What To Text A Guy For The First Time

what to text a guy for the first time

It’s so sad we have to wait for them to make a move or we lose value, this makes no sense to me! It is Ok to text a guy first, gone are those days women have to wait for men to be the first to initiate a conversation.

If you are trying to figure out what to text a guy you like for the first time and make him obsess over you, then you are simply at the right place. I am going to unveil the best tips on how to make a new guy instantly more attracted to you through texting.

Texting is one of the easiest ways to communicate with people we would like to get to know more about. You can talk to a guy for the first time via; SMS, Instagram, Facebook, bumble or through other popular texting apps.

Sometimes, you have to take the first move and that’s why you need to learn how to text a guy first.

It can be daunting to know what to text a guy to start a conversation and keep him interested.

Do you have his number, social media username or you are matched by a dating site algorithm but nothing is happening? Texting your crush first can make you nervous but you don’t necessarily have to wait until he does. I am not against waiting for him to text first, but what if he doesn’t?

It’s not weird for a girl to be the first to text; I encourage girls to be bold enough and free to start a conversation with a guy properly.  This is the twenty-first century and you have nothing to lose even if things didn’t work out well.

When trying to talk to a guy for the first time via text, you could be excited or nervous and would need some ideas regarding what should be the first message to him or need some examples of clever texts to send to a guy to make him interested while keeping it cool.

What to text a guy first – the best texting rules to attract any guy and keep him interested.

The following texting rules will enlighten you on the Dos and Don’ts for being the first to text a stranger guy.

1. Introduce yourself in your first text to him

You don’t have to start flirting with a guy over text, without a proper introduction especially if that’s the first time you’re texting him.

Below are a few examples of text to send to a guy for the first time;

Example #1

“Hello, how is it going? This is Joan the lady you met at the theatre yesterday”.

Example #2

“Hey Mac, Joan here. Have you seen _____ and what’s your opinion about it? (Ask him about a trending stuff everyone can easily relate with)”

The above examples are nice conversation starters for a guy you are texting for the first time. Since its casual, you are more likely to receive a reply from him while keeping it cool.

2. Get inspiration from his profile

To start a conversation with a guy over text for the first time, you at least need to know a few things about him. It is easier to do so when you take a look at his social media profile.

You might see a number of photos or video of him at the beach. This should inform you he likes spending time at the beach sipping his favorite juice. Talk about it, and this is a good way to get his attention. See the example below;

You like hanging out at the beach I guess, what’s your most amazing beach experience?

3. Ask him questions

When you ask a guy thoughtful questions, it will make you discover a lot more about him some of which might be mind-blowing too.

Keep a healthy mix of questions and allow him the chance to ask you too. It shows you are looking out for him; you listen and really care about his life. Let the talk be more about him but don’t go overboard, with this you can keep a conversation going with a guy over text.

Pay attention to his responses and the kind of questions he asks. That could be his way of communicating how he feels about the whole thing.

I understand that women are more curious than men, don’t bring it in by bombarding him with questions.

4. Make him laugh

To entertain a guy over text, add humor to your texting, it’s an amazing and incredible way to show him your personality. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a comedian to make him laugh, you can achieve this by sending him memes or try to crack some funny jokes that will make him laugh out loud and roll on the floor.

Wit is an incredible strategy to use when texting a guy for the first time and get into a deep conversation with him.

5. Have your texting goal in mind

Stay positive and don’t forget your goal for texting him first. If you want to score a date with him, make sure your conversations with him over text, points out clearly what’s on your mind and eventually lead to that.

6. Send correctly typed texts

Improper use of grammars and unnecessary abbreviations are potential deal-breakers when texting a man for the first time. Do not be lazy to type out words correctly when texting a guy you like for the first time.

Double-check your spellings, grammar and autocorrect before you send the text to him.

Since you’re the one who’s trying to keep him interested over text, it would be nice if you mimic his chat styles. This is more likely to boost your conversations with him.

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7. Flirt with him

Be careful not to overdo this especially when having a convo with a guy for the very first time. It is one of the best ways to show that you are interested in him and wouldn’t want to be just a friend.

You can send him your recent photo; call him by his name or give him a nice nickname that matches his personality and capable to put a smile on his face for long.

8. Send him emojis

Emoji adds meaning to your texting, they can be used to send signals that express your dovely lovely emotions. Think about the kissing emojis, smile and love eye emojis or hug emojis and co, they are all nice combinations to tell you are into him.

9. Know when to see each other

If you are able to attract him via text, it is time to outgrow the current stage of only texting, and try something like voice note, video call or even meet in person.

Mistakes to avoid when texting him first

Below are things you should never do while texting a guy for the first time.

  • Do not send multiple chats in a row.
  • Do not ask too personal questions.
  • Don’t forget to keep your texts short and sweet.
  • Don’t feel bad or stalk him if he ended the conversation.

Final words:

To be the first to start a conversation with a new guy over text can be challenging, but I believe you are inspired by this post to follow the texting rule recommended and start a conversation with your man crush today.

Now that you have seen the tips on how to text a guy you just met for the first time and keep him interested, I would like to hear from you in the comment section below regarding what works best for you. 

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