How To Make Your Angry Girlfriend Happy Over Text

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Are you looking for text messages to send to your girlfriend when she’s mad at you? Search no further, as I have put together intriguing tips on how to make your angry girlfriend happy over text and grow deeper in love with her.

Here’s the brutal truth, even the near or most perfect relationships have ups and downs. I know a whole lot of people who can swear there’s nothing like a perfect relationship, this does not contradict the fact that there are partners who are extremely happy together because of the level of understanding they’ve attained and their ability to talk and fix things as soon as possible without waiting for the next day. Bottling up emotions and sweeping each other’s opinion under the carpet detests them.

If you are the one who’s at fault or simply don’t know the reasons why she’s so mad at you, there are several things that could be orbiting your thoughts right now, should you “give her space and she’ll come back?” but you still could have another question to answer “how to give her space but still show you care” in as much as the thoughts can be many, I would suggest you talk to her about it without waiting for long. Every human is liable to get things wrong at some point in life, but what sets the difference is the ability to recognize you’re wrong, apologize and get things fixed making sure that awkward event doesn’t come up again.

So, what have you done this time around? Whether you’re looking for what to text your girlfriend after a fight or what to text your partner when she’s in a bad mood, keep reading to get the inside scoop.

There are a whole lot of things that can make your girlfriend angry, but trust me it’s one of those things that happen in relationships. You can send her a text if you can’t meet her for a physical conversation because she doesn’t want to see you or because you are in a long distance relationship. Send her a unique text regarding what happened and how sorry you’re about everything that was your fault, remind her of how much you love her and be thankful for what she does and then you can be hopeful your text will put a smile on her face and make her heart melt.

As I am pretty unsure of what was wrong this time around, you can take the following tips and see if it works for you. It works for many and there’s no guarantee it will always work for every guy out there but sure it will work for you less your case is too severe. I don’t want to assume you cheated on your girlfriend.

What to text your wife/girlfriend when she’s mad at you

If she’s angry and doesn’t want to talk to you, here’s what to do over text to make her happy.

1. Send her a text to find out why she’s angry

what to text a woman when she's mad at you

There’s no way you can come up with nice paragraphs for her when she’s mad at you, without knowing what’s going on.

Hi babe, I noticed you aren’t cherry this afternoon like you’ve always been, is anything bothering you, is it something we can talk about?

Remember, these are my own words and you can tweak it a bit so it looks unique and natural. Use this texting example only when you don’t know why your girlfriend is mad at you. If you already know and still text this to her, it could be a sign you’re pretending not to know the reason for her reactions and you might end up not getting a reply from her as it will upset her the more.

So, what was her response? She might say nothing or decide to text you what the problem was. If you caused it, there’s something I would suggest in the next paragraph, if there’s something else she’s angry about not originating from you, there’s also an idea on things to text and make her happy.

2. Send her an apology

apology to girlfriend

If you’re the cause of the problem in the relationship why she’s angry, a heartfelt apology text message will get into her heart and remind her of how much you love and cherish her and that you’re really sorry for what happened.

Hello, honey bunny, I am so sorry for what happened, it wasn’t intentional, I didn’t mean to hurt you and I promise it won’t happen again. Please forgive me.

In the above apology text example to her, feel free to indicate what you’re sorry about, add love emojis where necessarily (optional), and don’t flood her with texts. Be patient enough to get a reply from here, because she’s mad at you, she’s more likely not to reply fast as when you were both playing flirty truth or dare over text.

If she’s finally happy again, try to surprise her with a gift but the best surprise ever would be a positive change in attitude so she would see a great difference in you. You can’t be forgiven and still be in the past.

3. Text her a reason to smile

how to make her smile over text

This option is most suitable when you are not the reason why she’s angry and needs to cheer her up. Maybe she’s having a trying time at work, school, or some kind of family issues that she could be probably feeling sad, lonely, and depressed. Share in her anger and pains with these lovely inspirational quotes about life over text, to give her reasons to smile and bounce back at life with a lot of positives.

Or send her an invitation text for a hangout in one of her favorite places, this would be of help and make her happy again.

Hello babe, I understand all that is happening right not, I want to let you know that I feel your pain, we’re in this together. If you don’t mind, I would like us to go to the cinema to see your favorite movies together.

Fix her interests in and your chances of getting her to go out with you would be high.

4. Text her some jokes

make your girlfriend laugh when she's mad at you

I know you’re not a comedian, but there are a bunch of hot jokes to tell your girlfriend and make her laugh out loud. I recommend you pick the most suitable relationship jokes for her from the Laugh factory or text her these funny memes on a Monday morning.

I hope you find this post on what to text a girl when she’s mad at you helpful, if you have ideas to share regarding this, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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