On average every one of us dreams 7 times per night. We might not even realize it, but this does not in any way contradict the fact that it happens. Most times people claim they don’t dream but it is very unlikely to be possible.

However, there are a number of persons who wish to dream and know what it feels like dreaming about someone they don’t know.

Not long after we published a post on what does it mean to dream about someone, several persons have asked us some dream specific interpretations regarding; “what if you dream about someone you don’t know in real life?” “Why did I dream about someone I don’t know?” this is just to mention but a few of the questions we got in our email.

Whether you found yourself dreaming of being in love with someone you’ve never met or even dreaming about someone you don’t talk to anymore, the truth remains that they have their meanings as you will see on this post.

When you hear people talk on dreaming about a stranger, don’t be filled with the “can you dream of someone you never met” doubts. Most dreams can appear to us with unknown faces.

Most times people we dream of are people we have met some time ago in the past or have seen on the television. It might be that we did not notice them but their images are formed in our memories. Despite the fact that we could have difficulties in tracing where we saw them, it is possible these strangers keep appearing in our dreams.

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Even in a real-life situation, it is still possible to see someone you don’t know and keep wondering where you know them from because the face looks familiar (i.e the image already printed in your memory).

What it means to dream about someone you don’t know

1. You’re going to experience something new

dreaming about a guy you don't know

Dreaming of being in love with someone you’ve never met or dreaming about a guy you don’t know, isn’t what you think it is, there’s more to it.

When you see an unknown person in your dream, it could be that you’re about having a new experience which could be negative or positive. It could be that you’re about having a new relationship and enjoy your life or an indication of strange happenings.

Previously, I indicated that strange people you see in your dream are people you might have seen unaware in the past.

Dreaming about someone you don’t know personally and feeling it is happening in real life is as a result of previous random images formed in your memories.

Even if you have a dream about someone you don’t know and you like her, it doesn’t mean you will definitely meet her in real life.

If you dream about an unknown person being your lover, it is likely that the image (person) does not even exist but that’s what your subconscious mind uses in the representation of messages in your dream.

When you dream about someone you don’t know and it is a romantic dream, this can also be called a dream about falling in love with someone you’ve never met. It simply indicates that you want a romance, a deep commitment, or a casual relationship especially if this dream happens when you’re single.

2. The loss of confidence

What Does It Mean When You Dream Of Someone You Don’t Know

Dreams about strangers are most likely to be the representation of our inner self.

When you begin to feel inhibiting, or learning new habits that you’re physically unaware of in your real life, it can end up appearing in your dreams as someone who’s a stranger.

However, dreams about talking to a stranger or falling in love with a stranger can be hard to explain. There’s usually no straightforward interpretations to it.

But hence you can remember exactly how you feel while and after dreaming about an unknown person, it also has a lot of contributions in making the dream interpretation better.

3. Your wishes

dreaming about wealth

If wishes were horses, beggars will ride…

When you dream about someone you don’t know, it could be that it is a reflection of an aspect of your life you’re yet to discover or achieve.

The type of lifestyle you want to live and even more of the things you frequently think about in the day time can be used subconsciously to mould characters that will play the role in your dreams.

If you’re having financial challenges, or let’s say you engage in menial jobs that make your hands hurt and end up not making enough money that can settle your bills, your thoughts will be filled with wishes on the possibility to quickly become rich and live a life of luxury.

Since you don’t have all the attributes of what your thoughts are filled with, a strange person appears in your dream “someone with the whole attribute” to play the role.

Over to you

Since there are several possible things a strange person could do or say in your dreams, it becomes paramount for you to note those things.

The best way to interpret a dream is by analysing everything regarding you; your activities, wishes, habits and state of mind. This is a sure way to help you determine what it means to dream about someone you don’t know.

Let’s hear from you…

Have you ever seen sonemeone you don’t know in your dream?

When you see someone you’ve never met in your dream, what does it mean to you?