There are people I know who can swear that there is a spiritual meaning of teeth falling out while there are also a number of persons who will wave off such dreams.

However, teeth dreams belong to the category of the scariest dreams someone could ever have and they have some interpretations too, just like other forms of dreams. You might have dreams with teeth falling and breaking, or even dream about your teeth falling out and growing new ones. When you wake, you would be worried to know the interpretations behind such dreams.

If you’re wondering what does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out and crumbling, then worry no more. This post is specially baked to share expert opinions regarding dreams on losing teeth and what it means.

Dreams about teeth falling out what do they mean?

Whether you had a dream about teeth being pulled out by a dentist, or you did it yourself or try pulling out someone else’s teeth in the dream, the meanings could have connections with the following dream interpretations.

1. Stress

Stress is inevitable when we overwork ourselves trying to achieve certain life goals within a specified amount of time. Stress can be generated from work or even at home and it is capable of making you have a dream about losing your teeth.

If you have this dream reoccurring, you may have to pause and observe things causing stress in your life and adjust them to stop having dental dreams.

2. Personal loss

Although several dream interpretation experts point that dreaming about losing your teeth has no connection with someone dying or the death of a loved one. Some religions do not agree with that, they believe that dreams about teeth falling, can mean that there’s about to be a death in your family. Such religions believe that dreams about teeth falling means death.

3. Depression

Anxiety, stress, and hopelessness can lead to a decrease in self-worth and make you feel bad about almost everything around you and begin to lose connections with people and things. You could sometimes be seen alone, your subconscious mind is more likely to make you have a dream about tooth loss.

4. You have a challenge underway

Dreams about teeth falling out can also mean there’s a challenge underway. It can be a new job or promotion coming up or relocating to a new city/apartment, something that requires critical decision making that you are somewhat skeptical of the right thing to do at the moment.

5. Someone in your family is sick

Teeth dreams could also be happening because you have intense worry about a family member’s health. It could be that someone you love is on a sickbed and almost about to lose their life.

6. Spiritual attack

If you dream about your teeth falling out spiritually or wondering what does the bible say about teeth falling out, then you should endeavor to take a look at Psalm 58:6.

The content of that chapter and its biblical interpretation indicates that teeth falling out means there is a plan of the enemy underway to put you to shame.

Why do I dream about my teeth falling out?

Sometimes, there’s no specific assertion that can be given by someone else regarding your fallen tooth dreams. Here’s what to do to figure out why you dream about losing your teeth.

  • Am I afraid of getting old and losing my teeth?
  • Am I afraid of death and why?
  • Am I afraid of public speaking out my mind?
  • Am I taking good care of my teeth and overall health?
  • Do I believe in superstitions and why?
  • Do I believe in death after having a teeth dream?
  • Am I ready to stop dreaming about my teeth falling out?

FAQS on dreams about teeth falling out

There are several questions we received about tooth loss dreams, rotting teeth, or dental dreams as the case may be. We have decided to update this post and provide specific answers to the most reoccurring questions about falling teeth dreams.

Does losing teeth in a dream mean death?

There is usually no connection with your tooth loss dream and dying, the death of a loved one, or someone you know.

Does dreaming about teeth falling out mean you’re pregnant?

It is not yet proven that dreams can predict pregnancy.
I am often skeptical about believing things that don’t have a scientific backup. There is no valid proof that a dental dream can be used to determine whether someone is pregnant or not.
If you think you’re pregnant, run a pregnancy test, if the result turns out positive, it probably means you dream about tooth loss because you’re getting worried about pregnancy.

What does teeth symbolize in dreams?

Teeth symbolize power in dreams, the loss of teeth in your dream is likely to be as a result of powerlessness or decrease in self-worth.

What does the Bible say about teeth falling out?

In the bible according to the book of Psalm 3:7, broken teeth is a punishment given to the ungodly.
If you dream where your teeth are falling out, it could mean that you’re doing something that is capable of destroying your reputation.

Why do I always dream about my teeth falling out?

If you have a recurring dream that your teeth are falling out, it could mean your fear of growing old and losing one’s faculties. It can also symbolize other feelings of loss that is obvious in your real life, like the loss of a loved one, a friend, or someone you use to know.


According to recent research, a dream of your teeth falling is a common dream often associated with psychological distress such as; depression, stress, anxiety, and loss of personal power.

When you go to bed and dream about your teeth cracking all of a sudden, or have your front teeth fell off in the dream you will be very disturbed to know the interpretation of such dreams. Honestly, teeth dreams can be a scary kind of dream but I believe you’re now able to know through this dream interpretation guide what it means to have a dream where your teeth are falling out and crumbling.

Now that I have shared my teeth dream interpretation with you, feel free to share with friends who could be having such dreams and ask questions if not already answered on this post relating to teeth falling out in your dreams.