How To Start A Conversation With A Guy On Instagram For The First Time

how to dm a guy on Instagram for the first time

How do you start a conversation with a stranger guy on Instagram?

Instagram which was recently acquired by Facebook, is currently one of the most popular social media platforms where you can share cute photos of what’s new with you.

Instagram is beyond just sharing of photos, you can as well connect with people from around the world through chats. What about the Instagram stories, photo effects, live video, and Instagram Reels? They are all amazing features that make this app unique.

Finally, you have seen that cute guy on Instagram but find it daunting to start a conversation with him or think it is weird to message a guy on Instagram first? I understand how frustrating the whole stuff can be because you don’t want to appear creepy. But of course, this is your crush that you want to start a conversation with and possibly score a date with him simply by sliding into his DM.

Whether you want to flirt with a guy on Instagram or you are searching for ideas on what to DM a guy you don’t know, this post is specially baked for you.

So, your question on; “how to start a conversation with a stranger guy on Instagram”, “what should I DM a guy to get his attention for the first time?”, and even “how should I start talking to my crush on Instagram?”, ends here because this special guide will equip you with the best tips to start a conversation with any guy on Insta so you don’t end up doing things that will freak him out.

What’s Instagram DM?

I don’t want to assume that you already know what DM means. It is a popular abbreviation for Direct Message, and this is an amazingly great Instagram feature that allows users to chat privately. When you slide into someone’s DM, it means you want to communicate privately with the person.

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Let’s get back to the main topic of discussion to get the inside scoop for how to start a text conversation with a boy for the first time on Instagram, keep the conversation interesting, make him like you and probably score a date card with him.

7 tips on how to start a conversation with any guy on Instagram for the first time, to attract and make him like you.

Simply follow the tips outlined below and trust me you will effortlessly be able to introduce yourself to a guy on Instagram, get to know the Dos and Don’ts and how you can impress him via Instagram DM with examples.

1. Follow him on Instagram

To get more likes and Instagram followers can be frustrating as there are a whole lot of other girls who are doing the same thing as you. Fortunately, there’s no particular amount of followers or likes required of you before you can follow your crush on Instagram and DM him.

I understand It’s natural to be nervous putting your pride on the line, and thoughts like “what if he doesn’t follow back?”, “what if he ignores my chat?” can easily pop out but you have nothing to lose.

2. Check his Instagram profile

Before you text a guy for the first time on Instagram, take a deep look at his profile. When you conduct a little survey on his Instagram profile, you are more likely to know a little about him, enough to start a conversation for the first time with him because you probably might have seen the kind of stuff he shares.

What were you able to figure out from his profile, did you find anything interesting to talk about?

Is he the travel or gym kind of guy? If he likes to lift weights, he could be much interested in bodybuilding topics.

The photos you see, can inspire you on what to DM him on Instagram.

“Hello, I came across your Instagram account and must say you like to hit the gym, and that looks pretty nice on you. I just discovered a gym in my neighborhood; do you have any techniques to share with me? I wouldn’t mind following your recommendations”

The above chat example is a casual way to talk to a guy for the first time on Instagram and you can be positive he won’t ignore you. Feel free to tweak my Instagram text example to him. Be real and don’t flood him with texts.

3. Double-tap and drop comments on his photos

This works very well all the time. Show the guy you found a few of his Instagram posts interesting. Don’t like all his pictures you are not an Instagram bot, a few likes are enough to pass the message across.
Don’t also forget to drop meaningful comments on any post you find intriguing on his profile or Instagram stories.

If you plan to DM random boys on Instagram, don’t always slide straight into their DMs for a chat, there’s no need for the rush. Let the guy know you found something intriguing via your likes and comments. He will receive Instagram notifications for your reactions.

When your chat comes in his DM, he can recall seeing your Instagram username in the notification area. Then to start a conversation with him won’t be totally difficult.

4. Be creative

Mind what you say to a guy in his DM, so you don’t appear creepy.

When you’re texting a guy for the first time on Instagram, don’t just say “hi”, there is the need to understand that you are not the only one coming to his DM. If he is your crush, chances are that other pretty Instagram ladies might want to impress him through chats too.

To slide into a guy’s DM on Instagram with the word “Hi”, can be a dumb pickup line. Remember this is a guy you have never met before and you really don’t want your messages to be ignored. He can’t ignore you if you are creative enough to hold a conversation with him.

The first text to a guy on Instagram should at least be something that is more intellect and attracts a reply.

5. Be available to chat him

When you want to start a conversation with a guy on Instagram for the first time, you should be available for a chat and be able to reply as soon as you receive a reply from him. Maybe not too fast, so you don’t appear so desperate.

Remember you’re the one sending chats to him for the first time, find some interesting topics to discuss with him. Avoid asking him personal questions at the moment, so he doesn’t feel uncomfortable with the whole stuff.

If you need ideas on what to ask for the first time and get to know him better, here is a list of questions to ask any guy.

6. Type out words completely

Do not be lazy to type out words completely when you want to text a guy you like on Instagram. Crosscheck your spellings and autocorrect before you send out the chat, so you don’t end up saying what you never intended to say to him.

Abbreviations and bad grammar can throw him off the chat with you.

7. Use emoticons

According to research by Plenty Of Fish (POF), kissing, wink face and heart eyes emoticons are the most likely to get a reply from singles online, Instagram boys are not excluded.

To expose your flirty part, try using one or more of the mentioned emoticons when sending a flirt text to his DM.

Final words:

It is not creepy to DM a guy on Instagram if it is done rightly.

However, to approach a guy on Instagram DM or to impress him through chats, it is pertinent to make sure you already have an outstanding Instagram profile.

Your profile online should appear nice and interesting because almost every guy would like to take a look at the profile of the girl who slides into his DM for a private chat.

Most guys find presentable accounts interesting, you don’t have to be naked to attract your crush on Instagram. Posting half-naked photos might draw him to think it’s a fake Instagram profile and no guy would like to fall for that. Try to be yourself around him, be real and stay true.

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