How To Text A Girl For The First Time On WhatsApp

how to chat a girl on WhatsApp

To start a full conversation with a new girl on WhatsApp can be daunting because you might be wondering how to entertain her or what first thing to say and get a conversation started with her.

However, this post is specially baked to help you know how to text someone for the first time on WhatsApp, search no further.

WhatsApp features are amazing and many people have it installed on their smartphones. The WhatsApp chat cheatsheet steps are simple and easy to follow, even if you’re a beginner or want to improve your already existing texting skills. You will find these techniques helpful to start a chat with her on WhatsApp.

How to start a chat with a new girl on WhatsApp for the first time

Below are the 8 simple rules to start a chat with a stranger girl for the first time on WhatsApp and impress her.

1. Get her WhatsApp number

WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, to be able to communicate with someone on WhatsApp, you will need to at least have their number. To view their WhatsApp statuses, they also have to save your contact just as you already have theirs saved.

To walk up to a girl and ask for her WhatsApp number can be challenging especially when you’re sceptical it can lead to embarrassment. But it is possible to get her number without stress, you just have to be a gentleman with the confidence to talk to her. This doesn’t mean that you should be forthcoming but be polite.

Hey, how are you, I would like to talk to you on WhatsApp. Let me have your WhatsApp number” This is plain and she could say yes, no problems.

How easy does that sound? That’s a simple way to get a girl’s WhatsApp number. It is absolutely horrible to get it from a friend, it will make you appear creepy when you chat her.

2. Have a nice display photo (DP)

Get one of your nice photos and have it saved as your WhatsApp profile display photo. This will save you from a few questions like “who’s this?” “Why is your DP blank?

Your picture can easily remind her of who you’re. Although there’s no guarantee she will recognize you immediately, always remember to introduce yourself to her on WhatsApp. Your display photo will make it easier to start a conversation with her smoothly.

Most girls feel comfortable if they know who they’re chatting with or can see your display photo clearly.

3. Introduce yourself to her

To attract a girl on WhatsApp, you have to be cautious of what you text to her, and it starts from your introduction. This is where you create the first impression.

A good WhatsApp introduction will impress a girl and can help you to score a date with her or something more interesting.

Here’s an example of what to text to a girl for the first time on WhatsApp, “Hey, it’s Joe, What are you up to?” this sounds pretty simple but it is an open-ended question that can spike up a great conversation with her.

4. Mind your grammar

To continue a chat with a girl on WhatsApp, avoid the use of shorthand or the use of unnecessary abbreviated words. They can make you appear lazy and indifferent.

Type out words completely and crosscheck your spellings, grammar, and autocorrect before you send out the chat to her. Use simple words and at least maintain common ground in English Language or whichever language you use in chatting with her.

5. Be polite

When you start a chat with a girl on WhatsApp, please try to be gentle and polite. Being gentle doesn’t mean you have to be forthcoming, just be polite and respect her space as well as to maintain your dignity.

Stalking her isn’t a good way to get a girl attracted to you on WhatsApp. I am sure if you do, you might earn yourself a block from her, or have your chats not replied.

Never ask her for n*des, and do not send one across to her too.

6. Find out what’s her interests

There’s probably no way to impress an unknown girl on WhatsApp without knowing her interests. Try to know her interest first, and also share yours with her.

When you share your interests, you might end up finding out that you share some interests in common. This can lead to a deep level of conversation with her.

7. Keep her interested

Obviously, one thing is to have a girl’s WhatsApp number, the other thing is to keep her interested in the chat. But since you are able to know her interests in the previous step, discuss things around them. You can talk about her hobbies, favourite celebrity, games and school or some random funny things that are not creepy.

Try as much as possible to respect her privacy, asking her personal questions will make you break this rule, so avoid it.

While texting a girl on WhatsApp, try to add humour to your texting and feel free to flirt with her reasonably. Sending good morning pictures will make the chat appear awkward, most girls don’t like it. Be natural, let your chats reflect your genuine interest in her and not more like you are sending a copied image/content from the web.

If you feel like to compliment her on WhatsApp, let it be real. Some girls have their ways of knowing whether a guy means a compliment or not.

8. Indicate your interest

If the conversations are going well between you and her on WhatsApp, and you feel like to let it grow past the chatting stage especially now she’s very comfortable chatting with you, break the ice.

Let her know you’re interested in her, feel free to say how you feel or at least try to have a date with her, and then let her know.

Here’s what to say on WhatsApp chat if you want to go on a date with a girl. “Hey, how are you doing, I would be at the cinema by the weekend to see the latest movie release of mid-may. Would you like to join me?”  This is casual, you’re more likely to receive a yes from her.

Final words:

I hope you find our compilation of how to start a chat with a girl for the first time on WhatsApp helpful, feel free to share your own ideas with us.

However, since different people exist, you’re most likely to have a different experience when you try to initiate a chat with some random girls on WhatsApp.

Trust me, these tips are proven ways to get you equipped on how to text that girl and gain a deep level of conversations that will probably score you a date with her.

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