Nothing can be compared to the happiness and pride that surges through the heart of a guy when he is the reason for the smile and cheerfulness on the face of the woman he loves. On that note, young men that are in love flood the internet every day asking questions like; how to make my girlfriend happy in bed, how to make my girlfriend happy over the phone, “how to make my girlfriend happy when she’s sad?”, and the likes of them.

It is not usually because they are in some kind of quarrel with their girlfriends; it might just be an urge in a man to make his girl smile and be happy for him. Yes, a woman can be made happy easily, but they can also not be fully predicted. This is to say that what makes one girl happy might not lift the spirit of another girl. However, when gotten right, the bright smile she gives you is undoubtedly worth the hard work. 

As a good boyfriend, your girlfriend should always remember you with a smile on her lips and a dreamy feeling in her eyes. The main question that should always be at the top of a good boyfriend’s mind is; how to make my girlfriend happy. Therefore, in this article, a list of 21 peculiar ways to follow to make your girl happy without spending money will be discussed.

Let’s get started.

21 Best Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

The sole purpose of this post is to make your girlfriend feel special. It is possible to make your girlfriend happy after a fight simply by following the recommendations below. Do not forget to comment at the end of the post how helpful this post is in helping you make your girlfriend happy.

1. Show her that you love her always:

Admittedly, your girlfriend already knows that you love her. You tell her that every day, don’t you? Well, you know what they say about actions and words; it also applies to your girlfriend. Show her that you love her by sending beautiful letters, text, and mails to her. You can also top your game by taking her on romantic dates. Don’t forget to tell her you love her always.

2. Always make her laugh

You can do this by telling her funny stories or making faces at her, just put on your clown look and impress your girl. If you aren’t a comedian by nature, then you can substitute by changing the genre of movies you see with her to comic/comedy movies. Another way you can do this is by volunteering to make her up. We all know that you might not know a thing about her cosmetics; however, the laughter that will ring out from her during and after the makeup session will be worth it. Trust me.

3. Give your girlfriend compliments frequently

Tell her that she is beautiful always, find something in every of her outfit to give positive comments on to make her feel more confident about her appearance. It might be her clothing, her shoes, her hairdo, her makeup, her aura, etc., complimenting her can also come in another way, by always appreciating her little efforts. No one likes to be ignored when they do a favor for another person; therefore, if your girl goes out of her way to do something for you, it’s your duty to appreciate and compliment her.

4. Respect her

Many men err in this regard when associating with their girlfriends. To make your girl happy, you should respect her views, involve her while making even the littlest decisions. Make sure you show her that her views count.

5. Make her feel like the queen that she is

I’m sure most boyfriends will not find this part challenging. It’s simple, act like a gentleman towards her. This can be done by opening car doors for her, handing her a jacket when she is cold and pulling out her chair for her. You know all those actions that make you a gentleman act them out.

6. Cook a meal for her

Make your girlfriend happy by giving her a cooking-free day. Do not order food, even if you don’t know how to prepare any meal, not to mention her favorite, just don’t order out. Instead, ask her for directives on how to prepare her favorite meal, believe me, just asking her will make her laugh out loud. On the other hand, you could Google how to prepare that meal, or even watch a YouTube video on its preparation.

7. Don’t argue with her in public

Factually, about 7 out of 10 women love arguing, and unfortunately, only 1 out of that 7 know when they are overdoing it. Therefore, it is certainly up to you, her boyfriend, to avoid any argument and, most especially, avoid creating a scene. On that note, you are advised to settle your issues privately, do not walk out on her, and avoid raising your hands at her. 

8. Help her out around the house

Create time in your busy schedule to spend time with your girlfriend. And while you are at it, help her with the dishes after a meal, help her with the laundry, go grocery shopping with her and help her paint her nails if you can. The more you spend time with your girl, the higher the chances of making her happy.

9. Be a man of your words

If you make a promise to your girlfriend, try to keep to it. If peradventure, some unforeseen circumstances occur, call her or text her about your situation and tell her if there are any new plans. Furthermore, if you promise to make it up to her, please, don’t forget to do just that, because that will lift her spirit and make her happy.

10. Apologize when you wrong her

Saying sorry can go a long way in getting your girlfriend happy with you. Remember, it doesn’t have to be when you hurt her; if she is mad at you, just apologize and have your cheerful girl back for you.

11. Share your things with her

Girls love feeling in charge of their boyfriend’s stuff, and allowing her to share and use your items will make her very happy. Have you noticed that girl loves wearing their boyfriend’s clothes, especially their hoodies, slippers, caps, and some other stuff? Allow her, man, allow her to wear your clothes, after all, she rocks them better than you do.

12. Spend time with her:

Girls are never happy if their boyfriends always act busy with them. Therefore, once in a while, deny yourself of that fun soccer night with your male friends and stay home. Watch movies with her, and cuddle her, it will make her exceedingly happy. See this special guide for how to spend quality time with your partner.

13. Listen to her

Don’t always text or be on your phone when you are spending time with her. Look her in the eyes when she is talking to you; it will make her know that you are listening attentively to what she is saying. When you are in a fix, tell her about it, women always have this knack of providing the right kind of advice for any type of problem. Therefore, listen to her. 

14. Be loyal to her

Loyalty can be likened to faithfulness, but it can also be differentiated. Being loyal to your girlfriend can be seen in how you take sides with her. Defend her when she is wrong, yes you should play mediator, but you should know when to stand up for her. When she is wrong, don’t take sides with her friend, instead, calm them down, and tell her privately and in a gentle manner what you think of her actions.

15. Be faithful to her

Men are generalized as being cheats; make her see that you are different. This can be done by keeping a measured distance with other girls, don’t give her a reason to feel insecure and don’t keep late nights. If you can’t help it, perhaps, because of the nature of your job, explain to her. Heck, take her with you to work one day; let her see what is keeping her man from coming back early.

16. Give her emotional support

Don’t be so busy that you can’t be there when your girl is at her lowest. Talk to her, tell her that you are always there for her and help her in any way that you can.

17. Get to know her family and friends

It will make your girlfriend happy to see you related to her family and friends. Make them your second family; do your best to impress them during your first meeting. Take her siblings and friends on outings, and it will make her happy.

18. Introduce her to your family

This makes a girl feel more confident about her relationship. Introduce her to your family, go with her as your date to family gatherings, and allow her to side with your siblings in teasing you. It will strengthen your bond and make her happy.

19. Make her know you are proud of her

This, you can do by holding hands with her in public, telling your friends about her, posting her pictures on your social media handles as your girlfriend. Don’t forget to change your current relationship status from “single” to “dating.” Doing these things will make your girl know that you are not ashamed to date her, and will, in turn, make her happy.’

20. Give her new surprises regularly

You could make it into a schedule; daily, weekly, or monthly. Just don’t wait till her birthday or your anniversary to surprise your girl. Give her something to look forward to; it will certainly make her happy.

21. Be honest with her

No matter how badly you wronged her, no matter how much you don’t want to talk about what is bothering you, don’t lie to her. Always tell her the truth.

Being in love can be as confusing as venturing into a new course of study at the university, but your honest effort and sincerity will always pave the way for you. You have been provided with 21 ways of making the woman you love happy, use it wisely.