25 Best Ways On How To Get A Guy To Chase You

get him to chase you

“Man is the one who desires, woman the one who is desired. This is a woman’s entire but decisive advantage. Through man’s passions, nature has given man into woman’s hands, and the woman who does not know how to make him her subject, her slave, her toy, and how to betray him with a smile, in the end, is not wise” – Leopold Von Sacher- Masoch

So much is said about men chasing after ladies. Also, we can’t oppose that there is a rush in the pursuit for the two genders. Men may pursue ladies they like, they can even take drastic actions to make a lady realize how much they need her. In a case where it’s fun and not stalkerish, ladies likewise like having men follow them

On this note, if you are yet to discover how to turn the table around and make him chase you or perhaps make him chase you forever, you are at the right place. Here are 25 ways on how to get a guy to chase you.

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How to get a guy to chase you without playing games

1. Go natural: 

Guys aren’t usually huge fans of ladies who love wearing a lot of makeup. 

They favor a more organic appearance. 

After all, they won’t be able to kiss you if you’re wearing a lot of lipstick. 

It only takes a smidgeon of makeup to draw attention to your best assets.

2. Establish yourself as a valuable commodity:

You are a modern lady who enjoys sex just as much as men, but you must make him wait. 

Unfortunately,  men still place a premium on how soon women have sex with them. 

So, for the time being, you’ll have to play coy and gentle.

The thing is, you must make yourself that uncommon commodity.  Since in such a case that he moves you straight away you will not be that prize to pursue any longer. He will not have applied any work to win you. Ensure you make him stand by. 

3. Foster a good sense of humor: 

You may have heard that men don’t date ladies with an awareness of what’s funny however you’d be off-base. Men love entertaining ladies since they play around with them. Men pursue entertaining women because they have a decent outlook on them. 

We can try to downplay the negative and refrain from discussing our worries regularly.

4. Be happy:

What is it that makes you want to be among other people? 

Would you like to focus your efforts on the person who sat in a corner with their head in their hands, alone and without assistance? 

Then there’s the individual who’s up and about, laughing and having a good time with their friends. 

If you need to entice someone to follow you, show him that you appreciate him.

5. Strive to be a positive person:

Positive,  happy women draw men”s attention 

You’d be surprised at how many people are preoccupied with the lives of others rather than their own.

Think about that for a moment. 

What qualities do you seek in a man? 

Someone stable, unflappable, even, and upbeat. 

That is exactly what they are looking for as well.

6. Pretend you don’t care:

Many women dislike the act of ignoring a man because they fear he may lose interest. 

Regardless, it functions for the time being. 

Try to act as though it doesn’t matter if he speaks to you or notifies you. 

Do you remember that fantastic life you’re living?

You haven’t got the chance to observe what is going on around you. 

Unlike the other frenzied women hunting for a husband. 

You’re an outlier. 

Also, that is what people are looking for.

By ignoring him, you become the lady who stands out from the crowd.

7. Show him some green lights:

If you continue to ignore him,  he will eventually figure out that you aren’t interested, and he will back off. 

As a result, you’ll have to back off at some point. 

Try not to bombard him with questions about his personal life.

Simply ask him a few questions and share some personal information with him. 

Regardless,  keep a few things hidden to maintain a sense of mystery.

8. Master the art of flirting:

The number of women who have no concept of how to tease will astound you.

You have complete freedom to be as open or as sexual as you choose. 

Being a tease allows you to show him that you appreciate his efforts and are open to his suggestions.

9. Set the right amount of standards:

You’re using a ‘pensive technique’ when you raise your expectations. 

You’re declaring that no matter who he is or how many firecrackers go off inside of you, the value and possibility of remaining single will not be sacrificed for a man you hardly know.

You’re waiting for him to prove himself — to do more than the bare minimum most females anticipate – before you consider him ‘beau material.’ 

He’ll be blown away by your eager growth and self-esteem, and he’ll chase you.

10. Put your self-respect first: 

Something supernatural happens when you prioritize your principles and sense of pride. 

You attract guys into your life who look after them, respect them, and make an everyday habit of experiencing depending on them.

You also weed out those who are unable to influence you to do things their way. 

Believe me when I say this: 

This is something men can detect.

Whether he’s all you need or the only one who can win your heart, he should know that if he ever undermines, mistreats, abuses, or otherwise exploits you, you’ll return to your professional single life.

11. Become scarce: 

Another clever way to get him to follow you is to disappear precisely when he expects you to be there.

If you force him off of the lane, he can see right through the game and refuse to play. 

Alternatively, he could see your brief absence as a lack of interest. 

As a result, I recommend that you perform admirably in all of your actions.

12. Don’t be desperate:

The first and most important step is to stop pursuing him. 

This is the most egregious act you can commit. 

It’ll immediately turn him off. 

Men and women alike despise being chased. 

In any case, a male, in particular. 

That is his contribution to the world. It not only makes you appear anxious, but it also makes him appear less manly.

13. Don’t be too lown On the first date:

What I’m saying is that the first few dates should be kept as low-key as possible. 

At the start, try not to tell him everything. 

As I did, you’ll simply startle him. 

Within all, how would you react if someone you’d just met started telling you about their personal lives after 5 minutes?

14. Show him you are homegrown: 

Men are visual creatures, but that just gets you to the initial stage of their development. 

They’ll be content to sleep with you before moving on to find a girlfriend. 

Someone they can show their parents at home. 

You won’t have to do anything if you show him your heart and soul.

15. Make it competitive:

Men, as I’ve already stated, are goal-oriented. 

You’ll get their attention if you show yourself as a prize-worthy winner. 

Surrounding yourself with other men is a sure-fire approach to attract a man’s attention.

He’ll notice that you’re in demand. 

That every man lusts after you. Trust me, he’d love to double his strategies and chase you even harder if you show him that other men are interested in going out with you.

16. Be transparent:

To make a guy chase you, you should be transparent and honest.

Did you know that men prefer honesty to education and independence? To be honest, presuming you want to achieve your goal of attracting someone’s attention.

17. Try a different approach:

In certain cases, males want women to act with a definite aim in mind. As a result, it’s possible that achieving something else will be incredibly energizing.

You could turn down his offer of buying you a drink and pay for his instead. Or do something else within your reach that would ‘wow’ him.

18. Massage his ego:

Using male brain research is an excellent method to get someone to follow you.

Praise boosts men’s self-esteem and gives them a positive attitude on life. 

This has a knock-on effect on their feelings for you. 

You don’t want to come out as a big-headed egomaniac, so be unpretentious about it.

19. Give him reasons to do better:

You don’t have to answer “yes” immediately away just because someone sends you flowers or chocolates. 

To show how important you are to him, make him take care of business. 

If he wants to be with you, he’ll have to step it up. He must improve and become better. 

Try not to make it too easy for yourself and give up.

20. Don’t be afraid to express your dissatisfaction:

You’re out with him, and he does something you don’t like? 

Rather than changing, get down to business. 

This demonstrates that you are not afraid to own your identity and what you despise. 

It also reflects trustworthiness, and men value such qualities. 

They will not rehash things you are uncomfortable with and will not pursue you to figure out your preferences.

21. Be real:

If you become another person to attract his attention, he isn’t after you.

It will simply end your chances of being with him once he realizes that the person he was pursuing was not your true identity.

22. Boost your confidence:

Men seek certainty. 

They like it when they feel the person they are with is confident in themselves. 

Demonstrate that you are enthusiastic about your work, life decisions, or any other area you wish to pursue.

23. Be prepared to let go if it doesn’t work:

If he isn’t moving forward with his game, just let him go and leave. 

Men find it exhausting when a lady disregards her convictions and feelings for him. 

They consider such women clingy and make them crave space

Men should pursue women who aren’t afraid to dump them. 

Allow him to go and observe the wheels turning in his head.

24. Make striking memories with him:

If you can engage in some small-scale activities with him, chances are he will require more of you in his life.

Even being exuberant and senseless will compel some to pursue you because you provide a much-needed refresher in their lives.

This works well with men who are more seasoned, less active, truly exhausting, or who subtly miss some immediacy in their lives.

25. Show kindness: 

Being benevolent is an incredible way to make a guy chase you.

If you’re thinking to him and others around you, he can assume you’re nice in general,  and men go googly-eyed for a truly kind person.

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