.

    I have this friend who has the same nationality as me and my lover do, and I had a dream last night of meeting her [friend] relatives in our home country for the first time. My dream then showed me that I started courting my friend’s cousin and we were dating eventually without my real girlfriend’s consent (at this point, my real girlfriend was in overseas for some unknown reason).

    Me and my friend’s cousin were happy with our relationship together and I even forgot about my real girlfriend. One day, I woke up in my dream realizing that I still had an unfinished relationship with my real girlfriend who was in overseas.

    I then woke up in my bed this morning, realizing that those scenarios were just a dream. Also just a side note, I don’t even know my friend’s cousin personally or if she even existed in real life. I only know my friend and her mom and no one else from their family. I also met this friend of mine here in the country that I live in. Therefore, I really don’t know anything about her, back in our home country.

    I hope this was clear enough. Please help me in interpreting my dream. Any interpretation or feedback would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!

    • This could be your desire to outgrow your current relationship status with your partner. Seeing someone (your friend’s cousin) should remind you that dreams can use any image to present scenarios while you are sleeping.

  15. I was in the hospital, dream that ‘‘tis old lady trying to come in my room and nurses keep pulling her away but she kept coming back to my bedroom door sitting on the floor

    • Are you missing the old you, or is there an older person that deserves some love and care from you that you are paying less attention to? Well, your answers to these questions will provide a better interpretation of your dream.

  16. I have this dream about a guy, I’ve had this since I was about 6 and I know it’s odd haha, but throughout the days, I fell in love with the man in my dreams, I just don’t know who he is, I remember almost every dream that I’ve had about him. Sometimes I would even daydream about him, it was like he knew me better than anyone, weirdly every dream about him, he looked different, but had the same personality and humor, it’s been years since he started to appear in my dreams, I’ve never had a serious relationship, but in my dreams, I had connections with him.

  17. Hi, I had this dream about a boy(I don’t know him) and he was my lover in the dream and btw I’m single so I don’t really get it, what happened in the dream was at first I didn’t know where I was but then I realize I was at the boys’ house and I was in his room and his friends were there too (I don’t know any of them) and one of his friends mentioned that he had a drawer full of chocolates, (I already knew) because he likes sweets like me and they said no one can touch it because he gets really upset but then me being the girlfriend I got about 3 chocolates and gave it to them and suddenly he entered the room I was so shocked that I ate the chocolate directly like all of it in my mouth so he asked if I was ok and I just nod my head and then he smiled at me (I almost melted) and said “next time try to eat the chocolate more carefully” I just smiled to him as an answer (his friends already left the room when he entered).

    He then grabbed his comb and combed my hair because I look like a mess and then one of his friends suddenly entered the room without us noticing she took a photo of us while we were busy having fun in the mirror she then left with a smile a teasing smile to be exact.

    After having fun with each other we left the house together with his friends and suddenly I was there alone just me no one else and that’s how the dream ends.

    And now I can’t stop thinking about him.

  18. So before I explain my dream, I’m that type of person that never remember any of my dreams. But this dream is so unique that it makes me remember until now.

    The dream started yesterday. I had a dream that I’m in a gathering and there’s this one man with a suit and in my dream, we had a secret relationship. So, he is always tensed near me when in front of everyone, but sweet if it’s just the two of us. And last night I had a dream with a different background, people, and events. But the thing, is I met the same cold and tensed man with his formal suit. I also felt the same feeling, that feeling that we’re in love but in secret.

    I never remember his face, but I always remember his suit, character, and my feeling for him.

  19. Hi.
    So I had this dream a little while back about a guy who I used to talk to in high school. I had never met him in real life though. We drifted apart and never carried on our friendship and eventually I completely forgot about him. This dream took place 9 years later since I talked to him. In this dream I remember seeing the guy sitting on a couch to what appeared to look like a hotel room or an apartment. I was standing away from him near like a table or counter (open floor plan) to where I could see him sitting from a distance. So as I’m seeing him , I could see he was upset and possibly crying. Out of nowhere a voice behind me calls out his name, he looks up and I see his face. Because of that when I wake up from the dream, his name which I won’t mention, I have only met 1 person with that name. So then I started doing some research back in my Facebook messenger and see his name in there and I see his picture to all which added up to be him in my dream. I feel like I possibly had this dream to reach out to this guy and be there for him as a friend. But I wanted to get your opinion on why I may have had this dream? I’ve had a few other dreams related to this guy, all to which leads to more confusion on why I have the dreams. I’m starting to feel like I experience OBE (out of body experience). Thank you for any help in understanding this.

  20. In the dream I litterally had last night, it was a classmate that I had started a relationship with. He seemed interested in me so I said “Why not?” and then I guess we were official (we hugged and fell on the floor). The thing I find weird about it is that we don’t ever talk and I’ve never felt anything towards him. After that happened, the dream shifted to me leaving the place and telling someone else that I was going for a bike ride and I didn’t have my phone on me. He wasn’t even in the rest if my dream.

  21. A little background information: I’ve been in an incredible relationship for the past 7 years since I’ve been 15. He’s my best friend (and I think soulmate), we just complement each other very well.
    I dream very vividly and remember my dreams pretty much every night.
    1. I’ve been dreaming a lot about my childhood crush over the past few months, where we’re together or just hang-out.
    2. Last night I had a dream about this amazing guy, it wasn’t necessarily super romantic, but I kept searching for him at this party, and towards the end of the dream we met up again and this feeling up relief came through me. Thinking back on it, the guy had pretty much the same qualities as my boyfriend.

    What does all of this mean? I keep having romantic dreams about my childhood crush or men with similar personalities to my boyfriend.

    • How often do you think about your childhood friend? Your subconscious is good at copying such thoughts and will print the images in your brain. They can form scenes while you’re ásleep, using the same or different images.

  22. Hi. Before I share my dream I’m a kind of person the really curious about dreams. When I dream something… I’m searching for it through google so I knew what the possible meaning of my dream.
    But this time, I became more curious because there’s something happened that I feels its really or might be happening now and I’m still looking now for puzzle, the thing is it feels like it turning now to become real.
    This was my dream.

    This last 5 months ago, June 25, 2020.
    Me and my BFF we’re very open to share about personal things and then suddenly… We talked about dreaming, then I shared to her that…

    (My Dream)
    I dreamed about the guy whose tall with a fit body but I said to her that he is masculine. I’m pretty sure he was handsome but I can’t see his face, And keep looking at him. In my dream we are in a relationship that both like or love each other. The scenario that time is like we are in convenient store and bought something near at my house. (which is in real life, the place in scenario was totally the store near my living house right now)
    Then, while buying we held hands, smiling and chit-chatting just like lovers do. (I’m single in real life, 19 years old… well I’m too young hihi)
    then after that … I woke up!

    That was the dream I shared with my BFF through messenger app 5 months ago.

    And now (Nov 17 2020) there’s a guy who suddenly appeared, I got shocked because we’re same religion that attend the same church and discover that he was part of our Group Chat of the churchmates and has a photo on it. On that photo he was standing tall on the store (That I was dreaming of) Now, that I’m thinking it feels like he was the guy that appears on my dream 5 months ago and plot twist, that guy was living in that store in real life near at my house and honestly, we sometimes bump into each other ever since because we’re neighbors and he’s kind of good looking guy and tall. Anyway, one of his family member was my youngest brother’s God-father in baptism… and yeah we bit close to some of his family members because we always buy to that store.
    Before (When i dont yet had the dream), whenever I see him it was nothing to me because I think he just visiting his relatives near at my house but I keep seeing him then I became attracted to him Idk this feels maybe bcoz we’re neigbors that’s why (u know it haha) And time passes, I realized that he is living there owning that store.

    And when that happens I suddenly say it to my sister. She says to me that, “Maybe that’s why the religious group keep inviting you because there’s might be an instances to be happend or meant to be happen to ur life (regarding to my life.) After that she says, now I keep thinking of it now and being curious of everything.
    PS, (I’m a catholic that turns out as a church of Christ disciple that’s why I’m hesitant to go, but before I knew it was him, I feel comfortable now with people who invited me and easily accept their invitation.)

    Would u help me please?
    What is this moments happen?
    I will be thankful to you in advance. ♡

    • If you’re attracted to him and think about him often in real life, there are great chances you could dream about him several amounts of times. Such dreams are often a result of your daytime activities.

  23. I had a dream yesterday; i was dating that guy that i have never seen before in real life. He was caring, loving, and even moved in with me to take care of me. I could feel it when we hugged (?), and i can’t get him out of my mind ever since. I actually just got out of a 7 months relationship, a week ago or something. we were doing fine, but the lack of communication affected us. Do you think that’s related to my dream?

    • Your dream is strongly related to your recent relationship that just ended. You must have also been thinking of it during wake time and your subconscious takes note of that to use it in your dream.

  24. I dreamed about a beautiful woman that I never met in the dream I pick my cousin up from work and while I was waiting this beautiful woman came up to me and started a conversation I held on to the conversation real well I noticed we was in a city that’s similar to the city I live in but it was different but the woman wanted to go on a date with so I agreed to give her a chance I took my cousin home and later met the woman at her job she was excited to see me so we talk and was flirting a little but soon I woke up and the mystery woman is on my mind but i don’t remember how she looked I just know she was very beautiful and I was attracted to her

  25. hi, so, I dreamt of someone, a boy my age, precisely. so, it says that I was still a kid and i was outside dancing to kpop songs because i just love them. and while dancing, a boy suddenly joined me and we had fun, lots. and were starting to get closer and closer to each other. and, in my dream, i grew so fast (like im just a kid when it started and then i became an adult) and we became “in love” with each other. we texted each other always and he cares for me, i care for him. later on, we got a child, a girl, and he treasures her so much. he loves us both so much and i couldn’t seem to forget about his face and, him, of course. and then i woke up smiling and wishing that i could somehow continue my dream, though it’s just a dream. so, yes, what does this mean?

  26. hi, so, I dreamt of someone, a boy my age, precisely. so, it says that I was still a kid and i was outside dancing to kpop songs because i just love them. and while dancing, a boy suddenly joined me and we had fun, lots. and were starting to get closer and closer to each other. and, in my dream, i grew so fast (like im just a kid when it started and then i became an adult) and we became “in love” with each other. we texted each other always and he cares for me, i care for him. later on, we got a child, a girl, and he treasures her so much. he loves us both so much and i couldn’t seem to forget about his face and, him, of course. and then i woke up smiling and wishing that i could somehow continue my dream, though it’s just a dream. so, yes, what does this mean? and will i see him again?

    • This could be a part of life you’re longing to experience. Unfortunately, you may not see exactly that same person again as it was just a dream, and that doesn’t mean the person seen must exist in real life before such dreams can happen to you.

  27. I’m full of anxiety right now: Although I don’t remember much, I remember a girl. She feels exactly like one of my online best friends, the one who I usually confide in, to be exact.

    I relate to her a lot.

    But the girl in my dream doesn’t look like her at all. And I don’t like that. Because it could possibly just mean something else. Then I suddenly decided to ask her a quote from a book, to ask whether she’s read it before, “He passed away. But I’m mad because I wasn’t the one to kill him”

    I’m confused. Like, really confused. Because it seems that I may have come across the same book. But I don’t know whether I’ve come across this book from another dream from before or in real life.

    And then she tells me about it: That an ex-boyfriend died and the woman is upset that she wasn’t the one to kill him. But just hang with me as I say this since I’m not sure whether it’s the plot: He comes back to life and tries to kill her and another man.

    And most of my dream, I follow both sides. The one chasing and the one running away from the chaser. I felt what they felt. The chaser seemed desperate. And the runners seemed calmer than the chaser.

    The dream ended when it cuts back to the mysterious girl singing, and I tried to harmonize her. But it didn’t work no matter how hard I tried.

    The dream I had BEFORE this whole entire dream would be me in an online lesson, trying to reach out to the teacher’s daughter (under a sea?) but he simply ignored me with the other students in the lesson and left me behind. Then I left the online class, with frustration and confusion as I realised that I was forgotten?
    I woke up after that and the series above happened.

    My heart is still beating really fast. I’m scared. What’s going on?

    Please reply. I really need someone to talk to and help me name my problems.

  28. i had a weird dream about someone who I really don’t know. I got drunk in their reception wedding because I feel hurt to see them and when I came back all faces i saw is just them. I mean all those visitor’s face change into that couple face. I can’t understand why I felt hurt when I woke up, I don’t even know them, I just saw them in my dream.

  29. I saw a girl in my dreams last night. I met her on a really sunny tropical beach with lots of people and for some strange reason we moved on in terms of relationship really fast ? ( we were ‘girlfriends’ within one day’ ) She was really pretty too, but I’m not gay or att least don’t think I am? But I can’t stop thinking of her and want to know her irl really bad?

  30. Umm, this is mine. I dream about a group of boys? I don’t remember their face except for one guy. I was travelling back then. Then I saw this guy he keep looking at me. Then exchange his look away from then I will caught him again looking at me. It’s so weird because the scenarios are changing but in that scenarios he’s always there and looking at and I feel like we are connected for some reason. Until now I can still remember his face.

  31. Hello,
    I had a dream where I was taken back to my final grade of my primary school. (I’m 24 now). There is this new girl that came to retake the grade, coincidentally, I was retaking it too. Her name is Amina, I have never seen or met her, not in my dreams neither in real life. My teacher of English asked me to talk to her. It should be known that I am typically shy when it comes to talking to ladies. He needed me to know about her studies in English, which turns out to be my best subject in at that stage. So I draw her aside and try talking to her out in the open. She tells me that the teachers are watching us, from afar (I come from, a protective society). I ask questions as per the teacher wants but I feel like I should take her where no one is watching. I wanna tell her that I like her, and it looks like she does too.
    Why would a dream take me so far back to meet someone I don’t know?
    What does it mean?

  32. My dream during the night in April 29, 2021 In Korea but I live in the Philippines.

    In the sunny afternoon I was going home using a bike(I don’t have a bike in real life) but there are traffic lights but I didn’t notice so I thought of crossing the pedestrian on the road but a boy stops me because of the traffic lights that is color green and I said thank you.(I can’t clearly see his face but I am sure I don’t know him). There are also one boy and one girl standing beside me but they don’t know each other. I realized the the four of us are at the same village and realized that we are at the same school and we are classmates at the first day of school. So the four of us became friends and the boy became my boy bestfriend who save me from the road. Past few months the four of us is going home by commute(without bike) and suddenly he grabs my hand and talk to me deeply and said that he likes me and I said I like him too because he is my bestfriend and hugs him. But he suddenly said his inner feelings for me even at the first time we met on the road and he said to me looking in my eyes deeply if I want to be his girlfriend and my other two friends are shouting and I said yes so he hugs me and kiss my forehead and we headed home. But I did not notice that my two other friends took a picture of us hugging and holding hands and post it online and a lot of people likes the photo(a thousand people). THE END

    This is what I dreamed. I was wondering if you can know what is the meaning of my dream to me and what it can do to me or how it can help me in my life?

  33. My dream during the night on April 29, 2021 ~The scene is in Korea but i live in the Philippines

    In the sunny afternoon I was going home using a bike(I don’t have a bike in real life) but there are traffic lights but I didn’t notice so I thought of crossing the pedestrian on the road but a boy stops me because of the traffic lights that is color green and I said thank you.(I can’t clearly see his face but I am sure I don’t know him). There are also one boy and one girl standing beside me but they don’t know each other. I realized that the four of us are at the same village and realized that we are at the same school and we are classmates on the first day of school. So the four of us became friends and the boy became my boy bestfriend who saved me from the road. Past few months the four of us are going home by commute(without bike) and suddenly he grabs my hand and talks to me deeply and says that he likes me and I said I like him too because he is my best friend and hugs him. But he suddenly said his inner feelings for me even at the first time we met on the road and he said to me looking in my eyes deeply if I want to be his girlfriend and my other two friends are shouting and I said yes so he hugged me and kissed my forehead and we headed home. But I did not notice that my two other friends took a picture of us hugging and holding hands and posted it online and a lot of people liked the photo(a thousand people).

    Can you tell me what this dream can do to me or how can it change my life?
    What is the deeper meaning of my dream?

    ~The scene is in korea but i live in the philippines

  34. My dream during the night on April 29, 2021 ~The scene is in Korea but i live in the Philippines
    In the sunny afternoon I was going home using a bike(I don’t have a bike in real life) but there are traffic lights but I didn’t notice so I thought of crossing the pedestrian on the road but a boy stops me because of the traffic lights that is color green and I said thank you.(I can’t clearly see his face but I am sure I don’t know him). There are also one boy and one girl standing beside me but they don’t know each other. I realized that the four of us are at the same village and realized that we are at the same school and we are classmates on the first day of school. So the four of us became friends and the boy became my boy bestfriend who saved me from the road. Past few months the four of us are going home by commute(without bike) and suddenly he grabs my hand and talks to me deeply and says that he likes me and I said I like him too because he is my best friend and hugs him. But he suddenly said his inner feelings for me even at the first time we met on the road and he said to me looking in my eyes deeply if I want to be his girlfriend and my other two friends are shouting and I said yes so he hugged me and kissed my forehead and we headed home. But I did not notice that my two other friends took a picture of us hugging and holding hands and posted it online and a lot of people liked the photo(a thousand people).
    Can you tell me what this dream can do to me or how can it change my life?
    What is the deeper meaning of my dream?

  35. I dreampt of a person who was connected to someone famous who passed away years ago, she’d done a business venture on her own for this person’s fan base and was successful, however a corporate company came in and ruined it, she didn’t realise that signing that contract signed her writes away? Why did I dream this, bless she looked so pleased with herself I was helpless and just stood there she couldn’t even hear or see me going NOOOOO!

  36. Hi! Since when I’m 18, I’m 19 right now. I always dreamed about A Guy, I don’t know him. I’m not always dreamed about him, I think in one month, I’m gonna dreamed about him in just 2 or 3 days. Then, before I’m going to sleep. Sometimes, I felt sad, nervous and stress. I’m going to cry until I sleep. Then, that Guy always show his face when I felt that feelings.
    He always their for me but I don’t see his face beacuse it’s so blurred.

    What doesn’t mean?? I’m so curious

    • If you are having a hard time that makes you cry before sleeping, this could simply mean that you need someone to stand by you, but it seems everyone else is busy with their lives and no one wants to show concern even when they can help.

  37. Hey! So I had this dream abt this boy. He is my neighbor and we are close. We also go to the same school. So one night I went to bed thinking of him bc he did something funny at school. My dream was, That I was staying at his house in the back bedroom, Then I woke up and said good morning. But the weird thing is that he was standing there waiting for me to wake up. Anyway he “cuddled” me and I was still sleepy of course so I wasn’t fully awake and understanding, once I realized what we were doing I said “we are not supposed to be doing this …” Then I started to walk away and he pulled me in, looked in my eyes and kissed for a little bit… Please Please tell me what this means!

    • Your dream sounds a little bit complex but if I at least understand you, it could mean you have some insecurities about your love life and finding it difficult to determine what’s best for you at the moment.

  38. i met a boy in my dreams last night. It was a continuation of my dreams but i think that was a long time ago, so my dream last light we were at a house, i can’t really tell who were the people that i am with and who’s house were at. We were all afraid and preparing our selves because we knew that there are people who would force to go in that house, then that happened there are unknown people who forced to go inside the house the im finding a place to hide from them but that boy found me, and took me out of the house i was drunk that time and this boy took me but he was gentle, the people who are with me in that house were also taken but they put them in a car while i was in a motor with that boy, when we arrived at the place that guy was so sweet to me, and I talked to this girl that i saw in the same dream and place last time then she said “you came back” then i replied “yes i did, but i am one of you now” and then that boy and i are cooking and we both feel that we are inloved with each other. Then I woke up, since then i am always thingking about that dream, like what does it mean? who is that boy? why did i had a continuation of my dream a long time ago?

  39. So I’m not here to describe my dreams in specific detail, but whenever I have romantic dreams the person I dream of being with is almost always the same. I’ve never met him or even seen him in real life… I’m curious as to what this could mean. Perhaps he’s my soulmate and I’m destined to meet him one day! Or more technically speaking he could be a projection of the comfort and love that I’ve been searching for. It’s just strange that he shows up repeatedly.

  40. Hi! I saw a dream where I was in love with a stranger. I felt so kuchBuy secure in his presence and we were talking to each other holding hands for a long time.But suddenly I felt in the dream he’s going to go somewhere.not a place in where I can find him unless he comes to me again. I felt like he’s going to leave me for heaven. I cried asking can’t we stay here. He said that just after he go there he’ll contact me(i don’t know how but he said like that). I hugged him for the last time and we both cried. I felt somuch pain about the situation and I wanted to wakeup from the dream. I feel really bad when think I’ll not see him again now. Can you tell what is this dream about?
    Thank you!

  41. I dreamed of a whole person that I don’t know, he’s features are clear and how he talks just has this familiarity. I’ve seen him before, maybe years ago in another dream. He has ginger hair and works at a bookstore but I remember him having a job in a publishing company while working at the bookstore. I remember stepping into the bookstore and browsing in the shop when he mentioned a couple of books that I remember talking about to him on the first dream, it was like he knew me and is proving that we’ve actually talked before. It’s very unusual since it looked like a follow up dream, it made me really happy like how war veterans come home to their wives. I felt like I finally found the love that I was longing for.

  42. I don’t remember where it started, but I had a dream of a boy around my age, and we were talking so causally as if I knew him. We were then at my grandparents house laying on the bottom bunk bed continuing our conversation. My younger cousins were playing in the room where we were. The room used to be mine when I was younger till age 9 and it was now used as a playroom for the grandkids. Weirdly enough, I would say his name when I would try to catch his attention,yet when his name would be called out I wouldn’t be able to hear it, no matter how spoke his name out loud. It would continue on into a deeper conversation then becoming a calmer atmosphere. I became so comfortable with him that I laid on his chest snuggled up against him. My tween cousin and significant other were talking to me about a topic in school while I still stayed in that position. Mind this, I don’t have a crush on anyone other than my boyfriend. Additionally, I haven’t cheated on him ever, so the dream confused me. I was staring into the ceiling of the room before waking up to reality. During the day I looked around my school to find the boy from my dreams. I saw a male who looked very alike to the mystery boy yet it wasn’t him. What could this dream mean? Is this foreshadowing the future of my current relationship?

  43. i had a dream about being in the store in town, nothing was out of the ordinary except the colors were more vibrant. i was in the candy isle when i saw this boy who looked about 18 and went up to talk to him. i don’t remember what we said to each other but i could remember it was in a flirtatious manner. he wore a white tshirt, blonde shaggy hair, tan, and a pretty face. before i woke up i asked him what his name was but when he opened his mouth to tell me, nothing came out.

  44. In my dream, I scheduled myself to meet with someone, time passed by and he was late. He and his friend then came later on running to me. (At that time, I thought to myself that I do not know any of the two) As the dream continued, it happens to be that the boy(He) is somewhat my lover. He pointed at the sky and showed me a fireworks display that I think he and his friend arranged. (I remember feeling cringe at that time because his romantic gesture reminded me of someone I had a fling with in the past) I wouldn’t lie though, I found it sweet and romantic despite the cringe I felt due to my memory from the reality.

    Lateron, after the display, we went to attend our class and we were late; so we were punished. One boy (the top 1 in our class) went our direction and said that it is impossible for me to be late, he claimed that boy A (my lover in the dream) and his friend was to be blamed for it. I thought he was going to relieve me off my punishment, but he chose to switch with Boy A’s friend (claiming that he owe a huge debt of kindness to him). Aferwards, I already woke up (or the dream might’ve already ended there or somewhere pass that, that I could not remember).

  45. I dream about being in a place I never knew with my old friends and meeting new people and there is a guy who I never knew and he is the only person that I remember when I wake up. (he is a tall and slim guy.)

  46. I used to dream this faceless man, but today, he finally have the face but I don’t know him. It’s the first time i saw his face but i my dream, he was sweet and we’re in love with each other, i still feel my heart flutters. He’s always on my side, and he’s doing everything he can for me.

  47. i got a dream in which i was in swimming class apart from the backround characters there were 2 more guys one of them had a crush on me and didnt even try to hide that . the other guys is his friend who kind of ships us .when i am doing laps he would look at me with a smile and his head was resting on his arm . we would talk about random things 2 months later he approached me right outside the pool and started talking.
    then the scene shifted to my old school the teacher was correcting my book after that he was like what did mam say while his friend was smearking at both of us .
    then the scene again shifted in which me my friend and my old crush were studying together.

    so yeah i woke up then
    i dont think i know that guy but i remember his face even after the dream

  48. Hello, I had a dream about a guy with a gray shirt who I don’t know. But I remember where we met, it was in Ilocos Norte and we were at the river and our motorcycle couldn’t pass the river so we waited for someone to help us but then the scenery changed, I was at the back of the car sitting with this guy and his friends and he kept touching my hand and wanted to intertwine and for some reason I gave my hand to him and after that he lean and looked at my face and we kissed. Following that, he stated that he will message me on mobile legend and that he will fight for our relationship

  49. I dreamed that I became elder about 20-25 years old with responsibilities and I was driving a car and went to a girl.she is in a woody place and it looks like we were in love with strong bond..
    After that I forgot but the girl i dream,i know her from so many years and last I saw her on 5 April..but I we never talked to each other and after I dream this i am Fully in love with her…

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