Do we still need to talk more on why fall is the most popular wedding season or convince you to have well-made s’mores? Of course, the not too cold and not too hot weather with incredible natural foliage must have dropped a signal to you that fall is the best time of the year for a perfect autumnal wedding experience.

If you love to see bloom, (hello fall centerpiece), you would probably choose your fall wedding venue to be at a sunflower garden if you intend to have the outdoor fall wedding or get some bouquet if many of your favorite blooms are hard to see this season.

However, there are a bunch of fall wedding decor to bring the outside experience inside and have a great wedding this season—that’s if you are not crazy about the outdoor fall wedding decorations. There’s an idea for everyone on the list, whether you are looking for fall wedding colors, the best fall wedding venues to choose from, and the most beautiful fall wedding decorations your guests would love or want something extra for a rustic fall wedding on a budget.

Best Autumn Wedding Ideas

White sage smudge sticks

1. White Sage Smudge Sticks

This ancient ritual isn’t just perfect for home cleansing, when you incorporate it into your autumn wedding ceremony, you will find out how amazing it turned out to be especially when they’re well-hung on strategic positions.

sunflower field for fall wedding ideas

2. Giant Sunflower Field

Discover sunflower fields near you and make an outdoor fall wedding decoration inspired by those amazing blooms for a perfect wedding ceremony.

We’re very sure your guests will fall in love with this idea.

maple leaves

3. Fall Maple Leaves

Bring romantic memory to the fall wedding table DIY decoration with maple leaves-these artificial autumn leaves are the perfect ornament for your fall wedding party. They can be spread on you as you walk down the aisle for an exclusive Autumn wedding experience.

artificial pumpkins

4. Rustic Fall Wedding Pumpkins

Decorate your fall wedding with a mixture of foam, white, blue, orange, and green color pumpkins, they come both in big and small sizes to suit your initial idea for perfect autumn decor.

little pie everything

5. Serve Mini Pie

It’s sinful to forget we’re in the pumpkin season lol… and how interesting fall holidays can be with both sweet and savory pies. Our favorite fall wedding pie is the mini pumpkin pie, it’s loved by many and your wedding guest will be impressed when you incorporate it into your perfect little wedding treat. Forget about the fork, they’re pretty simply poppable.

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fall wedding outdoor decor

6. Outdoor Fall Wedding Decoration

Whether you are getting married in the forest or not, this Bohemian outdoor fall wedding decoration by Jenna Hewett, with a gorgeous wedding arch will give you so much joy and ample reasons to adapt boho wedding inspirations as the perfect idea for an exclusive autumn wedding.

fire pit

7. A Perfect Fire Pit

We strongly recommend a well-positioned fire pit and don’t forget to add the popular campfire treat S’mores (marshmallows and a layer of chocolate placed between two pieces of graham cracker or cookie) for your guests who will be staying till evening time at the wedding. Autumn can be corny, the evening hours might get your guests asking for a fire pit.

fall wedding cake

8. Moist chocolate cake with a caramel-pecan filling

Our two favorite fall wedding cakes are the Sugar Hero and Woman’s Day, they give the best rustic feeling ever and interestingly you can follow their easy DIY fall cake ideas to make custom small fall wedding cake recipes, add your favorite wedding cake toppers, flavors and decoration to impress the number of guests you’re expecting this fall.

fall wedding photo ideas

9. Fall Wedding Photography

Take advantage of the fall foliage for both your pre-wedding and wedding ceremony shoot. There are tons of gorgeous fall wedding photo ideas to surprise your guests and showcase how prepared and creative you’re to bring out the best fall-themed wedding photos of the year.

fall wedding bouquet

10. Fall Wedding Bouquet Flowers

We love and cherish fall wedding bouquets with sunflowers. You or your florist can gather ample inspirations for a perfect bridesmaid/bride bouquet from these 47 gorgeous fall wedding bouquet ideas.

autumn color paletpalette

11. Fall Wedding Colors

From the caramel and apricot, black, burgundy, and purple to any other popular autumn wedding color, these cozy and chic fall wedding color schemes by Cosmopolitan will give you ideas on how to come up with the best colors for your wedding dress, indoor and outdoor decorations.


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fal wedding table setting

12. Fall Table Settings & Decor

Incorporate more of the fall fruits in your table decor. The fig, pumpkin, and other seasonal centerpieces including autumn-appreciated tablewares are both great combo for a perfect fall wedding table settings.


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We hope you find this post helpful in planning your Autumn wedding. Had a wedding during fall? What are some tips you would like to share with the about to wed? Leave it in the comment box below.