What Does It Mean To Dream About Being Pregnant?

dreams about pregnancy

Whether you’re married or single, longing to have a kid or not even having such thoughts in waking life, you can still dream about being pregnant. In as much as there could be a spiritual meaning of being pregnant in the dream, most professional dream analysts refer to pregnancy dreams as a sign of part of your waking life that is growing.

Dream about someone being pregnant, or being told you’re pregnant in the dream are both common reproduction dreams that can happen to anyone. Fortunately, there’s usually no guarantee that what we see in the dream most happen in real life. Hence sleeping is possible to you, dreaming won’t be an exception and we most times have no decision over the type of dreams we should have while sleeping probably because our subconsciousness takes control of what’s happening while we’re asleep.

I keep having dreams about being pregnant, what does it mean?

It is possible to have some signs in dreams that you are pregnant or see someone you know in the dream being pregnant with a girl or a boy.

Generally, pregnancy dreams are in connection with the wish or fear of having babies in real life. If you dream about being pregnant with twins, it could mean your real-life wish to have twins or the fear of having a big belly carrying twins. Your desire and fear can easily be recorded by your subconscious mind, they can form images during the REM phase of sleep to present scenarios where you’re pregnant, seeing a pregnant woman or pushing a baby from your body in the dream.

If you have these signs in dreams that you are pregnant and feeling the baby move or seeing a pregnant woman in the dream, the meaning cannot be farfetched from your desire or fear of having babies. Sometimes, it can even be the man who dreams wife is pregnant or a boyfriend having a dream about the girlfriend’s positive test for pregnancy.

What does it mean to Dream Your Friend is pregnant?

Dreaming about a friend being pregnant can mean that your friend is expecting to have a baby or about to take a new step in life that needs nurturing.

The best interpretation for pregnancy dreams is to ask yourself the following questions; “do I seriously wish to have kids“, “Am I afraid of giving birth and what are my fears?” Your answers to such questions will present a better interpretation of why you dream of having babies in the dream.


There have been several attempts made to interpret the underlying psychological and spiritual meaning of pregnancy dreams. The meaning can be true for specific dreams and in connection with the individual’s wake life activities and thoughts.

However, dreams about having babies can also mean a new beginning, innocence, or something that can’t help itself and requires attention to be nurtured.

If you are already pregnant and dream about it, probably you’re stressed or getting worried about your delivery date. While dreams about pregnancy may have many different interpretations, there is yet to be any proof that such dreams are rooted in the reality of you being pregnant after the dream.

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