How To Text A Girl For The First Time On Instagram

how to text a girl for the first time on Instagram

How do you start a conversation with a girl on Instagram? Today, Instagram is the best online social media platform where you can share photos about what’s new with you.

Most ladies enjoy taking a whole lot of selfies, especially when they’re in a nice environment with amazing outfits which makes their photos catchy when taken with a good smartphone camera. Most Instagram singles wouldn’t hesitate to share those photos with their Instagram followers.

Over the years to date, I have been on Instagram and have started conversations with quite a good number of girls online, without stress. Haven seen several persons ask questions on; how to start a conversation with a girl or random girls on Instagram for the first time, and even how to DM a girl on Instagram from Tinder, I see the need for this special guide.

Since I understand how daunting it can be to start up a conversation with a new girl on Instagram, someone you just met online. I will give you only but the best ways to slide into her DM and make her like you through chats.  

What’s Instagram DM?

DM is an abbreviation for Direct Message, this is an Instagram feature that allows users to chat privately. When you slide into someone’s DM, it means you are sending messages that can only be seen by you and the person.

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How to start a text conversation with a girl for the first time on Instagram

The following tips will help you know how to introduce yourself to a girl on Instagram, what to do before sliding into her DM and how to keep the conversation with her.

1. Check her Instagram profile

Before you text a girl for the first time on Instagram, endeavour to take a look at her profile.  A quick look at her Instagram profile will unveil a little more about her, you can easily determine what interests her the most. If she shares photos of her at different travel locations, she could be so much interested in travelling.

The photos you see, can inspire you on what to DM her on Instagram.

“Hey, I came across your Instagram account and must say you like travelling. I will be going on a vacation soon, do you have any place to recommend?”

The above chat is casual and you can be positive she will reply to your Instagram chats. Feel free to tweak my Instagram text to a girl example to your choice but you simply have to be real and never rush or flood her with messages.

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2. Like a few of her photos

This works very well for me, you simply don’t have to like all her pictures at a go. Most times she could be the one to say “hi” to you when you like a few of her photos or drop nice comments about what you see on her profile.

If you plan to DM random girls on Instagram, don’t always slide straight into their DM for a chat, there’s no need for a rush. Let her know you found something intriguing through your likes and comments, she will receive Instagram notifications for your reactions.

When your chat comes in her DM, she can recall seeing your Instagram username in the notification area. Then starting up a conversation with her won’t be totally difficult.

3. Don’t just say “Hey”

When you’re texting a girl for the first time on Instagram, don’t just say “hey”, that isn’t good enough to start up a conversation with her.

To slide into a girl’s DM on Instagram with the word “Hey”, can be a dumb pickup line. Remember this is someone totally new to you and you expect a response from her.

Most female Instagrammers receive a lot of messages even from people they don’t know especially men. For you to receive replies from her among the available number of persons sliding into her DM, you have to be creative.

The first text to a girl on Instagram should at least be something that is more intellect and attracts response.

Mostly, it is only teens that are cool with the “hey” as a pickup line when texting a girl for the first time online. But I did guess you’re not within that age bracket, so don’t act like one.

4. Be ready to chat her

When you are about to start a conversation with a woman on Instagram for the first time, you should be ready for the chat and be able to reply as soon as you receive a text from her. Maybe not too fast, so you don’t appear desperate.

Remember you’re the one sending chats to her for the first time, you have the responsibility to keep the chat going and interesting.

If you’re getting replies from her and almost getting short of what to say in her DM, make use of these questions to ask a girl and get to know her more. It will make the chat more interactive and interesting.

5. Get to know more about her

It doesn’t matter if you met her at the café, the high school playground before, or somewhere around but didn’t talk to her. You still don’t know much about her, find out what are her likes and dislikes.

A good mix of healthy questions will help you know more about her. Do not bombard her with too many questions and always wait for her to reply to your chats before you send another one.
Women are more curious than men, allow her to ask you questions too and make sure you’re honest in your answers, there’s probably no reason to be fake on Instagram.

6. Proper use of grammar

Do not be lazy to type out words completely when you want to text a girl you like on Instagram. Crosscheck your spellings and autocorrect before you send the chat, so you don’t end up saying what you never intended to say to her.

Abbreviations like “kk, I want 2 c 4 more pix” and bad grammar can throw her off the chat with you. Don’t allow this to be the mistake you will make when you slide into her DM on Instagram.

7. Let her know you’re into her

Let her know about your feelings…

Once you notice that the Instagram chat is becoming interesting with her for the first time, make sure you let her know that you’re interested in her so you can get the first date scheduled.

Here’s why you should work on seeing here face to face. Texting alone isn’t enough to determine or make someone be into you. The facial expression and body language have a greater impact on how things are likely to turn out for both of you.

8. Use emoticons

According to research by Plenty Of Fish (POF), kissing, wink face and heart eyes emoticons are the most likely to get a reply from singles online, Instagram ladies are not excluded.

To expose your flirty part, try using one or more of the mentioned emoticons when sending a flirt text to her in the DM.

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Over to you

To approach a girl on Instagram DM or to impress her through chats, it is pertinent to make sure you already have an outstanding Instagram profile. Your profile online should appear interesting because almost every girl would like to take a look at the profile of the guy who slides into her DM for a private chat.

Since I have shared my tips on how to talk to a girl on Instagram DM for the first time and keep the conversation going, I would like to know how you normally start a conversation with a girl or random girls on Instagram?

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