What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

Significance of Dreaming About Someone

What does it mean when you dream about someone?

Most times we could notice we’re dreaming about someone. What happens in the dream might seem complicated that we could not remember vividly what it was, and in most cases not even what we could remember at all.

When we dream about someone, we’re often disturbed to know the meaning of the dream.

You necessarily don’t have to seek for the opinion of a person who plays the role of a dream interpreter or go in search of a free dream interpretation dictionary.

Although dream books or interpretation dictionary can contribute to some extent in knowing what the dream about someone means. However, this post is specially baked to answer your questions to “What Does it Mean When You Dream About Someone?

The problem with dreaming is that most of the things we see in the dreams do not come in the direct form, they appear like symbols that you could see something in the dream and the opposite will occur or would have to translate those symbols into its actual meanings.

You could have a dream of losing your job, wife, certificate or even dream about your crush or someone you know. They hold the tendency to occur as seen in your dream, the opposite of it or even nothing.

This is to say that most dreams are not the representation of your thoughts but according to research, things you dream about are in relation to how you feel or your encounter for the day or what has happened in the past or even something yet to happen.

Significantly it is possible to interpret dreams by matching all the symbols with their respective meanings. When you have a dream about someone it is pertinent to remember the dream exactly as it happened in order to understand the meaning of the dream.

I’m often sceptical believing things that are not backed by science, but trust me this is the only post you need to understand what it means to dream about someone. The Reasons Why You Dream About Someone and their meaning contained here will satisfy your curiosities.

So What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone?

To understand the deep meaning of dreams about someone, let’s take a look at the significance of dreaming about someone:

1. You wish you’re loved by someone

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone you love

When you dream about someone it is a sign that you seek their attention in life. It is traceable to certain events that you feel being ignored or not hearing from someone you wish to spend quality time with.

When you don’t get recognized for all your advances, you might begin to worry more about it that you could sleep off while doing so and then begin to see things regarding your real-life thoughts before bedtime in your dreams about them.

Having a regular dream about someone, that’s when you keep seeing the same person in your dream who’s not paying attention to you could be a hard experience especially when it becomes often and stops you from sleeping further each time you dream about them.

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2. When you dream about someone, the person is dreaming about you too

What Does It Mean that When You Dream About Someone they also dream about you?

What it means dreaming about someone, is also a sign they’re dreaming about you.

It is possible to dream about someone you have not seen for a long time, or even dream about someone you’re in a long distance relationship with and receive a call from them the next morning to tell you they dreamt of you last night.

You could be surprised to know that someone is dreaming about you just as you have always seen them in your dream.

When you dream about someone such as; your friends, coworker, mentor or even a dream about your ex, pay close attention to their actions when next you meet.

There’s probably a thing you can tell in relation to your dream about them, if they believe in dreams and you feel comfortable discussing it with them, go ahead with that.

3. You could meet them anytime soon

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone you never met

Most times what you dream about end up coming to reality.

That’s to say that dreaming about someone is a sign you could meet them in real life soon, it could even be a dream about someone you haven’t met before.

When such a dream happens, take note of their attributes especially when it is someone you have not seen before for likely you will see them in no distance time.

For instance, I personally have come across persons or event I saw in my dreams before seeing it in real life.

4. Someone is planning to hurt you

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone

No matter what could be said in praise of dreaming about someone, the truth is that they’re people you could wish not to see in your dream.

Seeing your foe or someone you recently engaged in a quarrel with could probably be a bad sign they’re going to hurt you.

Moreso, if you had no dream about your enemy or someone you’re having a misunderstanding with but you begin to feel so insecure, you should be conscious of the things you share with them, your dreams and your activities.

5. Your life will change if they’re with you

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone often

If you’re dreaming about someone, it means you’re wondering what your life would be with them.

It’s no secret you could have a better life with the person you’re always seeing in your dream. When you see someone in your dream and finds it exciting, you both could hold hands or even share some smiles someday.

6. You’re feeling lonely

what does it mean to dream about someone

When you dream about someone and feel lonely or unhappy after the dream or while dreaming. You’re trying to move on with life but you constantly think about them.

You’re afraid to try something new because you have invested a lot in the past, such memories of nice moments spent together keeps orbiting your mind that you get lost in it, dream about it often and feel sad.

However, when you dream about someone who’s no longer with you, they could also be missing you but not saying it because they feel guilty and unable to move on easily.

Dreaming about someone you miss and feeling lonely is not totally a bad thing, you don’t have to worry much about your dream of them and what life has to offer at the moment as things could get better someday and you will share lovely moments again with them or even spend your life with the right partner.

7. You want to reconnect with them

dreaming about someone who hurt you

May be you ended your relationship with someone after noticing some breakup signs or when things became out of control in entirety but they keep featuring in your dreams.

When you dream about someone you loved, someone who use to be your lover but you’re no longer together it is likely to mean that you will re-establish relationship with him or her.

When people dream about someone “their ex”, they tend to end up coming back together but this does not also contradict the possibility that dreaming about someone who has hurt you in the past could be a sign that your spirit is yet to be disconnected from them and can constitute symbols of backwardness, financial problems and disgrace.

Video on dreaming about someone

Video on the meaning of people showing up in your dream according to Krishanti

Over the years there has been an argument on whether it is good to dream or not and why a person keep showing up in your dream.

So many persons are of the opinion that dreams, especially scary ones could be as a result of underlying illness usually malaria, stress, sleeping position and the durability of the room as sleeping in a fierce place has a great tendency of making you have a bad dream about someone.

As far as I’m concerned, it is positive to dream, many of us have received a lot of messages and inspiration through dreams.

Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions on dreaming about someone.

Dreaming about someone Q&A

What does it mean to dream about someone you miss? When you dream about someone you miss, it depicts that you’re imagining your life could be better if you’re with them.

Sometimes it could be that you sleep with a thought of them, and end up dreaming about them because you’re really missing them even in a real-life situation.

When does a particular person appear in your dream? Even if a particular person appears in your dreams frequently, it could be difficult to tell exactly when you’re going to dream about them.

However, when you dream about a particular person often, you should know it is likely they appear in your dream when you have thought of them during the day time.

If I keep dreaming about a person, does it mean I miss that person? It is possible to keep dreaming about a particular person even if you’re not missing them. There’s usually a particular quality or thing about them that intrigues you, it could be positive or negative.

If someone is in your dream, are you in their dream too? When you dream about someone, it could be that the person is thinking about you or also having some number of dreams about you and if you’re to break the ice, the dreams will make it go swiftly.

Over to you…

Now you have known what it means to dream about someone.

Do you believe in dreams, do you take it seriously to mean anything to you and do you think there’s any spiritual meaning of dreaming about someone?

Have you ever dream about someone, or even wish you could stop dreaming about them and what does it mean to you?

Feel free to leave a comment behind.

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