What do you say after your first kiss? First kisses can bring up moments that are memorable especially if you already know how to kiss well.

Some times, you feel so good after a kiss and wants to express how you feel afterwards. If you’re a girl who just kissed a guy, you could be trying to figure out how to compliment a guy after kissing or what to text a guy after first kiss.

However, after your first kiss, you could feel excited, awkward or nervous and can find it daunting to come up with some cute things to say after making out. We have curated this list of first kiss quotes, which you can say or text to your partner.

If you have not received a kiss before, or sceptical on how to request for one, here is the “I want to kiss you text message” guide.

The following first kiss quotes are suitable for him/her. If you care to say something nice after make out, try this list on your partner and remember to share your experience with us through the comment box below.

Cute after first kiss quotes to text boyfriend or girlfriend

After my first kiss with you, I feel more complete.

When you kissed me, my eyes became wild open to see the beauty of the world.

You’re such an amazing personality, your kisses are lovely. I like those lips of yours.

When you kissed me for the first time, you stamped your name in my heart.

Our first kiss is the pillar of a happy relationship we will enjoy.

When you first kissed me, my heartbeat was loud enough to my hearing.

If there’s anything I will have to forget about you and me, it won’t be our first kiss.

After our first kiss, I know I have found the real love of my life.

I still remember the sound our first kiss made, it brightens my day.

When we kissed for the first time, it became clear to me you’re right in my heart.

You’re the first person to kiss me, it feels good that I want to be the only one you will kiss forever.

My strongest wish is to always have a kiss from you, as sweet as our first kiss.

You kissed me in the dark, stars appeared to the cloud, our first kiss brightens every single moment of my life.

I have always imagined, how guys feel after the first kiss, now I have experienced it, I would say it’s a nice feeling.

Permit me to give the world best kisser award to the person who kissed me first, you’re amazing, I adore you.

When you placed your lips against mine, I was sceptical it was going to hurt, you made the moment so pleasurable and memorable.

How did you become so well at kissing? It is my first time to kiss and I feel so great!

If I am asked what we did first that I would like to do over again, I would say “our first kiss“.

Hope you find our compilation of kiss text messages for him/her helpful? Let us know what you have texted someone after kissing.

If you’re of the opinion not to use first kiss quotes on anyone, kindly share your reasons with us.