If you ask a girl for her number and she says why or refuses to give you her number, it a sign you’re doing it the wrong way.

Most guys who want to get a girl’s phone number and ask her out, fail most times because of one thing or the other.

However, asking a girl for her phone number on Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, or in person (face-to-face) can be daunting. Especially when you’re the shy type of guy and if she’s a new girl you just met. You might get nervous and not know what to say.

Whether you are looking for how to ask a girl for her phone number at work, in school, or online, the most interesting thing is that I am here to share with you the guaranteed ways to ask for a girl’s number and get it. So search no further, keep reading to get the inside scoop, and have that girl’s number.

Best ways to ask for a girl’s number and have it.

Below are the most creative ways to ask for a girl’s phone number during an online chat or in a face-to-face conversation.

1. Introduce yourself to her

To ask a girl for her phone number without seeming awkward, introduce yourself to her first. Gentleman, you have to be polite in your introduction.

It doesn’t really matter if you have seen her before or not. If you have seen her in middle school before, chances are that you’re not familiar to her. So don’t think she already knows who you’re, you can still be strange to her. It is recommendable to let her know a little bit about you for the start.

Hey, my name is Joe, this is my day one at school. What about you?” this is good enough to start up a conversation with her and move on to the next step.

2. Get to know her before you ask for her phone number.

A good way to ask a girl for her number is to engage in a random interesting conversation with her first. Forget about acting too fast to have her number.

When you start a conversation with a girl you have never met before, it will make you get to know her better and if that went well enough, you can indicate you would like to meet her again.

Although, you don’t have to wait until the end of the conversation before you ask to get her phone number. It can be at the start, in the middle of a conversation or any time more suitable for you.

I would really like to meet you again, give me your number and I’ll give you a call.” This is a nice way to approach a girl and get her number. You can be positive she’s going to give you her phone number without delays.

3. Walk close to her

The best time to ask a girl for her phone number is when she’s alone and not with her friends. This will at least ease some tension and the fear of getting embarrassed in the presence of her friends.

If she’s always staying with her close friends, come closer to her, start up a little conversation but don’t take much of her time. Then you can ask for her phone number directly. Asking for her number from afar or getting it through a friend, is absolutely awkward.

4. A perfect excuse

If you have spoken to her for a few minutes and want to get her phone number, make an excuse but be creative with it. Try any of the following creative things to say and get any girl’s phone number;

Oh my goodness, I look at the time, I have to get home now, you mind if we continue this conversation on the phone?” It is okay to ask a girl for her phone number for the first time, using this method.

The examples below are perfect if you want to ask a girl for her phone number on Tinder, or any other online platform like; Facebook, and Instagram etc.

Hey there, I am not always here, can we continue texting over the phone?” or “Hey, what are you up to? So sorry for the late replies, I am not always on Snapchat, are you on WhatsApp? Let me have your number so we can talk more“.

5. Answer her questions

Although I said earlier that if a girl asks you why you want her number, it probably means that you didn’t ask the right way. Most times, girls would like to know why a guy wants to have their phone number.

If she asks “why do you want my phone number?” don’t be in haste to give a straight answer that can show you’re unserious or a potential stalker. Try to be creative, if you played some “funny would you rather questions” with her, you can say. “Yeah, because I have more funny and interesting WYR questions game to send to you. You will love them

These are ideas on what to say when she asks “why do you want my phone number”. You can tweak it in a fun way, it is simple. This is not quantum physics.

6. Be ready to have her number

To make her yell out her phone number to you is the old fashion of getting a girl’s phone number. Get your dial pad ready, immediately she agrees to give out her phone number to you and politely hand over the phone to her.

This is a good way to burst her bubbles when you hand over your phone to her. It shows your level of confidence and a sign you trust her to handle your stuff. Once you have her number, you can give her a dial before you leave or send her the first text later on.

7. Don’t force it

Not every girl is comfortable with giving out her phone number to a stranger.

Let’s be sincere, if she’s someone you have never met before, she could be sceptical to give you her number. Maybe she’s thinking you’re one of those stalkers who can’t respect her time when she finally gives out her phone number.

Although she may be wrong for her judgment of you, she probably might be reacting to her experiences with some random creepers. So if she says no, learn to shrink your shoulder and walk away or continue the conversation with her depending on the situation at hand. What matters the most is your self-confidence.

If a girl refuses to give you her phone number at the moment, it doesn’t mean the end of the world.  

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Final words

Regardless of how hard it seems for you to get a girl’s phone number, there are some guys out there who still ask “why would a girl ask for my number?” It is no magic, these are people who have interesting activities around them or have read this special guide. They might be good in sports, crack jokes or have competence in an interesting area in middle school, let’s say mathematics.

Girls would like to stay in contact with a guy who has self-confidence and acts politely. They might even be the first to ask for your phone number instead. So if you chat with a girl online and want to have her phone number, add humour to your texting or conversations with her, and don’t be creepy, this will make her attracted to you.

If a girl turns you down when you ask for her phone number, it is a clear sign she’s not into you. If you persist to have her number, it will make you appear like a creeper.

How do you politely ask for a phone number from a girl? Since I have shared my tips with you, I would like to know what works best for you.

Feel free to share your experiences through the comment box below.