What do you say to your girlfriend when she’s mad at you?

To know what to text to make an angry girlfriend happy, or what to do when she’s mad at you and put a smile on her face can be daunting. But trust me, if you take the right steps, it will rekindle the love and happiness of the relationship and you guys will have no option than to grow deeper in love together.

My girlfriend is mad at me, how do I fix it? This is the question that young men, who are heads over heels in love, ask when they annoy their girlfriends. Most of the time, most of these guys don’t know what it is that they did that made their girlfriends mad at them. That’s precisely how difficult it is to understand women.

Often this phrase “I don’t seem to understand her anymore” is said by men while seeking for answers on why their girlfriends are mad at them. So, if you find yourself in this position, don’t fret too much over it. After all, Adam, our first father, never understood his partner Eve; neither did God, her creator.

However, as a caring boyfriend, you should try your best to make her forgive you and go back to her usual cheery self by asking what to do when your girlfriend is mad and won’t talk to you. Relax your mind, because in this article I will give out tips on what to say when your girlfriend is mad at you.

Honestly, these 12 ways on how to make your girlfriend smile when she’s mad at you, have been carefully researched, young girls and mature ladies have also been interviewed and feasible information has been compiled to help you make the love of your life keep a smiling face for long. 

Although these 12 ways have been thoroughly researched and found to work perfectly fine, you are reminded that no two people are the same. Therefore, it might work on A’s girlfriend while it might yield a negative result on B’s girlfriend.

However, no matter how differently it may work, try hard not to keep your relationship cold for too long. Let’s get started. Shall we?

How to make your girlfriend smile when she’s mad at you

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If your girlfriend is mad at you for no reason or you’re the cause of the problem, here’s what to do. Follow the steps below to make her smile no matter how mad she’s at you.

1. Try to find out from her what you did wrong

Most times, men neglect the power of asking questions, they overlook the power of talking altogether. Maybe because it’s a woman-type-of-thing, perhaps, all your girlfriend needs is for you to gently and honestly ask her what you did that annoyed her. But, like I said, women are indeed difficult to understand, on that note, if you have gently asked her, and she says, “I’m fine.” But of course, she isn’t, don’t worry, you will find the ice breaker as you go through this article.

2. Understand her

 If she tells you what you did wrong, whether directly or indirectly, you must understand her. Have patients man, listen to your woman, and understand her feelings. If possible, sympathize with her about your actions. You could also try condemning yourself before her. Yes, it might not be a manly thing to do, but I’m sure that when it comes to the woman you love, you can forget your male ego for some time.

3. Say sorry

Saying the magic word, SORRY, will not in any way make you become the guilty one. And yes, it might have been just a misunderstanding on the part of your girl, but saying sorry could wipe away the hurt that she is feeling.

Now, don’t ask why she can’t be the one to say sorry, it might not be because she doesn’t love you enough. It might be her pride, so, be the man, take the bull by its horn and be the first to say sorry. It will make her smile.

4. Distract her

Take your girl’s mind off the anger for some minutes, and when she comes back from the high zone, the level of anger will have largely reduced. Distracting her can be done by taking her out, taking her to her favorite places, playing her favorite music for her, and feeding her with her favorite food.

Remember, a hungry man is an angry man; therefore, your girlfriend’s mood will be improved when her tummy is full or her hands filled with gifts. And she will reward you with her beautiful smile.

5. Surprise her

To make your girlfriend smile when she’s sad, spice up your relationship by surprising your girlfriend. You can do this by buying flowers and chocolates for her.

Take her out on a special outing, this might include your regular type of date. But do something different and unique, like taking her to a live performance, a high profile event, if you can afford it. Buy her clothes that emphasize her femininity. It will remind her that you still want her, whenever she is ready.

No matter how harsh and yielding she acts when you start this, don’t give up, because the girlfriend that once said “I love you” from her heart is still there. When you finally get her back, you will get more than her smile as a reward.

6. Initiate physical contact

Being in love is similar but different in both genders. It is commonly known that women feel emotions more than men, and physical contact is one of the few ways of making women feel loved. Enhance your proclamations of love by touching her face, giving her light kisses and pecks, giving her deep and long-lasting hugs and cuddling with her.

Although she will want to act out by telling you off, insist on holding her, and remind her that you are holding and touching her because you want her close always. It won’t take long to get your girl back in your arms with a dazzling smile.

7. Make her see you at the peak of her anger

The height of her rage might be when her face is red from anger suppression or when she gives you the silent treatment or for an extrovert girlfriend when she shouts and screams the highest.

Be careful, because this is a delicate moment for her emotionally; if it goes wrong, your efforts will have been in vain. At the peak of her anger, hold her, forcefully if need be, make her see you by looking her in the eyes, then tell her that you love her. Tell her this with all the emotions you have for her. Then, if she consents, spend the night with her, make it memorable.

8. Make your girl laugh

If you are wondering about the funny things to say to your girlfriend when she is mad at you, don’t stress yourself too much. There is a reason for the existence of comedy movies or shows.  See a comedy movie with her. However, if you are a comedian, great, it’s time to perform your best show. Make your girl smile and laugh for you.

9. Pamper her

There is nothing that a girl loves like being treated like she is the center of the world. Let her live that fantasy for a while. Carry her, rub her feet, give her a massage, wash her hair and her back, in summary, make her feel special. This might not be a man-thing to do for you, I understand, but we are talking about your girlfriend here. Do it, and make her happy, believe me, she will never forget it.

10. Do things she likes with her

Be her best friend, and if you guys are already besties, then do more. Show interest in what she loves, like her clothing style, why she prefers that particular shade of lipstick, her makeup brands, and everything she loves. If you can, talk with her like she would with her girlfriend. At first, she will find it strange, but with time, she will relax and open up to you. 

11. Put her in the spotlight

This can be done by digging up only her pretty pictures, or pictures you took of her without her knowledge (unaware photos of her). Remember, those pictures must all be cute, or she would take your kind gestures as an insult. Then, post those pictures on all your social media accounts, write captions that praise her beauty, her kind heart, and all the good traits that she has, you know better. This can be explained as re-staking your claim on her, she will love it, women love dominant men. Try it out!

12. Give her some space

This point may come as a surprise, but believe me, it does count. Women have consented that sometimes the innocent and kind gestures of their boyfriends often flood their emotions and cloud their feelings. These emotions make them unsure of their feelings, and some of them have hinted that giving them space always does the trick.

However, like a double-edged sword, if you do not try to win your girlfriend back and just outrightly give her space, you are merely nailing your relationship shut. 

In summary, being in love is rosy with its share of thorns presenting itself as confusion in the face of an angry girlfriend. Let it not be said that you did not try your best, therefore carry out the points mentioned above and only if it doesn’t work, should you decide to try the last point. What is yours will always come back to you, so will she.