How To Tell What A Guy Wants From You

how to know what a guy wants from you

A common dating issue for many girls is figuring out how to tell what a guy wants from you. People’s opinions can also shift. So, at first, he might not have known how he felt or believed he wanted something casual.

Later on, he comes to the conclusion that you are someone with whom he would like to start a family. This is a circumstance that can happen. Naturally, the inverse is true as well.

There’s no such thing as black and white in relationships. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be aware of what’s going on. It’s possible to figure out how he feels about the relationship and where he wants it to go.

What a guy wants from you and how to figure it out?

Why wouldn’t you just speak to him if you can’t understand what was going on? This is the simplest method to lay it all out on the table and figure out what’s going on.

I understand your apprehension about knowing something you don’t want to hear, but it’s far better to deal with it now rather than waste months, if not years, dating the wrong guy. Then, you’ve spent your entire life hoping for something that might not happen.

Learn how to tell what a guy wants from you by reading the signs below.

1. Is he fond of me?

He might be interested in you, but it doesn’t mean he wants to date you. He might be interested in having sex. This isn’t always a negative thing. It’s not a bad thing to have some casual sex. He’s enamored with you.

This is the type of infatuation that makes you think, “I can’t believe I’m dating a girl.” He will regularly find reasons to touch, have intimate relations with you and even engage in conversation with you. He will even do totally insane and things like requesting you to hold his hand. 

He’s just having a fantastic moment with you. It’s a positive indication for him. Just remember that before you go out for casual sex with a guy, don’t allow him to determine your boundaries for you if you don’t know what they are.

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2. Look for clues between the lines.

Whether he flirts with you or not, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on his body language to see how he feels. For example, if he sits there without touching you or smiling, he’s probably not interested. 

He might be searching for more than just a casual encounter if he is extremely affectionate, excessively touches you, and always tries to kiss you. He might be on the lookout for a girlfriend or wife. Flirting in a subtle way can go a long way.

3. He makes an effort to spend time with you.

This is one of the most prevalent and misunderstood reasons for guys getting into the friend zone. Men are used to physical interaction, but they may not even think about it.

For guys, touching means different things. The following move is typically used by most men as the sole means of demonstrating his interest in a girl. His hand moves. 

He typically extends his hand to shake yours as soon as he enters a room. He’ll keep it for a while if it’s too cold outside. He pats your back or hugs you. If he hugs you, he’s suggesting that he’s more plans than you can see and wants to be more than buddies.

Guys don’t hug just anyone, but if he does, it’s usually because he wants to be more than friends with you. He’s also demonstrating that he cares about you emotionally.

4. Determine why he connects with you and when he communicates with you.

When you sense that your boyfriend wants to speak with you, He could not be interested in speaking if he is monitoring you and possibly sending text messages to another individual.

If he’s not available, see if he can help or entertain you. Your boyfriend is probably there because he likes you and is bored. This is a good opportunity to put on your game face and try to figure out exactly what he wants.

5. He shows his care for you.

He can also be influenced by his body language. It demonstrates that he desires to be in your company and that he wishes for you to stay with him. doing a few things for him, being available to him, and prioritizing him

Also, his body language can indicate that he is willing to be himself and offer you what you want, so there’s no need for you to put on a show or disappear. It demonstrates that he respects and listens to your boundaries. That’s how you’ll figure out what he expects from you.

6. He fulfills your requirements.

Simply try to find out whether he is doing what you require to affirm a man’s love. He will help you feel important and ensure that you have all you require. If he likes you, he has always been there for you, even if it is at the last minute. He will also make certain that he speaks with you in order to avoid being too perplexed about your relationship with him. 

What to Look for to See if He’s Interested In other circumstances, a guy, like the one you dated a while back, will want to be your friend. You may make every effort to be more than friends with him since he treats you so well and you have so many interests. However, he may or may not have affections for you.

7. Does he give me a look?

This one isn’t for the faint of heart. He doesn’t like you just because he stares at you. You may believe you’re just conversing with a friend, but his eyes are examining you.

In any case, asking him to look at you directly will not help you. To see if he’s staring at you, try gazing back at him while you’re talking. If not, you can inquire as to whether he likes you.

8. He is pleased with himself.

His body language conveys his gratitude for your attention. A grin, a slight pat on the arm or thigh, or a compliment are all examples. He’s demonstrating that he’s truly pleased to see you and that he is looking for a relationship.

This body posture indicates that he is really interested in you and that he is are paying close attention to you. This type of guy will enjoy being in your presence and will want to spend as much time with you as necessary.

The same mannerisms in the opposite direction indicate that he isn’t interested in you.

He will try to make you uncomfortable or refuse to give you what you want if he does not want to offer it to you.

9. His physique speaks for him.

If the proper guy is interested in you, he will make a point of expressing it. In an attempt to show his affections for you, he will cautiously approach you, hold your hand, and even touch your arm.

He’ll try to persuade you to return the touch. His body will regularly move toward you to demonstrate his attention, and his hand will be near to his waist or even behind his back.

10. Look through his text history.

The specifics of your text history will reveal a great deal about a man. Is he the one that texts you first, or does he say, “Hey lovely” a lot?

His texts will reveal a lot about his motives if he’s the type that loves to be discreet and sly.He’s looking for a relationship if he’s persistent and forthright.

11. He appears to be a hero in your presence.

This type of guy is usually very self-assured, and he often acts as if he is a hero in your presence. If you’re his favorite or he’s your child’s coach, he’s most likely a male chauvinist who believes he has absolute power. And if he’s self-assured around you, you should be as well.

12. He tells you about his plans and inquires about yours.

Is he telling you about his significant job goals and aspirations, or is he solely talking about dating and the future? If he’s solely thinking about dating, you’re probably not a top priority in his mind.

Please don’t get too worked up about the fact that he’s solely interested in dating you right now; instead, concentrate on his plans and how you fit into them because there’s still a chance he’ll alter his mind.

Although being discarded is no fun, there are still some girls who would rather be dumped than be hurt or rejected. You need to know how to discern if a guy is truly interested in you and wants to pursue things further. That way, you’ll be able to move on and have someone with whom to spend your life.

13. He pays attention to the details.

Have you ever noticed that people who remember the minor details and show real interest in others always have long-term relationships? Those who don’t are

Those who don’t tend to be single for an extended period?

Guys who pay attention to the little things and make each date unique are more likely to have loyal and stable girlfriends and relationships.

14. When you chat to other guys, he becomes envious.

You’re not interested in playing games with him. You don’t want to be in a relationship with a man who wants you to do everything for him or treat him like a child. However, you don’t want to be available to him only when he’s happy. 

This is why it’s critical to pay attention to determine whether he is concerned about your relationship. It’s most likely one of the most telling signals that he cares about your relationship.

He probably cares about you if he becomes envious of other males talking to you. He probably doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you if he can’t tolerate the concept of you talking to other guys. This doesn’t really, mean it is applicable to all guys.

You don’t have to make him jealous or convey conflicting messages by conversing with other men. All you have to do is be yourself, treat him with respect, and spend time with him.

15. He can’t seem to get enough of your queries.

There’s a strong probability the guy you’re with can’t get enough of you. When someone is truly interested in you, they are genuinely interested in your daily activities. When a man wants to learn more about you, he’ll ask you questions.

as well as talk about himself

There’s nothing improper with having a dialogue with this individual, even if you don’t like it. You can even tell him how you feel about earlier talks and points if you like him.

You don’t have to be mind-reading to figure out how he feels about you. When a guy asks you a lot of questions, it’s usually an indication that he loves you a lot.

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