How To Impress A Girl Over Text – Know What To Say To Impress Her

how to impress a girl over text

Ever asked the question “what should I text a girl I like?

Do you really know how to impress a girl by texting?

If you are a good texter, then you are a step ahead of other guys who can’t impress a girl by texting.

Even if texting isn’t your thing but you really want to get her attracted to you over text, this post covers everything regarding how to impress a girl over text via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook even if you are texting her for the first time.

One of the best ways to stay communicative is by texting, almost everyone at some point in life had sent a message across to a family member or a friend but to some guys, this might be a different ball game considered an uphill challenge hence it has to do with texting a strange girl for the first time through Instagram or any text messaging platform.

If you belong to that category and want to impress your crush over text, chances are that you will be on the search for the best tips on how to impress a girl you like over text with examples you can copy and paste, tweak a little bit or get the best tips on how to write interesting text message from scratch and what should be in the text to make her feel impressed with your use of words and creativity.

How to really impress a girl over text

The tips below on how to impress a girl by texting her, are well researched and written to help improve your communication with a new girl or someone you already know, get her interested, and finally, make her fall in love with you by text. Keep reading to see how it works for you.

1. Find out her interests

In your conversations with a girl, it is easier to impress and make her fall for you when you have the majority of the details you seriously need to know.

There are numerous questions to ask a girl and get to know her better, this will perhaps give her the opportunity to answer your questions and also want to ask you too. You might be surprised to figure out that you guys have a common interest.

2. Be the funny guy

Appear funny but don’t look stupid.

Your true sense of humor has a vital role to play in making the conversations interesting. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to make a girl laugh.

Thank goodness for the internet, you can search for the best memes and joke around her interest that will make her smile for long or get her rolling on the floor while laughing out loud at your text.

3. Be ready to reply

To impress a girl over text, you should at least show that you mean it. 

When a girl is replying your text messages without delay it is a sign that she is enjoying the conversation or simply curious to know more. 

Don’t keep her waiting so long to see a reply from you, create time to read through everything and make a reply that fits in properly to that. If you are busy at the moment, you guys can reschedule the conversation for another time.

However, in as much as you are advised to reply to her text and not keep her waiting for long, it is also nice to take your time a bit before you reply to her, so you don’t come off as desperate.

4. Let her be curious

The best way to keep a girl interested over text is to make her want to know more.

Feel free to share a story or part of a story that will trigger to ask questions because she really wants to know what it turned out to be and how you managed to handle the situation. It can be a real-life encounter, which is your own little secret, or a childhood memory that is interesting to share and you are comfortable discussing it with her.

5. Text with stickers and emojis

If you want to impress unknown girl by texting, it is important to mind your use of emojis and stickers.

Although stickers and emojis are known to make conversations interesting and not boring, it is pertinent to know that it is not everyone who understands what each and every emoji or sticker means and this can ruin things very quickly.

6. Learn how she wants to be texted

Copy her texting pattern and text as she does.

It is good to be yourself around people or when texting someone especially for the first time, but you can achieve more when you go a little bit out of the box to make the conversation even more interesting by mirroring her chat style.

7. Don’t brag about yourself

When you want to impress a girl over text, don’t always talk about the material things you have got. There’s nothing wrong with being positively proud of your achievements but this will come off to her that you are prideful and think you can get her by saying how much you have got in the bank, the phone you are texting with, and the kind of mansion you have over there.

Even a gold digger wouldn’t want to fall for a bragging text. The earlier you consider texting a medium to get to know each other better, then you are going to impress and make her fall for you.

8. Have some interesting topics to talk about

If you have ever been in a room where everyone was discussing and all of a sudden everyone goes mute, you will understand how awkward such moments can be.

Choosing the right topics to text her over text is very possible when you have known at least a little about her and since you have ample topics to talk about, you can always switch them to keep her interested in the conversation.

If you have got interesting topics to talk with a girl over text, you will definitely impress her by texting.

9. Text her often

It is positive to keep the conversation going each time you figured out something new and want to share it with her. Texting her often can get her attracted to you, she will really be impressed with you over text when you text reasonably.

Not texting often and texting too much can ruin what you have built. Always make sure you are not creating a gap and you are not overdoing it.

10. Respect her privacy

It is rarely possible to impress a new girl over text by asking her personal questions that will make her go mute or feel insecure chatting with you.

Instead, ask her open ended questions and remember to avoid talking about politics or religion if you are texting her for the first time as they could lead to unhealthy arguments.

11. Dont send her long paragraphs

To get your girl crush to notice you over text isn’t achieved by sending long paragraphs, no one would like to spend time than they can afford reading a text. Long texts can make your conversations boring with her, always consider a few lines of sentences that are easy to read and understand.

12. Compliment her

Women love compliments, and men too. Everyone would like to receive good compliments.

Get a hand full of sweet compliments for her and make sure your compliments are not only based on her physical beauty.

Every woman is beautiful in a variety of ways aside from physical looks. Think about her personality, the way she reasons, the way she responds to things, and much more, other than her; hair, body shape, lips, and nails, or eyes.

Although there is nothing wrong with complimenting her looks but making it the center of conversation can make her think you are only after her body.

13. Avoid abbreviation

Texting too short or using abbreviation can ruin your plan to impress her over text and have a date with her.

Type out words in full, because not everyone understands even the most popular texting abbreviations. This you should watch alongside your spelling and grammar.

Final words:

Trying to get into a relationship with a girl for the first time over text can be challenging as you could come across many texting rules to get her which may or may not work out well for you.

The best thing is to always be yourself and show in your own very unique way that you love and care about her instead of searching for some text examples for her on the internet that could sound like they are not coming from your heart because they are simply not your own words.

Respect and do not spam her with text messages, the double texting rule does not apply to everyone. You really have to figure out yourself when and when not to apply the double texting rule.

Ever tried to impress a girl by texting her? Feel free to share your experiences with us using the comment box below.

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