Texting is among the easiest ways to communicate with people we would like to know more about. You can talk to a girl for the first time through; SMS, text on Instagram, Facebook or through other texting apps.

It is possible that you met a girl for the first time, while in a hurry and can only start up a conversation with her over text, probably later in the day. Or you’re simply matched with a lady through a dating site algorithm and want to really impress her over text.

When trying to talk to a girl for the first time via text, you could be excited or nervous and would need some ideas on what should be the first message to a girl, what to text her to start a conversation, or even how to keep her interested while texting.

If you want to begin a conversation with your crush and don’t know what to say to her for the first time, don’t worry as I have also seen myself in situations where I was asking “how do I start a conversation with a girl for the first time?

Not knowing how to send a first text message to a woman can happen to anyone, even the best among the gentlemen you know. However, this guide is specially baked for you to learn how to approach a girl over text for the first time and even make her like you the more.

How to talk to a girl for the first time with confidence and create attraction

The following texting tips will help you know what to say, and also how to respond to her through text in a flirty way, which can end up in a date with the girl you are talking with for the first time.

1. Ask for her number or username

To start a conversation with a girl for the first time over text, you need to at least have her phone number or social media username if you would like to first start texting her on Instagram, or Facebook.

Although, to ask a girl for her number or username for the very first time, can be challenging but being polite with it can reduce the stress and tension often associated with how to approach a girl and get her phone number.

Not sounding so desperate is also a good means to have her number. If you’re so desperate about the whole stuff, it can push her into questioning your acts and that would be a turn off for her.

2. Introduce yourself in your first text to her

You don’t have to start flirting without a proper introduction to her if that’s actually the first time you’re texting her.

Here are a few examples of text to send to her for the first time;

Hey, how is it going? This is Chris from the music show“. Maybe you met her at a friend’s birthday party or during your high school party. The point here is to introduce yourself and the place where you both met for the very first time. This will make it easier for her to know where you first met.

Hi there, it is Joe, how’s your day going?” This is a nice conversation starter line if you want to get a response from her telling you about her day.

3. Maintain steady communication with her

Most guys make the mistake of feeling relaxed when they have a means of communicating with a girl they have always wanted to talk to.

Honestly, you have to keep texting her every now and then. There’s no written rule on when to text a girl, texts messages can come from you to her at any time most appropriate. It can come as the early morning text, afternoon, or text in the evening to know how her day went.

Here’s the brutal truth about talking to a girl for the first time over text. You don’t have to send her too many messages at a time. You are not a spammer, try to send the messages gradually and give a gap in texting her. Let’s say a day or two and text her again.

Most times, while talking to a girl over text for the first time, wait for her response before sending more messages. If you have got some interesting topics to discuss with her when texting, then you can be positive she is going to follow up and reply nicely. This will save you from complaints she doesn’t reply to your text.

Body languages are also traceable through texting, the way she flirts back, the use of emoticons and her quick replies, shows how interesting the whole thing is becoming and that she’s paying attention to you.

4. Find out her interests

There are possible questions to ask a girl for the first time over text and get to know her well. These first-time questions will unveil a lot more about her, you might end up getting to know you guys even share some common interests and that will be amazing.

When you find out what she is interested in; her favourite food, fashion sense, restaurant and hobbies, you can adjust your conversations around her interest and that will make you able to keep the conversation going with her.

You might be surprised to learn that she plays the WYR games whenever she’s less busy and you like it too, or some other fun games that can be played over text.

5. Add humor to your texting

If you want to win a girl’s heart over text, you have to add funny things to make her laugh or at least put a smile on her face. Tease her playfully and engage her with funny jokes.

You can’t impress a girl over text by being a boring guy or someone who is bad and keeping a conversation with her. You’re responsible for keeping in touch with her and make things interesting.

6. Don’t be too fast in your responses

When talking with a girl for the first time over text, get ready for possible questions girls ask guys and make sure you have answers to them as possible as you can.

When she’s texting you back and asking questions, there’s no need to always try to respond immediately all the times. Sometimes you have to wait a bit or more before responding so it doesn’t appear you’re jobless and desperate to text her back.

7. Use proper grammars

Do not be lazy to type out words when texting a girl you like. Double-check your spellings, grammar and autocorrect before you send the text to her.

Abbreviations like “kk” instead of “ok/okay“, and “c u 2moro” can be a turn off for her. It is absolutely ridiculous and they’re potential deal breakers in texting a girl.

Since you’re the one who’s trying to win her heart over text, it can also be helpful if you mirror her. Mimic her chat patterns, it will boost your conversations with her.

8. Know when to meet her

Hence you guys are able to create attraction through text message, you can be positive she will begin to like you over text. Now it is time to let it grow past texting, calls can come in, maybe brief and not lengthy calls. Then you can ask her out over text.

When you want to ask a girl out for the first time over text, be creative. Here is an example “Hey there, I will be going to the Cinema by the weekend, would you like to come with me? It will be interesting”. Since this is plain, she is more likely to say yes.

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Final words

Texting a girl you like for the first time can be challenging, but you will find it easier to do so when you follow the texting rules and make proper use of the “how to text a girl for the first time examples” contained on this guide. You can tweak the given examples to your taste.

Honestly, there’s no specific means for texting a girl, you can decide to do it through Instagram, Facebook or SMS, what matters the most is how interesting your conversations are with her and the medium that works best for the two of you. Never you flood her with text, and remember to keep all the texting rules while talking with her over text..

Now that you have seen the tips for talking with a girl for the first time over text, I would like to know your personal tips for keeping a conversation with a new girl over text.