15 Signs Your Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else 

cheating girlfriend

Have you that gut feeling that your significant other has begun cheating?

Is this because she is showing less interest in you? Does she rarely talk to you? The girlfriend who wouldn’t spare an hour but beep you?

A relationship has its perks, from late-night texts, cuddles, a constant reminder of your love for each other, to arguments, to not talking to each other for a short while. 

But there comes the most dreaded one.

… and that’s cheating.

Maybe she has seen a more attractive person, and to enjoy the bliss of a new lover she reduces her love for you and bridges the connection. You have begun to feel something is wrong. She has become different from the girl you fell in love with. 

Have you tried to talk about it, maybe because you feel it’s something you did, but received no definite answer. As seconds turn to minutes and minutes to hours, hours to days, and days to weeks, she seems to be drifting apart. 

Your thoughts are she might have someone else in her life apart from you. Is she cheating or maybe she doesn’t want to be with you anymore?

Do not worry, below I will list possible signs your girlfriend is cheating, and if she had just slept with someone else. 

15 signs your girlfriend just slept with someone else/ signs that your girlfriend is cheating.

1. She has a new habit: 

Do your girlfriend come home and run into your embrace, maybe join you in bed, kiss you and talk about each other’s day. But these days instead of running into your arms and kissing you at the door, she runs into the shower first. Saying she’s all sweaty and all.

Truth is that she might be coming from one of her cheating sprees, and wouldn’t want you to catch a whiff of that smell, so to avoid getting caught she runs in to clean up.

2. She’s nervous : 

She’s nervous around you, often being jumpy? To know if she had done something hideous, you can try to ask her about her whereabouts and watch how she responds. I learned that if you want to know if someone is lying, you watch their eyes, they look at everything but you. 

3. She’s avoiding sex:

Is she avoiding sex now? Maybe giving excuses or being tired and just wanting to sleep? If you’re suspecting her, why don’t you go in for it once she returns home?

She would decline instantly because she wouldn’t want to go for another turn with you if she had just done it outside. 

4. Her hairstyle when she arrived home:

This is the one. You don’t know what her hairstyle has got to do with this one? Well, let me enlighten you.

She goes out with a braided updo hairstyle, and returns home with a messy updo? Her ponytail hairstyle appears low and messy unlike how it was high and sleek before she left? 

Chances are she had some good rough time, and dusted up, returning home. 

Amateur cheaters haven’t learned of this sign giving away what had happened out there. 

5. The smell of an after sex: 

Are you one of those who could smell an after-sex scent? I don’t know how people do this, but if you can then you’re just the luckiest guy. Catch that whiff and ask her right away. 

If you’re one of those who can’t tell, then watch out for her body fragrance. She could’ve used the dude’s perfume to mask up the scent of sex. When you perceive the unfamiliar scent, ask her. 

Cheaters are liars, so she will lie about coming from one of her friend’s houses, then remind her that she was coming from work. Or wherever she told you she was at first.

6. She’s overprotective of her phone: 

How has she gone from using a four-digit passcode to almost one the length of a phone number?

She clings to her phone and is all jumpy when you go near her phone. 

Instead of waiting for her to plop it somewhere carelessly, just ask her out of the blue to give you her phone, so you can make an order. 

Listen to what she says from there to know if she’s acting off, and if she gives, that is if you’re not dealing with a pro cheater, who must have cleared every evidence at the point it was created. 

Swoop around and find out what she’s been doing that had you suspecting her.

7. She begins to avoid you:

We want to be around the people we love, in relationships these days, people are ignoring the rules that say learn to give your partner space. But everyone is all up in your face now. The only time you’re apart is when you’re at work. 

But then if she’s one who often beeps your phone from minute to minute and suddenly stops asking you where you are, sending you pictures wanting to talk to you in your free time? She might be getting hit somewhere.

When you want to come around, she hands you a full list of excuses. Work is getting her busy now, she switches off her phone but you only connect with her when she’s the one who wants to talk. 

It’s strange to you because it’s not her character? She’s not often at home when you visit. When you ask her on a date, she cancels on you. If she isn’t avoiding you, she would fix another date.

8. She’s more quiet:

She’s acting more reserved, and moody. She’s unhappy and wouldn’t want to talk to you. You’ve asked to know if you offended her, knowing her moods are not because she’s at that time of the month. If when in those moods, she’s all focused on her phone, she’s probably talking to her new lover. 

If she’s not sad because she has begun doubting her commitment, and the guilt is eating her up. 

9. She goes out more often:

She often has someplace to be at, either it’s an emergency or she’s going to her friend’s birthday party more than her number of friends? And she never let you tag along in any? 

She’s hanging out with someone outside.

10. Body language: 

You ask her questions about her whereabouts or what she was doing, and she begins to act nervous, running her hands In her hair, her breath unsteady, she’s picking up a random object playing with it, while she responds to you. 

Watch if she’s avoiding eye contact too, or acts as though she didn’t hear your first question. She’s thinking of a perfect lie to tell.  

11. A fresh lipstick:

Watch out for the fresh lipstick. 

If she returns home with a smudged lipstick, ask her If she was cosplaying at work?

But if she returns with a fresher lipstick or gloss, she’s smart and did a touch-up to her looks before leaving her new boy’s place. But it’s a dead giveaway that the mouth has been busy with some. 

Again I would like to add that most women like me, love to add some color to the lips or make them more glossy, so we carry them around and touch it up from time to time. 

You know, gloss on worries gone.

12. Mobile apps:

You may need to check if she has these apps. These are apps that have aided in successful cheating. 

Snap chat- You would know about this one. The app that once a message is read, disappears immediately. 

Private message box- This app keeps all videos, conversations, and photos private. 

Viber- The legendary application for affairs, its message deletes automatically when read. 

Tinder-Now why would she be on a dating app, if she’s with you? 

13. She is sexually uninterested:

Does she often deny you love-making sessions? She starts to complain you don’t do it right? Or not in the mood to indulge? If it happens more than once, she’s sleeping with someone else. 

14. She is taking more trips: 

She’s doing this to get away from you. 

I know of one who said she told her boyfriend she would be visiting her family every weekend. And guess who she’s spending that weekend with? 

The new boy! Sneaky right? 

15. She pays more attention to her appearance: 

These days she’s getting pretty to run a quick errand? Is she all glammed to go to the grocery store? And this has never been her thing? 

Remember how she was all looking glammed up when you two just started dating?  

She’s probably seeing a new man and she’s dressing up to look desirable for him. 


Try not to accuse her, if not you will be jeopardizing your relationship for doubting her trust and pointing accusing fingers at her. 

But have you read the signs above and can link them to her behavior, then should you confront her about it. 

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