Can you tell if a guy likes you and in what ways?

It is difficult to know for sure if a guy who’s new to you likes you. But trust me, I will uncover undeniable signs he likes you – right here on this post.

Mind reading is difficult but can we keep a relationship without been bothered of what our significant other has in mind about us?

There’s no dating site algorithm or app, that can read the mind of a person and tell you if he’s the right partner for you or not.

However, I did conduct a lot of researches and engaged in a series of conversations with well-known relationship experts – names withheld. Who uncovered the most reliable signs he likes you, and I will share it with everyone here.

A lot of people have asked me questions regarding “how to know for sure if a guy likes you” through the email I will mention but just a few of them; how to know if a guy likes you but is hiding it? How to tell if a guy likes you at work? and the most reoccurring question is “how to know if a guy likes you through text?“. I understand so well that no woman would want to pedal around with her feelings especially when she’s trying to figure out who’s the right partner for her.

Why do women struggle to know if a guy likes them or not? Not just women, everyone does that. Even men lookout for some qualities in women to determine how deep is their love. It is crucial and affirmative to find out for sure if someone secretly likes you before you dash into them.

It is pertinent to know how much value someone places on you, so as to know your path to play. Should you give in your when you’re not even sure if he’s into you or should you give him chance even when there are signs he’s not into you? All these questions are tailored to probably ascertain you don’t overdo a thing and turn out to be the victim of heartbreak. It sucks going into a relationship with the wrong kind of guy.

People say that you can tell if a guy likes you body language, the truth remain that there are many points to look out for in order to determine if a guy likes you or not. This guide contains the 10 sure ways to tell if a guy likes you. The expertise advice contained on this post makes it an outstanding one which allows you to find out if a guy you don’t talk to likes you.

Sure ways to know if a guy likes you

You can tell if a guy likes you even without taking the “How to know if a guy likes you quiz“. Here are things to look out for in a guy and find out if he likes you for real.

1. He wants to know if you’re seeing someone.

image of a young man

You can tell if a guy likes you from the kind of questions he throws at you often. Apart from wanting to know how you’re doing for the day, if he tries knowing more about you, it is probably a proven sign he likes you but he’s hiding it if he’s not confessing it. He wants to know if you’re seeing someone else so as to know how to make his moves. He’s a kind of indirect because he doesn’t want to pop out and receive his surprise “REJECTED”.

Obviously, most women appear intimidating to people that like them, that’s why guys who are normally shy, are seen asking indirect questions to find out the real truth so they can find a way to express their feelings.

2. He looks at you in the eyes

eye contact

There’s often a correlation between eye gaze and romantic interest.

If he’s always looking at your eyes steady or briefly whenever you guys are talking, then he’s interested in you.

Eye contact is a method backed by science to tell if a guy likes you or not. No matter how shy a guy is, he looks at you in the eyes if he’s interested in you. He might not be bold in doing that, this does not also mean that other guys who can’t even look at you in the eyes are not into you. You can spot the interest easily with the looks and actions (body language).

In my own very way, I would say that the eyes do not lie, you can tell what he’s thinking about you when you back into his eyes. If he’s into you for sure, his eyes won’t hide it.

3. He’s into you when he cracks a joke with you often

a funny guy and friends

If he’s seen trying to make jokes around you, he’s probably want to make a good impression.

Who’s always playful and doing the teasing? If he’s the one, it’s a good sign he’s interested in you. Although humour is considered an attractive trait to both men and women.

Another way to tell if guy likes you is when he’s very prone to laughing at jokes from you. Men can laugh and roll on the floor to jokes from women they like, which is difficult to see them engage in such activities with women they’re not attracted to.

4. He gives support to you

a man supporting a woman

If a woman is seen chorusing that men are all nothing but evil, men are deceptive. Then she probably has not made time to discover how to tell if a guy likes her or trying to play with her emotions.

There are a number of things you might consider a minor, but trust me they form major indicators for how to know if a guy likes you for sure.

A quick offer to help from someone not too close to you is a sign he has interest in you.

5. He compliments you

when he compliments you

A lot of people say that guys are notorious flirts, as this might hold some truth, it does not tell the complete picture.

If he notices your new looks (hairstyle, wears, the smell of your perfume…) and compliments you, he’s trying to show his interest and how he’s attracted to you. You should take this as a subtle sign he likes you, this is more effective when he’s seen complimenting you in a special way, not just like any other girl that crosses his path.

6. He’s always around

he's always around you

A more subtle way to tell if a guy likes you at work is when he’s seen around your desk at work more often than usual. Maybe finishes his own tasks quickly to check on you and see if you’re having ups and downs carry a particular task.

He would want to assist you with your own jobs to leave you with good memory when you get home. Uh, work wasn’t stressful today, he made it possible “FEELINGS”. Do not be surprised also when he at the least places you ever expected him to be “your most remote favourite bar”, to cheer and have a glass of wine together with you.

7. He wants to connect with you on social media

asking for her facebook username

Did he ask you of your social media handle, and not long after you gave him did you receive a friend request from him and who always starts the social media chats between you both? The answers alone make the points to you – I know.

The previous does not imply that many other guys who are sending you too many friend request on Facebook truly like you or want something deeper with you… With the looks and feels, you can tell the difference.

Among the obvious signs he likes you as indicated on this post, you can tell for if a guy likes you through texts he sends to you online or by SMS.

8. He calls your name often

he calls your name often

Still, the old good guy is the way we call people by their name, we give an indication of how we like them.

If he’s seen smiling while calling your name often in conversion, he probably has an interest in you.

Pay attention to how he calls your name, the tone and looks have a message to pass and it is a genuine sign he likes you.

In the college, if your name is seen in his book or jotter, written in styles, don’t think twice about such acts. It is a subtle way to know if a guy likes you in school. If he knows how to draw, he would have your drawings made even without your notice and place it somewhere special on his drawing canvas.

9. How do you teel if a guy likes you? Learn from his friends

find out if he likes you from his friends

knowing what he has in mind can be hard to deal with situation, but trust me his friends even have more details to tell if he likes you.

Let me ask you, are his friends beginning to treat you differently and speaks for you on his behalf when he’s not there? He must have told them he’s interested in you.

But don’t be too fast yet, since you have not gotten a direct response from him. He’s likely to tell you one day how he feels about you, when he finally does, just know it really took him time to confess his feelings for you, and he’s serious about it.

10. He pays attention to you

when a guy pays attention to you

In our contemporary world, guys are often busy with work or a variety of gadgets, video games and often seen on the phone.

It is a good sign that he likes you if he minimises his use of such gadgets whenever you guys are together for a talk.

He’ll put them away and draw himself close to you just to make sure he gives you the attention you deserve. He values your presence a lot, if he’s seen doing otherwise then he’s not really into you.

7 Obvious Signs He Likes You (7 out of the 10 signs)

The 7 obvious signs he likes you as seen below, are my favourite list of top signs to tell if a guy likes you. I would always recommend that you concentrate more on them and find out if your crush truly likes you.

  • He gives you support – He’s always willing to lend a hand.
  • He looks at you in the eyes.
  • He cracks jokes with you.
  • He wants to know if you’re seeing someone else.
  • He compliments you.
  • He pays attention to you.
  • He calls your name often.

If you have been wondering if your crush likes you back and why won’t he like you? I believe at this point you have learned how to know for sure if he likes you.

…In Summary

The truth must be told, even the celebrity men you see today, aren’t that good in communicating their likes for a woman. Some men at some points feel they’re putting themselves out there so fast or in a way that can lead to embarrassment.

Since practically, no man would feel good if embarrassed by someone he’s crushing on, when he try being straight forward to confess his feelings, then he pushes some characters/displays to leave you with the challenges of finding out if he likes you for sure.

If a guy is slow to make a move, it does not actually mean he’s not into you. He is just scared and doesn’t want to get hurt. If you’re sure he likes you using the signs mentioned on this post, he’s probably into you.

Lastly, I advise you reciprocate by showing some little signs you actually want to let this happen “a new relationship with him” it will give him the enablement to take a great step knowing things are most likely going to work out for both of you.

Over to you:

Let’s hear from you through the comment section what you learned so far, or in your own way, “how do you tell if a guy really likes you?”